ESports And Gaming – What Is The Difference?

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    Is it actually called eSport or eSports? The dictionary has settled on the term e-sport. The linguists use the terms e-bike, e-mail, and e-book as a guide. E-Sports defines the plural.

    ESports vs Gaming…Is There Any Difference At All?

    The difference between “eSports” and “gaming” is difficult to understand, especially for lay people. We want to create a little more clarity about the two terms here and also draw a transfer to the traditional sport of football for a better understanding.

    Recently, the two terms “eSports” and “gaming” have been used more and more. But what exactly is the difference? And is there any difference at all? Aren’t they the same people or athletes as they are called – which I find incomprehensible at first? To better understand the difference, you should first familiarize yourself with the definitions.

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    The Definition Of eSports

    The term e-sport has its origin in English and stands for “electronic sport”. Currently, esports is interpreted and defined in different ways. One of the most accurate describes Dr. Jörg Müller-Lietzkow with the following definition “the competitive playing of computer or video games in single or multiplayer mode. The fields of play, the rules to be observed, and the result of the players who set them are specified by the corresponding software and the competition regulations (e.g. the rules of a league). E-sport is understood to correspond to the classic game concept and requires both playing skills (hand-eye coordination, reaction speed) but also strategic and tactical understanding such as game overview or understanding of the game.” (MÜLLER-LIETZKOW 2006, p.28 ff.)

    eSports derives from “Electronic Sports” and is also known as “professional gaming” or “competitive gaming”. eSports is also referred to as “competitive playing of computer or video games in single or multiplayer mode”. The whole thing runs through certain online multiplayer video game platforms. The most important multiplayer games include, for example, DOTA 2, Call of Duty, and League of Legends. In addition to the multiplayer mode, there are also individual strategy games such as Hearthstone and Starcraft 2. The high prize pool in eSports, which amounts to $1 million – $100 million, depending on the event, is particularly noteworthy.

    OK, But What Is Gaming?

    Gaming describes the big picture! It describes a pure hobby without a concrete competitive approach. If you compare gaming with classic sports, you would describe it as a mass sport. According to current figures from the market research institute “GfK”, there are currently 34 million gamers and e-sports enthusiasts in Germany. ( Link to statistics ). This includes PC, console, and smartphone players. The average age is 37 years. From this, it can be concluded that gaming is no longer just a “children’s thing”.

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    To put it bluntly, “gaming” is the physical playing of video games. “But my mom also plays Candy Crush on her cell phone. Is she also a gamer then?” – No, that’s not the case. Gamers play a variety of video games that can be played solo or in multiplayer. Elements of competition are important here and they spend significantly more time “playing” than a mom with Candy Crush.

    Content Creator – A Market In Itself

    Instagram has influencers. Gaming has content creators, streamers, or even gaming influencers. In principle, a content creator creates content for a specific target group, similar to an influencer. One of the biggest platforms for gamers to create live content is Twitch tv. More than two million gamers stream their content via Twitch. tv every day. But YouTube and Facebook have also discovered the target group of gamers. It can be observed that more and more streamers are switching from Twitch. tv to YouTube or Facebook. 

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    What Is TWITCH TV?

    Twitch is currently the platform that generates the most popularity and reaches in the live gaming sector. In addition, more and more esports events, tournaments, and lots of gaming content are being broadcast on Twitch. tv. There is currently no end in sight. Twitch. tv offers live broadcasts in a talk show format, which is well received by the community. But also various artists, apart from gaming, have discovered the platform for themselves. Twitch makes it much easier for people who are not yet related to gaming to discover it for themselves.

    eSportsman vs. Gamer

    The easiest way is to make a comparison with traditional sports. Nowadays, anyone is able to grab a soccer ball and have a game with friends. This is comparable to a gamer who sits in front of the PC 2-3 hours a day and plays video games. A professional soccer player spends significantly more time per day training. In addition to team training, this also includes athletic and strength training units and regeneration measures. For him, 2-3 hours a day would just be a warm-up, so to speak. This is how the eSportsman differs from the gamer. A professional eSportsman spends 10-15 hours a day perfecting their craft.

    In general, it can be said that the differences between “gaming” and “eSports” are very small, but are of great importance, mainly due to the target group for the creation of marketing campaigns. eSports is always gaming, but gaming is not always eSports. Basically, one should not underestimate the craft of eSports players. eSports entails enormous mental demands in terms of hours of concentration and intricate hand-eye coordination. Some even say that eSports athletes sometimes work and train harder and longer than athletes from traditional sports.

    eSports is already a billion-dollar market and promises strong developments in the coming years. There are a number of forms for sponsors in the eSports market, some of which are even very similar to traditional sports. The difference, however, is that eSports is not yet so well marketed and is also an independent market. In concrete terms, this means for sponsors that they can be better perceived and presented in a very friendly light. In order to become active in eSports, companies have to make investments on a scale comparable to second and third-division football.

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