Every Donkey Kong Game On Nintendo Switch Online NES

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    The Nintendo Switch Online NES service offers a nostalgic trip back to the arcade era with its selection of classic Donkey Kong games. Here’s a look at Every Donkey Kong Game On Nintendo Switch Online NES:

    Donkey Kong

    Every Donkey Kong Game On Nintendo Switch Online NES

    Donkey Kong, originally released in arcades in 1981, marks the debut of the iconic character. Players take on the role of Jumpman (later known as Mario), navigating through levels to rescue Pauline from the clutches of the big ape.

    Donkey Kong Jr.

    In this sequel, players control Donkey Kong’s son as he tries to save his captive father from Mario. The game introduces new mechanics and levels, adding depth to the series.

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    Donkey Kong 3

    Switching gears from platforming, Donkey Kong 3 is a shooter where players spray insect repellent to protect their greenhouse from Donkey Kong and his army of bees.

    Donkey Kong Jr. Math

    Mixing education with gameplay, this title challenges players to solve math problems to progress through levels, making it both fun and educational. Out of all the Donkey Kong games, this is one of the ones that can be skipped…

    Each of these games retains its original charm and challenge, now available to subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online NES service whether reliving the classic arcade moments of Donkey Kong or exploring the lesser-known entries like Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Nintendo’s offering provides a comprehensive look at the evolution of this beloved franchise. While not all the games are really worth playing right now for its gameplay, it sure is a blast to go back in time for a day to experience these classics

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