Fallout 3 Broken Steel Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 5/10
    Estimated time to 100%: 15 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Fallout 3 Broken Steel Trophy Guide!

    Welcome back to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 3, this time around for the Broken Steel DLC trophy guide! This expansion not only extends the game after the ending, allowing you to continue exploring the Capital Wasteland but also introduces a new array of trophies for you to achieve.

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    In this comprehensive trophy guide, I’ll navigate you through the irradiated landscape to get you those trophies. These new 6 trophies will have you making crucial decisions that shape the fate of the Capital Wasteland, and decide what kind of person you are going to be: a hero, a villain, or someone in the middle?

    So, grab your Pip-Boy, check your supplies, and let’s embark on the journey of Broken Steel. The Wasteland awaits, and the trophies are within your reach. Good luck, Lone Wanderer!


    Step 1: Complete the DLC
    You will earn these trophies naturally while progressing through the DLC. Complete all the main quests to unlock these 3 trophies.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Death From Above

    Shock Value
    Who Dares Wins

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    Step 2: Reach level 30 with the 3 different karmas
    Thanks to this DLC you will be able to surpass level 20 (the previous level cap), and now will be able to reach up to level 30. For these 3 trophies you will need to reach level 30 with 3 different karmas (good, neutral, bad), so to avoid having to play multiple playthroughs you will need to save before leveling up and change your karma level.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    True Mortal

    Tips and Strategies:

    For the 3 karma trophies, there’s a really easy way to get them. Once you level up to level 30 you will get to choose perks one last time. There are 3 perks only available for level 30, and those will alter your karma. There is one for getting bad karma, one for good karma and one for neutral karma. If you save before leveling up to level 30, you can get all three easily.

    Trophy Guide:

    Death From Above
    Completed “Death from Above”

    Following the completion of the mission “Take it Back”, you will regain consciousness in the Citadel’s clinic. Engage in some dialogue, after which you’ll be directed to consult with Scribe Rothchild. Approach Scribe Rothchild, who will instruct you to rendezvous with Paladin Tristan at a Relay Station. Converse with Paladin Tristan at the designated station, then accompany him onto a battlefield. Maintain proximity to the Paladins as they engage in combat against Enclave soldiers. After a brief duration, missile fire will occur, resulting in severe damage to Liberty Prime, causing it to shut down. A passage will open, leading you through. Join forces with a group of Paladins to navigate the Enclave base to locate a mainframe terminal containing essential data. Upon successfully downloading the data in the computer terminal room, you can return to the Citadel and deliver the acquired information to Scribe Rothchild.

    Shock Value
    Completed “Shock Value”

    Immediately following the completion of the “Death From Above” mission, Paladin Tristan instructs you on your next task—to retrieve a Tesla Coil from the Old Olney Powerworks. You have the option to seek additional assistance by asking Paladin Tristan, who advises you to consult Scribe Vallincourt. She provides a deathclaw control scrambler, enabling you to eliminate Enclave soldiers by manipulating their own Deathclaws to attack them.

    Proceed to Old Olney and locate the entrance to the sewers. Inside the sewers, find a ladder leading to the Old Olney Underground. Navigate through the underground area until you reach the Old Olney S. Wilson Building, where you may encounter Enclave soldiers. Head to the second level and enter a door leading to the Olney Powerworks.

    Once inside the Powerworks, utilize your skills to hack nearby terminals, shutting down all the robots, or progress through the area until you reach the Tesla Coil. Both approaches are viable. When you reach the Tesla Coil, surrounded by electricity, you can either find a way to disable the power or directly take the Tesla Coil, enduring a harmful shock. If opting for the latter, it’s advisable to save beforehand.

    After obtaining the Tesla Coil, locate a nearby ladder leading to street level. Fast travel to the Citadel and deliver the Tesla Coil to Paladin Tristan.

    Who Dares Wins
    Completed “Who Dares Wins”

    For the conclusive mission, you’re directed to head to the Adams Air Force Base. To reach it, descend into the underground White House Plaza and board the Presidential Metro train. In the tunnels, you’ll encounter hostile robots and feral ghouls. Navigate through the tunnel until you encounter M.A.R.Go.T, the computer overseeing robot dispatch in the tunnels. With a sufficiently high Speech or Science rank, you can convince her to mark you as friendly, gaining valuable information on fixing the trains leading to the base. If persuasion fails, you must destroy the Presidential Sentinel Unit and retrieve the Main Fuse from its body to repair the train yourself. Fix the train and board it to reach the base.

    Upon arrival, face Enclave soldiers underground and progress until you reach the surface. Locate the Resupply Crate for items and proceed through the base. This segment’s difficulty varies based on your progress. Encounter numerous Enclave soldiers and other enemies as you traverse the base. Strive to eliminate as many as possible while making your way to the Air Traffic Control Tower, a tall building situated further back. In the tower, ascend the stairs and use the computer to lower the ramp of the base crawler. Quickly descend and exit the tower to access a ramp on the side of the large mobile base crawler, allowing entry.

    As you move through the area, encounter different groups of Enclave soldiers. Defeat them, and a Brotherhood squad should arrive to aid you. A blue force field obstructs your path. To disable it, utilize Science 80, Explosives 50, or physically smash the panel, risking injury or death depending on your level. Progressing through the area, you’ll eventually find a Satellite Tower entry. At the Satellite Tower terminal, choose the location to target for bombing. Out of the five options, only two are viable: the Adams Air Force Base or The Citadel. Opting to bomb the base yields positive karma and Brotherhood commendation. Conversely, bombing the Citadel results in negative karma, with Paladins turning hostile upon seeing the Citadel’s remains, along with other Paladins in the game.

    Reached Level 30 with Bad Karma

    The achievement will be earned upon reaching level 30 with Bad Karma while on the stat-raising screen. Refer to the Messiah achievement for additional details and tactics.

    True Mortal
    Reached Level 30 with Neutral Karma

    The achievement will be unlocked upon reaching level 30 with Neutral Karma, while you’re on the stat-raising screen. Refer to the Messiah achievement for additional details and tactics.

    Reached Level 30 with Good Karma

    This achievement will be unlocked upon reaching level 30 with Good Karma, while you’re on the stat-raising screen. There are two methods to achieve these trophies. One is to play through the game three times with Bad, Neutral, and Good Karma, but this is not advisable as it would triple the time spent on the game. Instead, save your game when you reach level 29 (or 28 if you prefer using perks). It is recommended to maintain good karma, as lowering it is easier than gaining positive karma.

    Ways to earn Good Karma easily:

    1. Performing altruistic deeds for people in the Wasteland.
    2. Donating to the church in Megaton.
    3. Eliminating slavers.
    4. Providing water as gifts to the homeless outside main settlements.

    Ways to earn Bad Karma easily:

    1. Killing friendly citizens (NPCs with good karma).
    2. Stealing their belongings.
    3. Picking their locks.
    4. Hacking into their terminals (activating their terminal to hack is sufficient for gaining bad karma).
    5. Having and using the cannibal perk.

    Using perks to alter your karma:
    Upon reaching level 24, three perks become available, allowing instant karma changes. To qualify for the trophy, activate them at level 29, not 30.

    Perk name Level requirement Description
    Devil’s Highway 24 Karma is instantly set to Very Evil
    Escalator to Heaven 24 Karma is instantly set to Very Good
    Karmic Rebalance 24 Karma is instantly set to Neutral

    Good Karma:
    Proceed to level up to the next level with good karma to achieve Protector, Ambassador of Peace, Last Best Hope of Humanity, or Messiah.

    Neutral Karma:
    Reload the save you made and perform actions that lower your karma. Stop when your karma becomes neutral, then complete quests without karma rewards or roam the Wasteland killing beasts (not humans) until you gain enough experience. Upon leveling up, earn Mercenary, Pinnacle of Survival, Paradigm of Humanity, or True Mortal.

    Bad Karma:
    Reload your old save and engage in mayhem until you acquire bad karma and enough experience to level up. Clearing settlements like Rivet City and Megaton is effective, as they contain numerous good NPCs providing bad karma and ample experience. Upon leveling up, achieve Reaver, Harbinger of War, Scourge of Humanity, or Devil.

    An alternative method to gain negative karma is to sneak into Moriarty’s Saloon, repeatedly activate his terminal, and exit until you attain Neutral or Bad Karma. Afterward, proceed to level up.

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