Ever Regretted Buying A Game?

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    In our time on the site, we have a lot of articles that never saw the light of day, and this is one of them. In one of our old pieces (that we might bring back soon) the writing staff used to talk about a personal story in “Team Talks” and this was one of them. This one is about regret buying, so did you Ever Regretted Buying A Game?

    In these old team articles we would share some stories, good and bad, and share our deepest and darkest gaming secrets (sometimes at least). Sometimes we buy a game we really wanted and 5 minutes in you already hate it, or sometimes it goes on sale or even becomes free on Playstation Plus right after buying it, so what are some Games We Instantly Regretted Buying?

    I remember as a young 12-year-old getting a game that seems so fun from the cover, but back then I didn’t really know anything about games (Some say I still don’t), but I saw a game and I just had to have it. And that game was ModNation Racers.

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    So why did I regret it? Well, I just didn’t understand anything in the game, and something I know now, I just don’t enjoy race games. Wanna know the real kicker in the teeth? I bought it for a full 50 euros, 3 days later it was on sale for 25 euros and I couldn’t return it. From that moment on I really started watching out more with the games I wanted to buy.

    Regretted Buying A Game (Naruto: Rise of a Ninja)

    After writing this almost 2 years ago, you would think there are more buyer’s remorse stories or stories that come to mind, and you would be right. In Amsterdam, there is a cool tiny game/anime store I wrote about on DEX.ANIME called “Game Over?“. I really wanted to get more into anime games the past few months, and when I was in there, they had this classic Naruto game called “Naruto: Rise of a Ninja” for 10 bucks, I bought it, put it into the Xbox One, and then… Nothing, it was a game that’s not backward compatible.

    If you enjoyed this article then please check out some of our other Editorials where every week we jump into a different topic about anything gaming. Please let us know if you ever had a game you regretted buying in the comments or on Twitter/Discord!

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