F1® 2020 Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum: 45-50 hours.
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: –
    2-3 Career Seasons (My Team), 50 Online Races, 1 Championship, 3-4 Misc Races


    Welcome to the F1® 2020 Trophy Guide!
    “F1® 2020 is the most comprehensive F1® game yet, putting players firmly in the driving seat as they race against the best drivers in the world.”
    The 2020 edition introduces “My Team” for the first time in a team manager driven career mode, that is a new direction for the F1 games. It is also the easiest trophy list that we have received for a good few years.


    Step 1: My Team
    This is where you will spend most of your time. A career mode as such where you control the teams’ marketing and upgrades. Almost all trophies will come naturally without even trying, so bare this in mind a simply enjoy the way it plays out.
    The normal things to expect within this mode will be to fully upgrade departments & parts f your car, winning races & championship and generally building your team from the back of the grid to the front.

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    All trophies can be achieved on Very Easy and you can chose between 3 options of how many races you want to participate in each season.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze New Kids on the Block
    Bronze First Outing
    Bronze Dat Reaction Speed (DRS)
    Bronze Front of the Grid
    Silver Hats Off
    Silver The Perfect Weekend
    Bronze Promising Start
    Bronze Data Gatherer
    Bronze Here Comes the Money
    Bronze Team Building
    Gold Legend Status Achieved
    Bronze Busy Body
    Silver Started from the Bottom
    Bronze Sign on the Dotted Line
    Bronze Making Paper
    Silver Its Time for the Perk-olator
    Bronze The Camera Loves You
    Bronze Show Off!
    Silver Maxing Out
    Gold Remember the Name
    Silver Big Name Signing
    Bronze Full Potential

    Step 2: Time Trial
    You have only got to complete 1 time trial session. You will first need to set a lap time, then you will need to beat that time and a Rivals within the same lap.
    Check the trophy descriptions for some further information.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Bronze Ditch the Downforce
    Silver Who You Gonna Call!?

    Step 3: Misc Races/Championship
    You will need to complete a few miscellaneous races, as the below trophies can not be obtained within any other mode (with the exception to Bronze Red River Racer).
    Check the trophy descriptions for the below to understand the quickest way to set up and achieve them.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Bronze We Are the Champions
    Bronze Mad Tash for the Finish Line
    Bronze The Orange Army
    Bronze Red River Racer
    Bronze Chicken Dinner

    Step 4: Online
    All the online trophies require a minimum of 2 players to start the race. You will need to complete at least 5 races in Ranked Race to obtain Bronze So it Begins, but the rest can be completed with a boosting partner in Unranked, or League Races. It is also possible to connected to the same Ranked Race as your boosting partner, but this does take some coordination in your search times and does take longer to get to the 50 races.
    If you are struggling to find a boosting partner feel free to head over to our Discord to find a very helpful group of gamers!

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Bronze Ohh Friends
    Bronze Bragging Rights
    Bronze What do you want, a medal?
    Bronze So it Begins
    Bronze Finding your Feet
    Bronze Squeaky Clean

    Silver Well on Your Way
    Silver Half Centurion
    Bronze Grab the Popcorn

    Step 5: Misc
    Some of the below trophies you will earn throughout your “My Team” adventure, however there will be a few that you will need to go out of your way for.
    Check the trophies below that you are missing.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze You Didn’t See Anything
    Bronze Become One with the Car
    Bronze Look at you go!
    Bronze Get Shifty
    Bronze Enthusiast
    Bronze Make it Yours
    Bronze Represent
    Bronze Who are you!?
    Bronze One for the ‘gram
    Bronze Glove at First Sight
    Bronze My Precious
    Silver Phoenix from the Ashes
    40-platinum Racing Perfection

    Tips and Strategies:

    Completing 10 Race Seasons is the quickest way to progress through them. You get a wad of cash for finishing first in the Drivers/Constructors Championships, so this should be your aim every season. You can also adjust the races in which you participate in, so picking the tracks you are comfortable with and the shorter ones, will also speed up your playthrough. See Gold Legend Status Achieved for some more information on this.

    Lowering the difficulty will also speed up your progress (although possibly make the game a lot less fun). See below screenshot for the best/quickest settings.

    Trophy Guide:

    Racing Perfection
    Acquire every Trophy in F1® 2020

    Acquire every other Trophy in F1® 2020

    New Kids on the Block
    Set up your own F1 team and show your car to the world at the pre-season car reveal

    As you progress through the initial parts of the “My Team” mode you will finally enter the Hub Section and have a look around
    Once you’re familiar with the Hub go to Overview and press on the calendar section where you can advance time.

    After your Car Reveal the trophy will pop.

    First Outing
    Drive your team’s car out on track for the first time in My Team mode

    When you enter you first session and find yourself in the car for the first time you will be prompted to complete a “Garage Tutorial” with and listen to the instructions. Cancel out with the and get yourself on track.

    You can start with an immediate “Flying Lap”, or “Drive Out” yourself slowly, as either way as soon as you are on track you will automatically achieve the trophy.

    Promising Start
    Complete your first race weekend in My Team mode

    After you have completed the Press Conference at the end of the first race you partake in, this trophy will be achieved regardless of your final position and performance.

    Data Gatherer
    Complete 10 Practice Programmes in F1 during My Team or Driver Career

    You will need to have the Full Race Weekend selected within the program in order to achieve this as you are only set these objectives during practice sessions.

    During the three practice sessions combined you have the chance to complete 7 different Programs in order for you to test your car and practice on the track, so you can achieve the 10 by completing 2 Full Race Weekends. You will need to continue doing these Programs throughout the race weekends to gain valuable Resource Points so that you can upgrade your facilities.
    Here they are listed with some tips –

    • Track Acclimatisation – This is the best way to learn the track. You will be tasked with entering combinations of gates around the corners and your ability to enable DRS at the correct time. Take your time here and learn as you do not have to go through all of the gates at top speed. As long as all sections of the test are Purple/Green you will pass.
    • Tyre Management – This is all about fine movement and steady acceleration. Build your speed up rather than hammering the throttle and brake steadily.
    • Fuel Management – Similar to Tyre Management, but this encourages you to “coast” when approaching corners. As long as you stay within the target lap time you should be fine.
    • ERS Management – Just stay away from the button and you should pass this test without any issues.
    • Qualifying Pace – Quick as you can! Simply beat the Target Lap time and this will be completed.
    • Race Strategy – This is the longest of all the Programs as you will need to complete 5 Laps to pass. You may want to skip this one and concentrate on the others for time.
    • Team Objectives – You will see a number of different things that you will need to do in order to complete this one. Each round (or track) has different Objectives including things like – Clean Lap, Top Speed, Consistent, Chain 5 Corners, Car Setup, Fast Sector, DRS – Test

    On the below screenshot you can move with the & to see what each Program is looking at and I have shown that so far I have not completed the “Race Strategy” and then press the to select the one you want to try out. To get here simply press when sitting in the car in the garage.

    Hats Off upscale-245262160018212
    Get on the F1 podium for the first time

    This trophy will be achieved when you cross the line at the end of the race for the first time within the Top 3 positions.
    Again you can set the difficulty to Very Easy if you are having any troubles with this.

    You Didn’t See Anything
    Activate a Flashback

    Flashbacks can be activated during any Race/Session and is done by pressing the Touchpad, then .
    Remember this can be used to help you when you fail a particular risky overtake, or head too fast into a tight corner.

    Become One with the Car
    Complete a race using Elite Driver Proficiency (Standard Race Style)

    “Elite Driver Proficiency” is nothing to worry about, as setting can be adjusted to help if you are struggling.
    All you will need to do is ensure your Race Style is set as Standard on the Track Selection screen (can be changed with ).

    SeeBronze We Are the Champions and set up as per the instructions there.

    Look at you go!
    Play a captured highlight

    Your last 3 highlights are automatically captured for you and can be viewed from the “Theatre” option on the Main Menu.
    The Trophy will pop as soon as you start watching a Highlight.

    Phoenix from the Ashes upscale-245262160018212
    Win a race after starting in last position on the grid

    Skipping the Qualifying will give you a good chance of starting from last place, but it is not guaranteed as other competitors may have had issues during their qualifying too; it is however the quickest way to try and get to the back of the grid.

    Once you are confirmed starting in last place on the grid now is the time to race and try to get to the front before the chequered flag. You can use Flashbacks whilst going for this and you can also restart the session if you are not happy with how the race is going. Pick a track that you feel comfortable with and has plenty of overtaking opportunities on, as there is no point even attempting this at somewhere like Monaco.

    Get Shifty
    Win a race whilst using manual transmission

    The great thing about this trophy is that it does not have to be done during the Career part of the game and can actually be achieved in any race you participate in.

    Find a track & format that you are comfortable with and you should have no problems with this. Remember that the AI can be set to Very Easy for this one.

    Read information on any car in the showroom

    Information on all the F1 Cars within the game can be viewed with the “Showroom” option on the Main Menu.
    Select any era and press for “More Info” when you are on any car.

    Sign on the Dotted Line
    Successfully complete a Driver/Team Negotiation during a season in Driver Career or My Team

    See Silver Big Name Signing.

    Make it Yours
    Edit a Driver, Car and Badge in Customisation

    You initially complete this when you set up for the first time, but you will need to adjust each section one more time for a trophy. Head into “Customisation” from the Main Menu and make some adjustments to each section.

    This can also be done during My Team if you decide to change things as you go along.

    Fill every sponsor slot with sponsors on a Car livery

    When on the Main Menu head over to Customisation, Car Liveries and press to edit the car. Next move across to “Sponsor Decals” and fill out the 5 Sponsor slots.

    Who are you!?
    Change your driver head part way through a My Team or Driver Career playthrough.

    Similar to BronzeMake it Yours, but this time you will need to change the appearance of you face/head within the Customisation section in the hub of My Team/Career.

    Go to Customisation, Characters and press to Edit your character.

    Ditch the Downforce
    Complete a clean Time Trial lap using the ‘Maximum Top Speed’ car set up preset

    During the initial Time Trial screen where you are sitting in the car press to go into the Session Info section, then tab across to the Car Set-Up section with and set the car to “Preset 5” prior to going out on track; all you now need to do is set a “Clean Lap”.
    It doesn’t matter what track you do, but for an easier time it’s best to attempt this on a track that is right for the setup, like Monza.

    Making Paper
    Reach $100,000,000 lifetime earnings in My Team mode

    The more you race, the more you earn. You do not have to have this amount of money all in one go, so just play along, do the best you can to earn better finishes for more money, and invest in the team/facilities to maximise your income.

    We Are the Champions
    Gain 9 positions during a wet race at Brazil in the Brawn BGP 001

    This is achieved by heading into Solo from the Main Menu and selecting a Grand Prix with the Category set to Classic.

    The Brawn BGP 001 (as pictured below) is the title winning car from the 2009 F1 Season, so scroll across and select this beast before setting your track to Brazil and adjusting the settings as per below.
    When you get into the Qualifying Session simply go to the Track with , pause and then retire from the session. This will ensure you start at the back of the grid and give you more chance to overtake 9 cars.

    Legend Status Achieved Gold
    Win the F1 Drivers Championship

    Both the Drivers & the Constructors Championships are decided on a points based system where you earn a specific amount of points based on where you finish in the race.

    The quickest way to obtain this trophy would be to complete a 10 Race Season, with 5 laps for each race and lower the difficulty to Very Easy. Qualifying on pole position will make it a whole lot easier to finish in first place every time, however, it is not a necessity to win every race, as you simply need to have the most points at the end of the season.
    For those new to this sort of format the championship points are broken down as follows:-

    • 25 Points – First Place
    • 18 Points – Second Place
    • 15 Points – Third Place
    • 12 Points- Fourth Place
    • 10 Points – Fifth Place
    • 8 Points – Sixth Place
    • 6 Points – Seventh Place
    • 4 Points – Eighth Place
    • 2 Points – Ninth Place
    • 1 Point – Tenth Place
    • *1 Point – Fastest Lap in the race (Must finish within the Top 10)

    This trophy will pop once you have been confirmed World Champion (either at the end of the season, or when you have enough points that you can no longer be caught) and completed the post match interview.

    You can change the amount of races for each season when you start a new year. You can also add/remove tracks to your preference.
    Each has it’s advantages, so feel free to pick which one you prefer.

    Started from the Bottom upscale-245262160018212
    Win the Constructors Championship with your team in My Team mode

    This is doable within your first season as long as you win every race and you control the other teams points by blocking/lowering their positions, as it is highly unlikely that your team mate will score any points during the first season. It is therefore recommended (but not necessary), that you go for this on your second season as you can employ a second driver that can contribute with some points.

    Similar to the Drivers Championship, the Constructors Championship is based on a combination of you and your team mates points in races throughout the season, and can again be achieved on the easiest difficulty setting.
    See Gold Legend Status Achieved for more information on how the scoring system works.

    Big Name Signing upscale-245262160018212
    Successfully hire an acclaim level 15 or higher Driver in My Team mode

    At the end of your first season it is highly likely that Lewis Hamilton will be the only one of this level as he is the only driver that starts the game with an acclaim level 15 or higher. He will cost you an initial $6,500,000 to sign with a further $13,000,000 for the years’ services, but there is no rush to get him as others will build up to this level during the second season.

    Drivers levels do change throughout the campaign, so it’s all about getting the right driver at the right time. If you don’t think you can afford to keep that driver all season, then make a back-up save just after the last race of the season and purchase a different driver after signing them and then reloading your save.

    Drivers also consider how much you have upgraded your facilities and car, so it’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get the driver you want even if you have the cash required and have not upgraded your facilities.

    Front of the Grid
    Achieve pole position

    This can be achieved during either One-Shot Qualifying, Short, or Full Session, and you need to set the fastest time during the session in order to achieve Pole Position.

    This can be as easy as you want it to be by manually changing the difficulty to a level lower than what you consider to be your own skill.

    The Perfect Weekend upscale-245262160018212
    Set the fastest time in all 3 Practice sessions, take Pole Position and win the Grand Prix

    Another trophy that can only be achieved during a Full Race Weekend, so it’s best to get this over and done with whilst going for Bronze Data Gatherer. You will need to set the fastest Lap in each of the 3 Practice Sessions, the Qualifying (One Shot, Short, or Full) & the Race.

    If you achieve the fastest lap in all 5 different sessions the trophy will pop once you reach the Press Conference after the race.
    Remember that during the Practice Sessions you can adjust the settings of the car for better speed and again the difficulty can be set to Very Easy.

    So it Begins
    Complete Ranked Placement races and achieve a Rank.

    After your 5th Ranked Race online you will be given your first rank. It doesn’t matter where you finish in these races as long as you complete them.

    Finding your Feet
    Complete 10 Online Races

    See Silver Half Centurion.

    Well on Your Way upscale-245262160018212
    Complete 25 Online Races

    See Silver Half Centurion.

    Half Centurion upscale-245262160018212
    Complete 50 Online Races

    You will need to complete 5 Ranked Races for BronzeSo it Begins, plus a minimum 5 races within a league for BronzeWhat do you want, a medal?, but other than that you can complete the online races any way you wish.

    I would advise against completing the online within Ranked Races, as these include qualifying and are a minimum of 5 lap races. It will also have collisions enabled, which is a massive pain due to the uncontrollable racing style of other online racers.

    By far and away the quickest way to complete 50 races is with to set up an Unranked Lobby as per below and keep repeating Japan – Short, as it has an average lap time less than 40 seconds. You could also alternate with Britain – Short (45 seconds) if you wish to change it up a little, but with only 3 laps per race and no qualifying this will fly by.

    Full Potential
    Fully upgrade any facility area in My Team

    You will need to upgrade your facilities in-between race weekends if you want to have the best team & car.
    This can be achieved by upgrading any of the facilities to full potential, however, despite initial thoughts this only needs to be one part of one facility.

    As an example upgrading the Marketing Facility full will cost you $67,000,000, however you would only need to upgrade one of the below for the trophy.
    In this example you would be best to upgrade the “Activities Management” as it costs far less than upgrading the “Sponsor Relations” at $17,000,000 total.

    Sponsor Relations

    1. $5,000,000
    2. $15,000,000
    3. $30,000,000

    Activities Management

    1. $2,000,000
    2. $5,000,000
    3. $10,000,000
    One for the ‘gram
    Make an adjustment within photo mode

    During any race/event, pause the game and go into Instant Replay/Flashback.
    When in this mode press the on your controller and then you can move the camera around with the analogue stacks and reposition the camera for a photo. Once there make an adjustment to one of the settings and the trophy will pop.

    Who You Gonna Call!? upscale-245262160018212
    Beat a Personal Best Ghost and Rival Ghost in Time Trial

    Head over to Solo/Time Trial from the Main Menu and set yourself a semi decent lap on your favourite track. My advice initially would be to set a lap time without ever enabling the DRS, as you will need to beat your original time and a Rival during the same Lap. You can also put the car setup to something slower if you wish too.

    Once you have your initial lap settled and return to the garage press to go into the Session Info section, then to “Find Me”. Here you can set a “Rival” with roughly the same lap time as your initial lap. Press on an “Online ID” around your time and set them as the “Rival”.
    Once that is done head back out on track and beat the 2 Ghost Cars for the trophy.

    Note:- During Time Trials you need to perform a Clean Lap (not leaving the circuit etc.) and you are not allowed to use Flashbacks for it to be registered as a lap.

    Squeaky Clean
    Complete 10 Clean Online races

    Arguably the most infuriating trophy on the list, as despite how easy it seems, if you have ever played a racing game online you will know exactly how others drive. Even if you are a clean driver be prepared to take penalties during races for being hit by another racer. There is also no “in game” counter for this, so you will have to judge for yourself.

    You need to ensure that you race cleanly, including staying within the strict track limits and my advice would be to not worry too much about this trophy and just play for Silver Half Centurion, as you may just get this without even trying.

    Luckily enough for this trophy it can be achieved during Ranked, Unranked & League Races, so shouldn’t be too bad if you have a nice boosting group.
    If you are struggling to find a boosting partner feel free to head over to our Discord to find a very helpful group of gamers!

    Mad Tash for the Finish Line
    Win a race in the 1992 Williams FW14B at Silverstone

    This is achieved by heading into Solo from the Main Menu and selecting a Grand Prix with the Category set to Classic.

    The 1992 Williams FW14B (as pictured below) is the title winning car from the 1992 F1 Season, so scroll across and select this beast before setting your track to Silverstone (Britain) and adjusting the settings as per below.

    The Orange Army
    Win a race at Zandvoort as Max Verstappen

    This is achieved by heading into Solo from the Main Menu and selecting a Grand Prix with the Category set to F1® 2020.

    Max Verstappen can be selected after selecting the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing car (as pictured below), so scroll across and select this beast before setting your track to Zandvoort (Netherlands) and adjusting the settings as per below.

    Bragging Rights
    Win any online race

    This can be achieved by boosting with one other player. See Bronze What do you want, a medal? for how to set up a league with one other player and take it in turns to win your first race.

    Red River Racer
    Complete a 25% or above race at Hanoi

    This can be achieved in a number of different modes, but is easier to do in a solo race.
    Head over to Solo from the Main Menu and selecting a Grand Prix with the Category set to F1® 2020.

    Select any Team and Driver you wish, then change the track to Hanoi (Vietnam) and set the Race Distance to 25%. You may wish to adjust the weather to ensure that it’s dry and a nicer drive, but this is not a requirement.
    You will need to complete 20 laps of the grand prix, but it doesn’t matter what position you finish in.

    this was meant to be the introduction year for this track, but was ruled out due to the Pandemic of 2020.

    Team Building
    Purchase any upgrade for a Facility in My Team

    See Bronze Full Potential.

    Here Comes the Money
    Complete 2 or more Secondary Sponsor Goals in one race weekend

    As you progress through your career in My Team you will be able to sign more sponsors. Sponsors are looking for some specific Race/Qualifying performance over the weekend, so pick ones with targets that you believe you can complete.

    Once you have 2 or more Secondary Sponsors and complete their requirements you will be able to achieve this at the end of the race weekend.

    Its Time for the Perk-olator upscale-245262160018212
    Purchase all available Perks in Driver Career or My Team

    To purchase some Driver Perks you will need to head over to “Corporate” & Contracts and then press to enter the “Driver Perks”.
    Purchasing you first perk will automatically move you to Grade 1 for each, so pick the cheapest to begin with from the list below. When this is done you will need to then purchase each one individually at the minimum Driver Level listed.

    • Social Media Team
      • $275,000
      • $570,000 – Available at Driver Level 8
      • $880,000 – Available at Driver Level 15
    • Power Mapping
      • $230,000
      • $515,000 – Available at Driver Level 8
      • $820,000 – Available at Driver Level 15
    • Media Coaching
      • $225,000
      • $510,000 – Available at Driver Level 8
      • $810,000 – Available at Driver Level 15
    • Development Feedback
      • $250,000
      • $540,000 – Available at Driver Level 8
      • $850,000 – Available at Driver Level 15
    The Camera Loves You
    Answer 100 press interview questions in My Team or Driver Career

    Press Conferences take place both after the race and occasionally prior to a race weekend. They are personal based questions about you and your team. Be sure to answer the most “diplomatic” way way in order to please your team as your answers have both positive and negative effects.

    Once you have answered 100 they will continue to come and have affects on your team moral, so answer them wisely.

    This popped for me at the end of my second 10 race season.

    Ohh Friends
    Join a League

    Head over to Multiplayer, Leagues, Find League and join any of the “Suggested Leagues” on the right hand side. As long as there’s no password for the League it will not matter which one you join.

    You can of course Create/Join a league with your friends if you wish.

    What do you want, a medal?
    Get a League Medal

    In order to obtain a League Medal first you need to join one. You can do this as mentioned in Bronze Ohh Friends, or you can find a boosting partner and create your own League. You only need 2 active players to start a race in League format, so this is perfect to boost with a friend.

    You can also make this even quicker by setting up as below and both of you retiring from each of the Minimum 5 races that are required to be set up at the start.
    Once the league has finished, and if you are in the top 3 positions, you will need to head over to your “Mail” within the “Home” screen of the Main Menu to collect your medal.

    If you are struggling to find a boosting partner feel free to head over to our Discord to find a very helpful group of gamers!

    Glove at First Sight
    Equip a new pair of gloves from the Podium Pass or Item Shop

    The Item Shop is located on the Home Page of the Main Menu. Within here you simply need to “Purchase” and equip a new pair of gloves from either the Shop, or Podium Pass areas.
    The Podium Pass can also be accessed by pressing on any of the Menus.

    Chicken Dinner
    Win any Championship Event

    From the Main Menu head into Solo, then Championships & Championships (again).
    Within here you have a choice of 6 different Championships you can participate in.

    The quickest one to go through is the “Legendary Tracks Classic”, as this has 5 races to participate in. Your trophy will be achieved similar to Gold Legend Status Achieved, either at the end of the events, or when you are confirmed champion by your points tally.

    Grab the Popcorn
    Spectate an online race

    From the Main Menu head over to Multiplayer and select Unranked. Next you will want to find an event that has spaces within and the session is in the “Race” stage. Join this session and then select “Spectate” to watch the rest of the race play out.
    Once the race ends you will be awarded the trophy.

    Busy Body
    Successfully completed 50 activities in My Team mode

    Activities are events that you can fill your calendar with between races and are accumulative across your seasons. You are limited to the amount of events you can do prior to the next race, so you can plan what you want that will fit.

    Alternatively you can press whilst on the below screen and the computer will autofill the days with random activities. If your not happy with the selection you can press again to change them.

    Show Off!
    Completed 5 Invitational events during My Team or Driver Career

    During both My Team & Driver Career you will get invited to “Invitational Events” where you have the opportunity to earn some more money & recognition (Acclaim). You will also have the opportunity to experience different generations of F1 Cars.
    These events will consist of things like Checkpoint Events, where you need to travel a certain distance before the time runs out collecting time from the checkpoints as you pass through, and Time Trials where, during your Time Attack you are tasked with completing a certain amount of laps before the timer runs out.

    There are 2 very important things to remember during this events, as you are using generational F1 cars.

    1. Not all F1 cars handle as well as modern ones. Be gentle with the throttle and be prepared to brake a little earlier.
    2. You can use Flashbacks if you mess up.

    Once you have completed 5 of these events You’ll no longer have to participate in them if you do not want too.

    Maxing Out upscale-245262160018212
    Apply all vehicle upgrades from one R&D department

    In order to engineer all upgrades from one department you will also be required to upgrade the facility itself to Level 3 (See Bronze Full Potential). Feel free to concentrate on one aspect of the car if you wish to speed this trophy up and in turn upgrade the facility as you go along.

    There is also the possibility of a part failing during development and If a part fails you will need to develop it again (at a lesser cost).
    You also have the option to develop a “Recommend Upgrade” by pressing whilst on the “R&D Tree” (Within “R&D”, “Performance” during gaps between race weekends).

    The trophy will pop once that final part has finished developing.

    Remember the Name Gold
    Reach a Team Acclaim level of 20 in My Team mode

    Expect to reach this level sometime during your second season. Acclaim is awarded for (and not limited too) completing laps, performing well & taking part in all sessions.

    The better your Team Mate is and the better they perform, the more acclaim they will also get for the team as well, so it is worth investing in the Facilities and the R&D department to ensure they have the best chance of scoring well.

    My Precious
    Set a favourite trophy

    Every time you win a race during My Team you will be awarded a Trophy within the game, of which you will need to collect from the Mail within the Main Menu.
    Once you have claimed your trophies press and head into Super Licence, then scroll across to your Trophy Cabinet.

    Within here you can set your favourites by adding a trophy with the button.

    Dat Reaction Speed (DRS)
    Activate DRS perfectly on all zones of any track

    Depending on what track you are racing on will depend how many DRS zones there are on it. To turn the DRS on you will need to press the within the allocated part of the track (normally the longest straights), however, to “Activate DRS perfectly” you must switch it on as soon as you enter the marked area at the beginning of the zone, for each of the amount of zones on the specific track. The DRS will switch off as soon as you touch the brakes.

    I achieved this during my first Practice Session during the Track Acclimatisation session.


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