Fallout 3 Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 4/10
    Estimated time to platinum: 80 hours
    Missable trophies:Blood Ties,Galaxy News Radio,Rescue from Paradise,Scientific Pursuits,Strictly Business,The G.O.A.T. Whisperer,Vault CEO,Agatha’s Song,Ambassador of Peace,Big trouble in Big Town,Data Miner,Following his Footsteps,Harbinger of War,Head of State,Keys are for Cowards,Last, Best Hope of Humanity,Mercenary,Oasis,Paradigm of Humanity,Pinnacle of Survival,Protector,Reaver,Reilly’a Rangers,Scourge of Humanity,The Nuka-Cola Challenge,The Superhuman Gambit,The Wasteland Survival Guide,Trouble on the Homefront, andYou Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head
    Glitched trophies:The G.O.A.T. Whisperer,The Bigger They Are…, andTrouble on the Homefront
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Fallout 3 Trophy Guide!

    Welcome to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 3! In this irradiated and desolate world, you’ll take on the role of the Lone Wanderer, a survivor born and raised in Vault 101. As you emerge from the safety of your underground home into the harsh reality of the Capital Wasteland, you’ll embark on a thrilling journey filled with danger, adventure, and moral choices that will shape the fate of this devastated landscape.

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    This comprehensive trophy guide is your ultimate companion to help you navigate the treacherous wastes and unlock all the trophies that Fallout 3 has to offer. Whether you’re an experienced explorer of the Fallout universe or a newcomer just discovering the game, this guide will provide you with essential tips, strategies, and step-by-step instructions to ensure that no trophy remains out of reach.

    Throughout your quest, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own struggles and stories. You’ll be faced with moral dilemmas that challenge your sense of right and wrong, and your decisions will have profound consequences for the Capital Wasteland’s inhabitants. But fear not, for we’ll provide you with insights into the various questlines and character interactions, allowing you to make informed choices and steer your journey towards the desired outcome.

    From battling ferocious mutants and hostile raiders to navigating through dangerous urban ruins and untamed wilderness, your survival skills will be put to the test. This guide will equip you with valuable combat strategies, resource management techniques, and survival tips to help you overcome the hazards of the wasteland and emerge victorious in your pursuit of trophies.

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    Whether you’re aiming for the coveted Platinum trophy or looking to collect specific trophies, our detailed breakdown of each trophy’s requirements will ensure you don’t miss a single opportunity for success. We’ll cover everything from story-related trophies to those tied to unique challenges and collectibles, guiding you through every aspect of the game with precision.

    So, grab your Pip-Boy, load your trusty weapons, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the world of Fallout 3. Let this trophy guide be your beacon of light in the darkness, leading you to triumph and glory amidst the rubble and ruins. The Capital Wasteland awaits your exploration, and your legacy as the Lone Wanderer is about to be written.

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    Step 1: Complete the story

    Fallout 3’s open-world RPG nature grants you the flexibility to approach this roadmap in any order that suits your playstyle. Feel free to break up or combine the first three steps according to your preferences. However, if you don’t have the Broken Steel DLC installed, exercise caution and avoid initiating the final main quest until you’ve fully explored everything else in the game. Without the DLC, the game will conclude after that quest. Along your journey, aim to attain at least level 8 to strengthen your character.

    Although not obligatory, embarking on your trophy playthrough as a good karma character is recommended. Embracing a virtuous path in your actions and choices can potentially make certain trophies and missions easier to accomplish. Keep in mind that this isn’t a strict requirement, but it will likely smoothen your trophy-hunting experience. Enjoy your adventure in the Capital Wasteland!

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Vault 101 Citizenship Award

    The G.O.A.T. Whisperer


    Following in His Footsteps

    Galaxy News Radio

    Scientific Pursuits

    Tranquility Lane

    The Waters of Life

    Picking up the Trail

    Rescue from Paradise

    Finding the Garden of Eden

    The American Dream




    Step 2: Completing side missions

    Now, it’s the perfect moment to shift your attention toward any remaining side quests you haven’t completed yet. Within the vast world of Fallout 3, you’ll come across numerous mini and unmarked side quests. However, there are also 17 marked side quests that you can undertake, and each one holds the potential to earn you a valuable trophy. As you engage in these quests, you’ll steadily progress and develop your character, reaching at least level 14 by the time you successfully finish them all.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Big trouble in Big Town

    The Superhuman Gambit

    The Wasteland Survival Guide


    The Nuka-Cola Challenge

    Head of State

    The Replicated Man

    Blood Ties


    The Power of the Atom

    Tenpenny Tower

    Strictly Business

    You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head

    Stealing Independence

    Trouble on the Homefront

    Agatha’s Song

    Reilly’s Ranger

    Harbinger of War

    Pinnacle of Survival

    Ambassador of Peace

    Step 3: Remaining trophies
    Having wrapped up the side quests and a significant portion of the main story, it’s the perfect opportunity to embark on a thorough exploration of the Wasteland. Your goal now is to tackle any remaining miscellaneous tasks and gather collectibles to secure those last few trophies. It’s worth noting that some of these trophies may have unlocked naturally during your previous adventures.

    Furthermore, it’s crucial to ensure that you attain at least level 20 before initiating the quest “Take it Back!” if you don’t have the Broken Steel DLC installed. This precaution is necessary to prevent the game from concluding after that quest, allowing you to continue your journey beyond the main storyline.

    So, venture forth into the Wasteland, uncover its secrets, and reach new heights as you strive for completion in Fallout 3!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Scourge of Humanity

    Paradigm of Humanity

    Last, Best Hope of Humanity


    Doesn’t Play Well with Others

    Slayers of Beasts

    Silver-Tongued Devil

    Data Miner

    Keys are for Cowards

    One-Man Scouting Party

    Psychotic Prankster

    The Bigger They Are…

    Yes, I Play with Dolls

    Vault-Tec C.E.O.

    Step 4: The end

    After successfully accomplishing all other trophies, it’s time to undertake the last main quest! Your journey will culminate with a pivotal decision, and upon reaching this critical moment and witnessing the credits roll, you’ll unlock the final trophy, ultimately claiming the coveted platinum trophy as your own!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Take it Back!

    Platinum Trophy

    Tips and Strategies:

    Two skill books in Fallout 3 have the unique ability to respawn. Specifically, the Big Guns and Science skill books, which can be found on an enemy in the Ruined Bethesda building, and the hostile researcher in the ant tunnels, will reappear along with the enemy after 73 hours have passed on the overworld. This respawn mechanic allows you to repeatedly acquire these valuable skill books, providing you with an opportunity to further enhance your character’s abilities.

    Trophy Guide:

    Platinum Trophy
    Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy

    Just obtain all the other trophies for the Platinum.

    Vault 101 Citizenship Award
    Got the Pip-Boy 3000

    This is the initial trophy you’ll achieve in the game. In the second main story quest, “Growing Up Fast,” your character will be commemorating their 10th birthday. At this moment, they will be gifted a Pip-Boy 3000. During the birthday party, the trophy will be unlocked.

    The G.O.A.T. Whisperer
    Took the G.O.A.T.

    You should acquire this trophy while completing the third main story quest, “Future Imperfect.” In this quest, your primary objective is to head to the classroom and take the G.O.A.T., which is a mandatory placement exam for all 16-year-olds in the vault. When you enter the classroom, have a conversation with Mr. Brotch and agree to take the test.

    WARNING: DO NOT choose the option that involves questioning whether you have to take the test, as it will enable you to skip the G.O.A.T. and nullify the chance of earning the trophy. Instead, sit down and answer the 10-question test as you wish. After completing the test, you can speak with Mr. Brotch again and select your preferred tag skills, each of which will increase a skill by 15 points. Once you exit the classroom, the trophy will be unlocked.

    There is also a relatively common bug in this quest. Sometimes, the game allows you to sit down but does not progress far enough for you to take the G.O.A.T. To avoid this bug, it is advisable to save your game as soon as you talk to your dad and then proceed to talk to Butch’s gang in the hallway. Engage in a conversation with Wally Mack and persuade him to leave the Tunnel Snakes. Doing so should ensure that you can take the test without any issues.

    Completed “Escape!”

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the fourth main story quest, “Escape!”

    When you turn 19, Amata will approach you and inform you that your father has left the vault. As a result, the Overseer has put the vault on lockdown and security is searching for you. Amata will provide you with a 10mm pistol and ammo. Collect your belongings from your room, including the BB Gun, BBs, Baseball Bat, 10 Stimpacks, and the Grognak The Barbarian Comic. Proceed into the hallway where you’ll encounter a security officer, who may be attacked by radroaches or will attack you directly if he survives. Deal with him, and then you’ll meet Butch, who pleads for your help in saving his mother. If you choose to assist and succeed, you’ll receive unique dialogue and a special Tunnel Snakes Outfit.

    Continue progressing through the vault, and you’ll witness two other dwellers attempting to escape but getting gunned down by guards. You can eliminate the guards and take their weapons and armor or simply run past them. Eventually, you’ll reach a room where the Overseer and one of his officers are interrogating Amata. Dispatch the guard, and then have a conversation with the Overseer. You have the option to use violence, but it may complicate a later side quest. A better approach is to talk to him and convince him to let you go.

    Proceed further through the vault to the Overseer’s office and activate the secret tunnel. Follow the path until you can finally leave the vault. Once outside, you have the opportunity to reselect your skills, name, and character before venturing into the wasteland.

    Following in His Footsteps
    Completed “Following in His Footsteps”

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the fifth main story quest, “Following in His Footsteps.”

    Upon arriving at Megaton, head to the Saloon and talk to Moriarty. He will ask you to pay 100 caps for information about your father. You have the option to pay the money, pass a speech check to avoid payment, or complete a miscellaneous quest for him, involving taking several hundred caps from a woman nearby. After obtaining the information, follow the map until you reach Farragut West Metro Station. Enter the station and then follow the marker until you exit in Chevy Chase. Here, you will encounter Sarah Lyons and her Brotherhood squad, known as the Lyons Pride. Accompany them through a few buildings until you arrive at the GNR Plaza. Beware, as a Super Mutant Behemoth will emerge from nearby wreckage. You can find a Fat Man and several Mini Nukes on one of the dead bodies, which can help you defeat the Behemoth. Afterward, enter the GNR building and speak to Three Dog to complete the quest.

    WARNING: Be cautious as this trophy/quest can be easily missed. If you visit Smith Casey’s Garage/Vault 112 before finishing this quest, it will not count. Additionally, talking to Madison Li at Rivet City before completing this quest can complicate things. It is advisable to follow the exact steps of the quest and progress as the game intends to avoid any issues.

    Galaxy News Radio
    Completed “Galaxy News Radio”

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the sixth main story quest, “Galaxy News Radio.”

    Upon speaking to Three Dog, you will be given the task of locating a satellite dish in the Museum of Technology (in the National Mall) and installing it on top of the Washington Monument. The Museum is mostly filled with standard Super Mutants and Brutes, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to clear out. The satellite dish is located on the Virgo 2 Lunar Lander deep inside the museum. Once you find the dish, it is highly recommended to travel to Rivet City and speak with Madison in the Science Lab, which will start the next quest, “Scientific Pursuits.” After that, go to the Jefferson Memorial and find the audio logs, which will provide information about your father’s location. However, refrain from going to Vault 112 just yet. Instead, place the dish on top of the monument and then return to Three Dog. Since you already know your father’s location but still helped out Three Dog, he will reward you with a key to Hamilton’s Hideaway, a cave with numerous supply caches.

    WARNING: It’s important to be cautious as this trophy/quest can be easily missed. If you pass Three Dog’s speech check to reveal your dad’s location, some players have reported that this prevents the trophy from unlocking. Additionally, if you discover Project Purity (in the Jefferson Memorial) or Vault 112 (in Smith Casey’s Garage) before starting this quest, it may not be available on that playthrough. Some users have also reported that locating Rivet City before starting the quest can make the quest/trophy unobtainable.

    Scientific Pursuits
    Completed “Scientific Pursuits”

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the seventh main story quest, “Scientific Pursuits.”

    Once you find Rivet City, either through information from Three Dog or by stumbling upon it yourself, head to the Science Lab and speak with Madison Li. She will provide you with some background information and then send you to the nearby Jefferson Memorial to search for information about your dad. At the memorial, you can choose to clear out all the Super Mutants (which will be necessary for a later quest) and enter the main Project Purity control room in the Rotunda. Pick up the audio tapes and listen to them; they will reveal that your dad has gone to Vault 112.

    Vault 112 is located beneath Smith Casey’s Garage, which can be found to the west of Evergreen Mills and southeast of Little Lamplight. Upon reaching the garage, eliminate any mole rats or radroaches present. Proceed to the garage area and activate the switch to reveal a secret underground door. Follow the path and interact with the Robobrain, which will require you to wear a provided Vault 112 jumpsuit to proceed. Finally, enter the vault and locate the only empty Tranquility Lounger to complete the quest.

    WARNING: It’s important to note that this trophy/quest can potentially be missed. If you locate Vault 112 (in Smith Casey’s Garage) before starting this quest, it may become unobtainable.

    Tranquility Lane
    Completed “Tranquility Lane”

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the eighth main story quest, “Tranquility Lane.” Unlike the last few quests, this one is essential to complete the story and cannot be missed.

    Method #1: Upon entering Tranquility Lane, you’ll be directed to speak to Betty. She will demand that you complete four tasks for her amusement, each more sadistic than the last. The first task is to make Timmy, the only other kid in the simulation, cry. This can be easily accomplished by either punching him or giving him the military school brochure found in his house.

    The second task is to break up the Rockwell’s marriage. The quickest option is to pass a speech check with Janet Rockwell. If you fail, there are other options. You can either kill Martha Simpson with the rolling pin and then tell Janet’s husband Roger about it or take the lacy underwear from the Simpson house, place it on Roger’s desk in the Rockwell basement, and inform Janet about it.

    The third task is to find a creative way to kill Mabel Henderson. This can be done by rigging the chandelier to drop on her, pushing a roller skate to the top of the stairs so she steps on it and falls, sabotaging her oven and asking her to make you a pie, or hacking her terminal to enable a security lockdown so her robot kills her.

    The fourth and final task is to don the mask and knife of the Pint-Sized Slasher in the doghouse near the abandoned house and kill everyone in the simulation except Betty, Timmy, robots, and the dog next to Betty. Once you accomplish this task, Betty will be revealed to be Dr. Braun, and the dog will be revealed to be your father. You both will then be let out of the simulation.

    Method #2: Alternatively, if you wish to end the quest quickly with a positive karma boost, head to the abandoned house. Once inside, interact with the random objects lying around in the following order: radio, pitcher, gnome, pitcher, cinder block, gnome, bottle. This will activate a secret terminal. Browse through all the logs on the terminal, then initiate the Chinese Invasion Program (you will have to read the Failsafe Program Documentation first). This will result in Chinese soldier programs massacring the population, freeing them from Dr. Braun’s sadistic games. Speak with “Betty” and then exit the simulation.

    The Waters of Life
    Completed “The Waters of Life”

    This trophy will be unlocked after completing the ninth main story quest, “The Waters of Life.”

    Upon escaping Vault 112, return to Rivet City and wait for James to arrive. Speak to Madison, and your group will head to the Jefferson Memorial to attempt reactivating Project Purity. At the monument, clear out any remaining super mutants in the area. Afterward, your father will assign you a few simple tasks within the facility, which can be completed by following the objective markers. Eventually, you will venture into some intake pipes.

    While inside, the Enclave will arrive to take over the project. Make your way back to the Control Room and witness the confrontation between Colonel Autumn and your father. After the scene concludes, you’ll need to lead Madison and a few other scientists through the tunnels beneath the facility. These tunnels are infested with both Enclave soldiers and feral ghouls. Fight your way through until you can resurface.

    Emerging outside, you will find yourself at the Citadel, the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Steel. Madison will assist you in gaining entry, and then you can listen to the ensuing dialogue, concluding the quest.

    Picking up the Trail
    Completed “Picking up the Trail”

    This trophy will be unlocked when you complete the tenth main story quest, “Picking up the Trail.”

    Upon reaching The Citadel, find Scribe Rothchild and inquire about obtaining a GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit). He will grant you access to a terminal in the A Ring that lists the equipment sent to nearby vaults. The computer will indicate that Vault 87 received a GECK. Talk to Rothchild again; he will show you a screen displaying the locations of all the vaults in the Capital Wasteland. Rothchild will inform you that the main entrance to Vault 87 is inaccessible due to extreme radiation levels, but there might be another entrance at the nearby Lamplight Caverns. Armed with this information, head to Little Lamplight (located north and slightly west of Smith Casey’s Garage). When you arrive, speak to Mayor MacCready. If you have the Child At Heart perk or pass his speech check, you can immediately enter the settlement. Otherwise, you will need to complete the quest “Rescue from Paradise” to gain entry.

    Once you gain access to Little Lamplight, your goal is to reach Vault 87. You have two options:

    1. Speak with Mayor MacCready and Princess to convince them to let you use Murder Pass to reach the vault. This route will take you past numerous traps and approximately a dozen super mutants.
    2. Ask MacCready about an alternative route, and he will reveal a terminal and locked door that lead to the vault. Speak to Joseph about restoring power, hack the normal difficulty terminal, and proceed inside.
    Rescue from Paradise
    Completed “Rescue from Paradise”

    This trophy will be unlocked when you complete the eleventh main story quest, “Rescue From Paradise.” It’s important to note that this quest is not actually required to complete the main storyline; please refer to the Note below for more information.

    Upon reaching Little Lamplight, Mayor MacCready will refuse your entry, expressing distrust towards adults. However, he agrees to allow you inside if you rescue three kidnapped children from the slaver settlement, Paradise Falls. When you arrive at Paradise Falls, speak to Grouse at the entrance. He will grant you access if you pass a speech check, pay him 500 caps, or capture a single slave for the “Strictly Business” quest. As with many other quests in the game, you have multiple ways to complete this one:

    1. Buying the children: This is the fastest and simplest method. If you find Eulogy Jones and discuss buying slaves, he will offer you the three children for a total of 2000 caps. You can negotiate it down to 1200 caps with a speech check. If you choose this option, you can meet the children at the gate, inform them you are helping them escape, and once outside the settlement, they will express their gratitude and return to Little Lamplight.
    2. Helping them escape: Speak to the children; Squirrel will outline an escape plan. You will need to deactivate their slave collars, which can be done by hacking a terminal in Eulogy’s Pad (requires 50 science skill). Then, you have to deal with the guard named Forty. You can avoid hostility by either passing a speech check, using the Mezmetron to shoot him, or paying/speech-checking Crimson to seduce him. After handling Forty, Squirrel will reveal that Penny refuses to leave another slave named Rory behind. You have the option to leave both Penny and Rory behind with a speech check (a negative karma option), leave Rory behind with a speech check with Penny (no negative karma), or help Rory escape by obtaining a key from Forty or Eulogy’s Pad. Regardless of your choice, you will sneak the children out, and they will return to Little Lamplight.
    3. Slaver slaughter: This is another straightforward solution, though more challenging than option #1. Head to Paradise Falls and eliminate every single slaver in the settlement, which will set the children free. However, attacking a single slaver will cause the “Strictly Business” quest to fail if you haven’t already completed it, and it will permanently make the settlement hostile.

    NOTE: Normally, you’re supposed to start this quest by talking to Mayor MacCready during the quest “Picking up the Trail,” but this can be skipped with a speech check. Alternatively, if you reach Paradise Falls and speak with the enslaved children, it will also trigger the quest. Another solution is to storm Paradise Falls, eliminate all the slavers, and free the kids, which will complete the quest and unlock the trophy, even if you haven’t been to Little Lamplight yet.

    Finding the Garden of Eden
    Completed “Finding the Garden of Eden”

    This trophy will be unlocked once you complete the twelfth main story quest, “Finding the Garden of Eden.”

    Upon entering Vault 87, follow a relatively linear path through it. The vault is teeming with super mutants, and depending on your level, you may encounter numerous powerful mutants like Masters and Overlords (if you have Broken Steel). You can either try to use stealth to bypass them or engage in combat to clear your way. As you progress, you’ll reach a series of holding cells where it is highly recommended to interact with and free Fawkes, a friendly super mutant. Once freed, Fawkes will assist you by eliminating most enemies in your path and even offer to retrieve the GECK himself. While it is possible to retrieve the GECK without Fawkes’s help, the chamber containing the item is heavily irradiated. To get the GECK, you’ll need to take a Rad-X (and preferably a radiation suit) and have plenty of RadAways. Rush to the chamber with the GECK, open it (but don’t activate it), and quickly retreat to the doorway. There’s a spot in the doorway that’s shielded from radiation. Once the GECK container opens, grab the GECK and return to the previous room.

    Regardless of which option you choose, start making your way back to the entrance of the vault. While in the middle of your retreat, you’ll be flash banged and captured by the Enclave.

    The American Dream
    Completed “The American Dream”

    This trophy will be unlocked once you complete the thirteenth main story quest, “The American Dream.”

    You will awaken in a holding cell where Colonel Autumn interrogates you, demanding the code to activate the purifier. You can choose various dialogue options except for the correct code (2-1-6) as it will lead to your death. Providing the wrong code adds some entertainment value to the situation. Eventually, Autumn will be called away, and President Eden will invite you to meet him, promising safe passage. However, despite Eden’s offer, Autumn’s men will still attack you. To progress, you must head to the second floor, pass through a control room, and finally reach Eden’s main chamber. This is your only opportunity to scavenge the facility, where you’ll find numerous supply crates containing powerful weapons, Enclave power armor, food, and ammo.

    The most crucial item to obtain is the Energy Weapon’s Bobblehead in Colonel Autumn’s room on the second floor (just before accessing 2C). When you reach Eden’s room, you discover that he is a computer. Eden will force you to take a vial of modified FEV and instruct you to infect the water supply at Project Purity. However, you can use speech or science skills or utilize the ZAX destruct sequence to compel Eden to destroy the base instead. After this, follow the path to the exit, and if you rescued Fawkes in the previous quest, you’ll find him outside fighting Enclave soldiers. If you have positive karma, you can recruit Fawkes as your follower. From here, return to The Citadel and discuss the situation with Elder Lyons and Sarah. When you are ready to begin the final quest, inform Sarah that you are prepared to take back the Purifier.

    WARNING: Once you inform Sarah that you are ready to take back the Purifier, the final quest, “Take It Back!” will start. If you don’t have Broken Steel installed, the game will end after this quest. Therefore, make sure to complete all other tasks in the game before initiating the last quest!

    Take it Back!
    Completed “Take it Back!”

    This trophy will be unlocked once you complete the fourteenth and final main story quest, “Take It Back!” However, it’s essential to remember that starting this quest marks the point of no return if you don’t have Broken Steel installed. Therefore, make sure you have finished all other quests before initiating it.

    To begin “Take It Back!”, leave the Citadel with Lyons’ Pride. Your objective is to reach the heavily defended Jefferson Memorial, but this time, you’ll be following Liberty Prime, an enormous combat robot. The combined forces of Liberty Prime and Lyons’ Pride will eliminate nearly everything in your path, so you can hang back and loot the many corpses along the way. Upon reaching the Memorial, proceed inside with Sarah and your companions. Clear out the Enclave soldiers and turrets, then make your way to the Rotunda, where the Purifier is located. Here, you will confront Colonel Autumn and two Tesla Armored Enclave troops. Passing two somewhat difficult speech checks will allow them to leave peacefully; otherwise, you’ll have to fight them. After dealing with them, Madison will communicate through the intercom, warning that the Purifier will destabilize and explode within 3 minutes if the activation code isn’t entered. However, the chamber is filled with lethal levels of radiation.

    At this point, you have several choices for how to proceed:

    1. Activate the purifier yourself.
    2. Force Sarah to do it.
    3. Have Fawkes, Charon, or Sgt RL3 do it (only if you have Broken Steel installed).
    4. Let the purifier explode.
    5. Activate the purifier after inserting the vial of modified FEV.

    The ending cutscenes that follow the completion of this quest will be determined by various factors, including:

    1. Who activated the purifier, if it was activated at all.
    2. Whether or not the modified FEV was used.
    3. Whether or not Raven Rock was destroyed.
    4. The player’s karma level.
    5. How the player completed the quests “Head of State” and “Agatha’s Song” (for good karma players).
    6. How the player completed the quests “The Power of the Atom” and “Oasis” (for negative karma players).
    7. The final picture will be different based on how the player designed their character at the beginning of the game.

    To achieve the arguably “best” ending, consider the following tasks throughout the game:

    1. Finish the game with good or very good karma.
    2. Activate the Purifier yourself without inserting the FEV.
    3. Complete “Head of State” by siding with the escaped slaves or “Agatha’s Song” by giving Agatha the violin.
    4. Destroy Raven Rock in “The American Dream” quest.
    Big Trouble in Big Town
    Completed “Big Trouble to Big Town”

    This trophy requires you to complete the side quest “Big Trouble in Big Town.” To start this quest, head to the settlement of Big Town, located directly southwest of Agatha’s House and the Scrapyard. Upon arriving, you will learn that the town doctor, Red, has been kidnapped by super mutants and taken to the nearby Germantown Police Headquarters. The building is heavily populated by 10-20 super mutants. You can either enter through a door with a very hard lock, granting you close access to Red, or use the main entrance.

    To rescue Red, you have a few options: pick the lock on her cell door, find a holotape with a passcode for the cell block terminal, or loot her cell key from the toughest super mutant in the station (usually an Overlord if you have Broken Steel installed).

    Once you free Red from her cell, immediately leave the station and fast travel back to Big Town. Here, you can choose to forgo a reward for positive karma or accept 300 caps (using a speech check will grant you an extra 200 caps but result in some negative karma). At this point, the quest officially ends, and you will receive the trophy. However, Red will inform you that super mutants are planning to attack the town again, asking for your help in defending it.

    To defend the town, you have several options based on your skill levels:

    • Small Guns skill of 50: You can teach the townspeople to defend themselves with guns.
    • Sneak skill of 50: You can teach everyone how to hide from the mutants.
    • Science skill of 50: You can reactivate a pair of robots in the town to defend everyone.
    • Explosives skill of 50: You can teach the townspeople how to plant mines.

    Abandoning the town is not recommended, especially since Red is a target for the Strictly Business side quest.

    It is advisable to choose one of the first two options, as the science and explosives options are known to be somewhat buggy. During the super mutant attack on the town, you will face several groups of mutants, their numbers and types depending on your player’s level. Once you successfully defend the town, you are free to continue your adventures.

    WARNING: This quest can be easily failed if Red dies, as the quest will fail when you return to Big Town and explain her death. If Red is already dead before the quest starts, you won’t be able to initiate it. It’s crucial for Red to survive the super mutant attack on the town, as you will need to capture her for the Bronze Strictly Business side quest.

    The Superhuman Gambit
    Completed “The Superhuman Gambit”

    This trophy requires you to complete the side quest “The Superhuman Gambit.” To start this quest, travel to Canterbury Commons, a remote settlement located on the edge of the map to the east of the Scrapyard. Despite its remote location, the settlement is a major hub for four traveling merchants, with one usually present at any time. Upon reaching Canterbury Commons, you will encounter The Mechanist and The AntAgonizer, two individuals dressed as superheroes who are constantly engaged in a fierce battle. Uncle Roe, tired of their ongoing conflict, asks for your help in stopping at least one of them. He offers 200 caps if you stop one, 400 caps if you stop both, and an additional 200 caps if you pass a speech check.

    WARNING: Killing either The Mechanist or The AntAgonizer before starting this quest will cause Uncle Roe to immediately give you 400 caps, but the quest will never become available, making this trophy missable. The same outcome occurs if a random wasteland creature enters the town and kills one of them before the quest starts.

    There are several ways to complete this quest:

    1. The AntAgonizer is located at the nearby AntAgonizer’s Lair, while The Mechanist can be found at the Robot Repair Center. The simplest option is to enter either facility, defeat the inhabitants, and return to Uncle Roe. This will not generate negative karma and will cause the other character to leave the town peacefully.
    2. You can pass a difficult speech check with either character to convince them to leave the town peacefully, obtaining their unique armor in the process.
    3. Alternatively, you can offer to help each of them kill their opponent, which extends the quest considerably.
    4. If you have obtained The AntAgonizer’s armor, you can trade it to The Mechanist for the unique Protectron’s Gaze laser pistol, gaining negative karma.
    5. If you have obtained The Mechanist’s armor, you can trade it to The AntAgonizer for the unique Ant’s Sting knife, which has a poison effect, also gaining negative karma.
    6. If you wish to earn some extra caps from Uncle Roe, you can kill or use speech checks on both characters, although this will prolong the quest.

    Additionally, if you have the Lady Killer perk, you can make The AntAgonizer leave peacefully, while the Black Widow or Child At Heart perk can achieve the same result with The Mechanist.

    The Wasteland Survival Guide
    Completed “The Wasteland Survival Guide”

    Completing the “The Wasteland Survival Guide” quest will earn you this trophy. This quest is one of the longest in the game and begins when you reach Megaton and speak with Moira Brown at Craterside Supply. As a vault dweller, Moira will ask for your help with various research tasks for her Wasteland Survival Guide.

    The quest is divided into three chapters, each containing three parts with a main objective and an optional objective that grants extra rewards. You can complete the three parts of each chapter in any order you prefer.

    WARNING: The quest can be failed if you kill Moira or convince her to abandon the project using a speech check. Keep in mind that setting off the nuke in Megaton won’t make the quest unobtainable, as Moira will become a ghoul and move to Underworld.

    Chapter 1 – Finding Food at the Super Duper Mart: Primary Objective: Locate food at the Super Duper Mart. Optional Objective: Locate medicine at the Super Duper Mart.

    Chapter 1 – Contract Radiation Sickness: Primary Objective: Contract 200 rads. Optional Objective: Contract 600 rads.

    Chapter 1 – Traverse the Minefield: Primary Objective: Reach the playground in the center of the Minefield. Optional Objective: Give Moira a frag mine.

    Chapter 2 – Testing Mole Rat Repellent: Primary Objective: Test the mole rat repellent on 3 mole rats. Optional Objective: Test the repellent on 7 more mole rats (for a total of 10).

    Chapter 2 – Place an Observation Unit in a Mirelurk Nest: Primary Objective: Place Moira’s observer unit in a mirelurk egg cluster in the Anchorage War Memorial. Optional Objective: Place the observation unit without killing a mirelurk.

    Chapter 2 – Return to Moira with less than 50% Health: Primary Objective: Return to Moira with less than 50% of your health remaining. Optional Objective: Return to Moira with at least one crippled limb.

    Chapter 3 – Research Rivet City’s History: Primary Objective: Find out the history of Rivet City. Optional Objective: Find out Rivet City’s true history.

    Chapter 3 – Access the RobCo Production Facility Mainframe: Primary Objective: Install the processor widget in the facility mainframe. Secondary Objective: Hack the RobCo production facility mainframe.

    Chapter 3 – Explore the Arlington Public Library: Primary Objective: Access the card catalogue at the Arlington Public Library. Secondary Objective: Retrieve the entire library archive.

    Upon completing all three chapters and optional objectives, Moira will reward you with XP, a mini nuke, and The Wasteland Survival Guide. The number of optional objectives completed will determine the unique “Survival Expert” perk, offering various benefits depending on your performance. Additionally, your actions in this quest may affect random events and dialogue throughout the game.

    Completed “Those!”

    After completing the side quest “Those”, you will unlock this trophy. This quest has a unique start, as it begins through a semi-random event. While in the vicinity of Grayditch (located to the southeast of Megaton and the Super Duper Mart), a young boy named Bryan Wilks will approach you frantically, stating that his town of Grayditch is under attack by numerous fire ants.

    To begin the quest, head to Grayditch and enter the Wilks house near the diner to learn the unfortunate fate of Bryan’s father. Take the shack key from his body and use it to enter the next-door shack. Inside, search through the terminal to find the location of Marigold Station, which may be the source of the ant infestation.

    Upon reaching the station, you’ll encounter Dr. Lesko, who will request your help in stopping the infestation and offer a special perk as a reward. The perk choices are either Ant Sight (+1 perception and +25% fire resistance) or Ant Might (+1 perception and +25% fire resistance). Lesko will task you with killing the five fire ant nest guardians while sparing the giant ant queen. If you have a high science skill or pass a speech check with Lesko, you can kill the queen and still receive the promised perk, along with positive karma. Alternatively, you can kill Lesko and hack his terminal. Alternatively, hacking the terminal and passing a speech or science check with Lesko will end the quest peacefully.

    After completing the main objective, return to Bryan and talk to him. He will ask you to help him find a new place to live. You have four options here, all of which will complete the quest and grant the trophy:

    1. Refuse to help Bryan find a new home, and he will stay in Grayditch. Your karma won’t change, but you may receive some negative radio broadcasts from Three Dog.
    2. Take him to his aunt at Rivet City. Speak with Vera Weatherly, the owner of the Weatherly Hotel, and tell her about the situation. She will adopt Bryan, and you’ll gain some good karma.
    3. Send him to Little Lamplight. Convince Mayor MacCready to let Bryan move in, and he will be moderately happy. There is no karma change for this option.
    4. Sell him into slavery. If you choose this dark option, head to Paradise Falls and speak with Eulogy Jones. Offer to sell Bryan to him, and you’ll be paid 100 caps (or 300 with a speech check). Trick Bryan into putting on a slave collar, and you’ll receive negative karma.
    The Nuka-Cola Challenge
    Completed “The Nuka-Cola Challenge”

    This trophy requires completing the side quest “The Nuka-Cola Challenge.” To initiate the quest, head to the small settlement of Girdershade, located in the far west of the map, directly southwest of Smith Casey’s Garage. Enter Sierra’s home, where she has turned her place into a Nuka Cola museum. Take her tour, which grants you an ice-cold Nuka Cola for free, and then speak with her. Sierra will ask you to retrieve 30 Nuka Cola Quantums, an extremely rare drink. She offers to pay you 40 caps per bottle and provides a special reward once you collect 30 of them.

    WARNING: There are several ways this quest can be easily failed. Drinking or selling too many Quantums before completing the quest may leave you without enough to trade to Sierra. It’s best to avoid consuming any until you finish the quest. The Quantum Chemist Perk can help convert standard Nuka Colas to Quantums, but it requires sacrificing a perk choice. To safeguard your collection, store any found Quantums in your Megaton or Tenpenny Towers home. Additionally, a rare bug may occur when turning in the bottles to Sierra. To avoid this, give her the bottles in smaller batches instead of all 30 at once. Lastly, there’s a possibility that Sierra may bug out or die before completing the quest, making it impossible to finish. It’s advisable to save before entering her home as a backup in case of issues.

    Quantums are exceedingly rare, with only 94 in the base game having set locations, along with 14 from the DLCs, making a total of 108. However, each Nuka Cola vending machine in the game has a 10% chance of containing a Quantum, so you may have come across a few by the time you reach Girdershade. Taking the Quantum Chemist Perk will automatically convert 10 standard Nuka Colas into a Quantum, and they are more common and easy to find in the wasteland and through trading. Several settlements you visit for story and side quests, such as Dukov’s Place, Smith Casey’s Garage, Oasis, the Museum of Technology, Arlington Library, Arefu, and Murder Pass, each contain one Quantum. If you start this quest later in the game, chances are you will have found at least 20 Quantums through natural progression and scavenging vending machines, so obtaining the remaining ten should not be too challenging.

    Once you have acquired 30 Quantums, return to Sierra and hand them over. She will pay you for each bottle and reward you with the schematics for the Nuka Grenade upon completing the quest. Alternatively, you can give the quantums to her neighbor Ronald, who will pay you 40 caps per bottle or 80 with a speech check, as he wants to impress Sierra by finding all of them. This option will still complete the quest, but it will give you negative karma.

    Head of State
    Completed “Head of State”

    This trophy requires completing the side quest “Head of State.” To start the quest, you can speak with Hannibal Hamlin at the Temple of the Union (located northwest of Canterbury Commons), talk to Leroy Walker at the Lincoln Memorial, or eliminate all the slavers at the Lincoln Memorial. There are two different options for completing the quest, both of which will earn you the trophy.

    WARNING: The quest can fail if both Hannibal Hamlin and Leroy Walker die. If you choose to side with the Slavers, be cautious during the battle against the slaves, as it’s possible that both leaders could die. If you side with the slaves, make sure not to let the slaves attack the Memorial and only engage in combat yourself.

    Side With The Slaves: Speak with Hannibal Hamlin at the Temple of the Union, where he explains that the Temple is a refuge for escaped slaves, and he wants to relocate them to the Lincoln Memorial. He also wishes to restore the monument to its former glory. Caleb Smith, a stonemason at the Temple, requests a picture of the original monument. To pursue this path, head to the Lincoln Memorial and eliminate all the slavers there. To obtain the picture of the monument, see the retrieval section below.

    Once you have retrieved the picture and cleared out the Lincoln Memorial, return to the Temple and inform Hannibal and Caleb. They will then travel to the Memorial, which will take a couple of days. Once they reach the metro station near the memorial, speak to Hannibal one more time, and he will reward you with Dart Gun schematics.

    Side With The Slavers: Approach the Lincoln Memorial carefully and follow Leroy Walker’s instructions. He will ask you to retrieve at least one Lincoln Artifact. Once you do this, return to the Memorial, and Walker will request you to find the location of Hamlin. If you haven’t already done so, travel to the Temple of the Union and discover its location. Return to Walker and provide him with the information. He will then ask for your help clearing out the Temple. Proceed to the Temple and eliminate all the escaped slaves to complete the quest, gaining negative karma.

    Retrieving Lincoln’s Artifacts: Regardless of the group you side with, you must travel to the Museum of History, where you can find nine items related to Lincoln. If you side with the slaves, you only need to retrieve the Lincoln Memorial Poster. If you side with the slavers, any item will suffice. However, you can sell any extra items you collect to Leroy, Hannibal, or Abraham Washington. Each item is worth anywhere from 10 to 150 caps, and you can negotiate a higher price with a speech check.

    The items are as follows:

    1. Lincoln Memorial Poster: Found hanging on the wall above a desk at the top of a staircase (will not spawn until you begin the quest).
    2. Action Abe Action Figure: Located on a desk in the eastern part of the building behind a very hard locked door, which can also be accessed through a hole in the wall from an adjacent room.
    3. Antique Lincoln Coin Collection: Placed on a bookshelf in the first room on the right side of the upper floor.
    4. Civil War Draft Poster: Located in the main office area, on the top shelf of the bookcases in the corner of the room.
    5. John Wilkes Booth Wanted Poster: Found on a bookshelf in the opposite corner of the office from the Civil War Draft Poster.
    6. Lincoln’s Diary: Located in the lower halls before reaching the main offices where most of the items are located, on display in a large room.
    7. Lincoln’s Hat: Found on the floor of the first room on the right when going up the initial staircase into the area.
    8. Lincoln’s Repeater: Inside a display case on the second floor, not far from the Memorial Poster.
    9. Lincoln’s Voice: Placed on one of the desks right next to the poster.
    The Replicated Man
    Completed “The Replicated Man”

    “The Replicated Man” is a relatively straightforward side quest that starts in Rivet City. Inside the Science Lab, you’ll find Dr. Zimmer, who will ask you to locate an Android from the Commonwealth.

    To progress through the quest, you must gather three clues about the Android’s whereabouts. There are a total of 19 clues available, most of which can be found on holotapes. A quick way to gather these clues is to talk to Moira in Craterside Supply, then find the holotape in the medical clinic in Megaton, and finally, speak to Dr. Preston in Rivet City (passing a speech check with him is necessary). Additionally, several major doctors, tech-savvy characters, slaver leaders, and sympathizers can also provide clues.

    After collecting three clues, Victoria Watts, an agent of The Railroad—an organization working to free Androids—will approach you. Agreeing to help her will provide you with a component that you can use to convince Zimmer that the Android is no longer functional.

    Next, talk to Pinkerton in the Broken Bow of Rivet City. He will disclose that he performed a facial reconstruction surgery on the Android, partially wiping its memory. The Android is revealed to be security officer Harkness, and Pinkerton will give you a recall code to restore his memory. Download information about the procedure from Pinkerton’s computer to proceed to the final objective. You have three options to resolve the quest:

    1. Side with Harkness: Find Harkness and reveal the truth about his identity. Provide the information and recall code from Pinkerton’s computer. You can assure Harkness that his secret is safe with you, and he will reward you with the powerful A321 Plasma Rifle. Alternatively, you can convince him to go with Zimmer, but this results in negative karma and forfeits the rifle reward.
    2. Side with Zimmer: Share all the information you’ve gathered about Harkness with Zimmer. This will grant you negative karma and the Wired Reflexes perk (+10% hit chance in VATS), and Zimmer will leave with a reset Harkness.
    3. Trick Zimmer: Before revealing Harkness’s true identity to either him or Zimmer, you can give Zimmer the Android component received from Victoria. This will grant you 50 caps, some XP, and complete the quest, but you won’t receive the other rewards. You can also choose to do this after siding with Harkness.

    For both rewards, if you offer to kill Zimmer while speaking with Harkness, he will reward you with good karma and his rifle. Then, reveal everything to Zimmer to obtain the Wired Reflexes perk. Afterward, you can either let Harkness be captured and reset by Zimmer or choose to kill Zimmer, depending on your preference.

    Blood Ties
    Completed “Blood Ties”

    The side quest “Blood Ties” can be initiated in two ways: either by speaking with Lucy West in Megaton, who requests you to deliver a letter to her brother in Arefu, or by speaking with Evan King in Arefu, a settlement situated on an overpass. Upon reaching Arefu, Evan will explain that the town is frequently attacked by a group of cannibals known as The Family. Explore the settlement, interact with the other inhabitants, and then search the West house to find Lucy’s parents. If your Medicine skill is at least 30, you can inform Evan that Lucy’s brother Ian is missing. He will then assign you the task of dealing with The Family, providing a few locations to investigate. Northwest Seneca Station will eventually lead you to The Family, while Meresti Trainyard to the east offers a more direct route.

    Regardless of the path you choose, you will eventually encounter The Family. Their leader, Vance, will reveal that Ian wished to join their group and that he is alive and located in a locked room nearby. At this point, you’ll have a few options:

    1. Peaceful resolution: To complete this quest without violence, you need to obtain the terminal passcode for Ian’s room from Vance. This can be achieved through a speech check, having the Cannibal perk, or gathering information about The Family from other members. Vance will eventually divulge the passcode if you meet these conditions.
    2. Confrontation: Alternatively, you can choose to kill Vance and loot the passcode from his corpse, turning The Family hostile.

    Once you have the passcode and access to Ian’s room, talk to him about the situation. If you’ve taken a peaceful approach, you can convince Ian to leave either by giving him the letter from Lucy or by passing a speech check. Otherwise, he will remain with The Family. It’s important to note that both options allow you to complete the quest and earn the trophy.

    If you’ve wiped out The Family, Ian will initially be angry but will provide you with the same dialogue options as long as you don’t respond with the comment “Well, he’s worm food now.”

    In any case, return to Evan King and inform him of the outcome to complete the quest. If you let everyone in The Family live, additional dialogue options will be available when speaking to Vance regarding his attacks on Arefu.

    WARNING: This quest can be easily failed in a few ways:

    • Killing anyone in Arefu will automatically fail the quest.
    • If you deal with The Family peacefully, the game will consider them part of Arefu. Consequently, killing any Family members at this point will turn Arefu hostile and fail the quest.
    • If you kill all The Family members and then reply to Ian about Vance with the “Well, he’s worm food now” option, Ian will become hostile, resulting in quest failure.
    • Killing Ian will also fail the quest.

    For safety, it is highly recommended to create an extra manual save before your first visit to Arefu, in case something goes wrong. Keep in mind that “Blood Ties” can be missed if you neglect to speak with Lucy West and instead choose to destroy Megaton.

    Completed “Oasis”

    Oasis is a well-concealed settlement located in the northern part of the map, practically hidden within a mountain. Upon approaching the entrance, Tree Father Birch will invite you inside, explaining that someone summoned you. Undertake the purification ritual at the settlement’s center, where you will meet “Him.” To your surprise, “He” is none other than a heavily mutated Harold from earlier Fallout games. Although Harold has transformed into a tree, he can still communicate. The citizens of Oasis revere him as a deity, and his mutation has led to the flourishing growth of plants and trees throughout the settlement. After conversing with Harold, step outside and speak to Birch and Laurel. Birch wishes to contain Harold’s growth to keep Oasis hidden, while Laurel desires the growth to spread further into the wasteland, revitalizing plant life within decades.

    WARNING: It is uncommon but possible to completely miss this quest if any members of Oasis, particularly Father Birch or the other gate guard, are killed outside of the settlement before you can enter for the first time. This may occur due to random spawns of Enclave or higher-level wasteland creatures. To avoid this potential issue, it is advisable to create an additional save before approaching Oasis. If one of them dies, you might lose access to the settlement, making the quest impossible to complete.

    Once you’ve spoken with Birch and Laurel, you’ll have four options to complete this quest:

    1. Side with Birch: Birch and Laurel will provide you with items to either slow down or accelerate Harold’s growth. They’ll ask you to apply them to his heart, which can be found inside nearby caverns. The caves are infested with a dozen mirelurks, likely including at least two Mirelurk Kings, tough enemies capable of shooting sonic waves at the player. The caves are straightforward, though at one point, you’ll need to navigate underwater to access the next area. Ultimately, you’ll reach Harold’s heart. To side with Birch, apply his Sap. Upon returning to Birch, he will reward you with the Linden’s Outcast Power Armor, and you can also obtain Poplar’s Hood by speaking to Bloomseer Poplar.
    2. Side with Laurel: Simply choose to apply Laurel’s Liniment to Harold’s heart when you reach it. Upon returning to Laurel, she will reward you with a standard missile launcher, and Branchtender Maple will give you Maple’s Garb.
    3. Put Harold out of his misery: When speaking with Harold, he will ask you to end his suffering. When you reach the heart, choose to destroy it. This will grant you the Barkskin perk, providing an additional (and permanent) 5% damage resistance. Upon emerging from the cave, Birch will speak with you, explaining that he harbors no ill will toward you as Harold finally communicated with him while you were inside the cave.
    4. Burn Harold: As the evil karma option, you can burn Harold to death since he fears fire. You can use various weapons like the flamer, heavy incinerator, plasma weapons, fat man, Shishkebab, or Nuka Grenade to achieve this. Selecting this option will complete the quest but generate significant negative karma and permanently turn Oasis against you. If you accidentally anger the Treeminders or attack them at any time, this is the only way to finish the quest.
    The Power of the Atom
    Completed “The Power of the Atom”

    “The Power of the Atom” is likely one of the first side quests you’ll encounter in Fallout 3. Upon arriving at Megaton, Sheriff Lucas Simms will approach you and discuss disarming the live nuclear bomb located in the center of town. If you pass a speech check, he’ll offer you 500 caps for disarming it, or you’ll receive 100 caps if you don’t pass the check.

    You have two main options for this quest:

    1. Disarm the bomb: This is the good karma option. To do this, you’ll need an Explosive skill level of 25. Approach the bomb and interact with it to choose the disarm option. Inform Simms that the bomb is disarmed to complete the quest. You’ll be rewarded with caps and access to a house in Megaton.
    2. Rig the bomb to explode: Head to Moriarty’s Bar and speak with a man named Mr. Burke sitting in the corner. He’ll provide you with a pulse charge to detonate the bomb and pay you 500 caps (1000 with a speech check). If you choose this path, interact with the bomb and select the option to rig it to explode. Then, travel to Tenpenny Towers to the southwest. Go to the upper floors and press the button to set off the bomb. Once it detonates, the trophy will unlock. However, be aware that this choice will make one of the bobbleheads unobtainable.

    Alternatively, you can follow an unusual path by speaking to Mr. Burke and then informing Lucas Simms about his plans. Simms will attempt to arrest Mr. Burke, but Burke will gun him down. You can still disarm the bomb, but you’ll need to speak to Simms’ son for your reward, and the option to detonate the bomb will no longer be available.

    Tenpenny Tower
    Completed “Tenpenny Tower”

    Upon arriving at Tenpenny Tower for the first time, you’ll witness an argument between a ghoul named Roy Phillips and security chief Gustavo. The ghouls want to live in the tower, but the humans residing there are opposed to the idea. Gustavo will ask for your help in dealing with the ghoul problem and offers you an assault rifle and 500 caps (or a Chinese Assault Rifle and 700 caps with a speech check) to resolve the situation.

    This quest offers four different solutions:

    1. Kill the ghouls, including Roy Phillips: This option involves following the quest marker into a subway tunnel where you’ll find Roy Phillips and his non-feral ghoul companions. Eliminate them, and then return to Gustavo to complete the quest. This choice is recommended to avoid potential issues with other quests.
    2. Kill everyone in Tenpenny Tower: Not advisable as it will result in the loss of several merchants and create problems with other quests. Simply wipe out all the human residents, and then inform Roy Phillips that the ghouls can move in.
    3. Get the ghouls into Tenpenny Tower: Speak with Roy Phillips and offer to help the ghouls get into the tower. Obtain the key to the Generator Room, which can be stolen from Gustavo or taken from his corpse. Destroy the generator in the room to let the ghouls in. You’ll receive negative karma and a ghoul mask, which makes feral ghouls neutral toward you.
    4. “Peaceful” Co-existence: Propose to Roy about allowing the ghouls to live with the humans. To make this happen, you’ll need to persuade five residents to either move out or accept the change through speech checks, or you can choose to kill them. The five residents are Edgar Wellington, Millicent Wellington, Anthony Ling, Susan Lancaster, and Lydia Montenegro. After dealing with them, speak to Allistair Tenpenny and Roy Phillips, and the ghouls will move in, granting you caps, XP, and the ghoul mask. However, if you return later, you’ll find that the human occupants have disappeared, leading to a troubling revelation through further exploration and dialogue with Phillips.
    Strictly Business
    Completed “Strictly Business”

    The quest “Strictly Business” can be initiated by speaking to Grouse outside of Paradise Falls. To enter the settlement, you’ll need to have negative karma, pass a difficult speech check, or pay 500 caps. Alternatively, Grouse will allow you entry if you capture some “VIP” slaves for him. He’ll provide you with the Mesmetron, a unique weapon that temporarily stuns humans, and a slave collar. While capturing one slave will grant access to the settlement, you’ll need to capture all four VIPs on Grouse’s list to complete the quest. If any of the VIP targets are already dead before starting the quest, they won’t be on Grouse’s list, but you’ll miss out on the 250 cap reward for enslaving that individual. It’s important to note that you must return to Grouse after each slave capture to get another collar.

    WARNING #1: The quest can be easily failed if all four VIP targets are dead before starting it. Additionally, if you attack anyone in Paradise Falls, the settlement will become permanently hostile, causing the quest to fail.

    WARNING #2: It is highly recommended to use a backup save when attempting this quest for the trophy. Capturing Flak, the fourth target, can lead to potential bugs in the game. If you capture Flak, Shrapnel, the store owner in Rivet City, may stop selling items or wander the Wasteland for an extended period, affecting your ability to trade with them.

    The VIP targets are as follows:

    1. Arkansas: Located at Minefield, you may have already visited this location during the Wasteland Survival Guide side quest. Arkansas can be found in the ruins of a building on the northern side of the area.
    2. Red: Found in Big Town, but ensure you have completed the quest “Big Trouble in Big Town” first to avoid making the trophy unobtainable. Red can usually be found in her clinic or wandering the settlement.
    3. Susan Lancaster: Located in Tenpenny Tower. However, she may already be dead or have moved out depending on how you completed the quest “Tenpenny Tower.” If she’s still alive and living in the tower, you’ll likely find her in one of the male residents’ rooms or one of the shops on the ground floor. Capturing her may turn the entire tower hostile, forcing you to fight your way out or escape quickly.
    4. Flak: Capturing Flak is challenging as he is situated in the heavily populated Rivet City. He can be found roaming the hallways, in his room, or at Flak and Shrapnel’s shop in the marketplace. Capturing him will immediately turn Rivet City hostile, so it’s a good idea to capture him near the bridge and jump into the water to escape.
    You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head
    Completed “You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head”

    This trophy requires you to complete the quest “You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head.” To begin the quest, head to Underworld, a city populated by ghouls located in the Museum of History. Look for a ghoul named Mister Crowley, who can usually be found in Carol’s Place or the Ninth Circle Bar. Engage in friendly conversation with him, and he will assign you the task of eliminating four humans whom he claims are prejudiced against ghouls. Crowley will provide you with a sniper rifle, five bullets, and offer a payment of 100 caps for each target killed with a headshot (25 caps if killed by other means). You must obtain a key from each of the targets’ corpses as proof of their deaths.

    WARNING: Be cautious, as this quest can potentially become missable. Killing Crowley before completing the quest may prevent its completion. Also, if any of the keyholders are killed before starting the quest and you didn’t loot the keys from their bodies, you’ll need to locate those deceased characters.

    Your four targets are as follows:

    1. Dave: Found at the Republic of Dave in the far northeast of the map. You can avoid killing him by claiming to be a wasteland ambassador trying to establish diplomatic relations with the Republic of Dave. He will give you his key as a gift.
    2. Dukov: Located at Dukov’s Place, near the Anchorage War Memorial and Tepid Sewers. Avoid killing him by passing a very difficult speech check, buying the key for 200 caps, using the Black Widow or Lady Killer perk, or convincing one of his women to provide you with the key.
    3. Jeff Strayer: Already deceased, so deal with his son, Ted Strayer, in Rivet City. Avoid killing Ted by paying him 25 caps for the key, passing a speech check, or intimidating him with a Strength of 6.
    4. Allistair Tenpenny: If you follow the Crowley path in this quest, you will have to kill Tenpenny. If he is already dead before starting the quest, you will only receive 50 caps for killing him, and the option to side with Tenpenny will not be available.

    After obtaining the keys or eliminating your targets, return to Crowley. If you didn’t kill someone, you will need to pass a speech check to receive the full reward for that target. Regardless, Crowley will be content with obtaining the keys, and the quest will conclude.

    Alternate Completion Path: Instead of carrying out Crowley’s request, you can inform Tenpenny that Crowley wants him dead. Tenpenny will offer you a counteroffer of 300 caps (100 paid upfront) to kill Crowley. Completing this alternate path will still unlock the trophy and complete the quest.

    Post Completion: Upon investigating further and speaking with other members of Underworld, you will discover more to this quest than initially apparent. In reality, Crowley sought revenge against Tenpenny for abandoning him during a failed expedition to Fort Constantine years ago, nearly costing him his life. The other three targets were of no real importance to him; he only cared about obtaining their keys. If you follow Crowley out of Underworld, he will head to Fort Constantine to retrieve the items still inside. You can pickpocket the keys from him or loot them from his corpse, and then proceed to the Fort independently. Inside, you will find the T-51b power armor, arguably the best power armor in the base game.

    Glitch Method: An instant completion method for this quest is available if you own the Operation Anchorage DLC. This DLC rewards you with the Winterized T-51b power armor, an enhanced version of the suit found in Fort Constantine. If you equip the armor and then drop it from your inventory after starting this quest, the quest will be immediately completed. Crowley will be angry, claiming you stole the armor from him, but he won’t attack you inside Underworld. Despite the quest being over, you can still retrieve the keys and visit Fort Constantine afterward.

    Stealing Independence
    Completed “Stealing Independence”

    After completing the quest “Stealing Independence,” you will unlock this trophy. To initiate the quest, visit Rivet City and speak with Abraham Washington at the Capital Preservation Society. He will request your help in recovering the Declaration of Independence from the National Archives and mark the location on your map. Washington will also mention that he sent another person to find it, but she never returned.

    Upon entering the National Archives, head to the rotunda and meet Sydney. While it’s possible to avoid Sydney by entering through the back door and retrieving the Declaration, it’s recommended to work with her for a faster quest progression.

    Help Sydney fend off multiple super mutant attacks, and she will assist you in getting close to the document by revealing a secret elevator. Journey through the underground tunnels, which will be filled with robots and gas leaks. At certain points, you can unlock doors with normal, hard, or very hard locks to create shortcuts, and hack terminals to deactivate robots.

    In one of the tunnels, you’ll come across two locked doors leading to safes containing the Bill of Rights and Magna Carta. These items are optional but provide additional rewards.

    Eventually, you’ll reach an office where a robotic Button Gwinnett guards the Declaration.

    There are several ways to obtain the Declaration:

    1. Pass a speech check, convincing Gwinnett that you are Thomas Jefferson. He will then give you the document before shutting down.
    2. You can also eliminate Gwinnett and all the robotic guards to take the document by force.
    3. Alternatively, travel to the Arlington Library, find an ink container hidden within, and bring it back to Gwinnett. He will create a perfect copy of the document.

    No matter how you choose to obtain it, return to Abraham Washington and hand him the Declaration, along with any other recovered documents. He will reward you with caps and XP. If Sydney survives, you can complete an unmarked side quest to receive her unique 10mm SMG, though you can also loot it from her corpse if she dies.

    Trouble on the Homefront
    Completed “Trouble on the Homefront”

    After completing the “The Waters of Life” quest, return to the exterior of Vault 101, and you should receive a distress signal on your Pip-Boy radio. The signal indicates that the vault is in trouble and provides the password to enter. Upon entering the vault, you’ll discover a conflict between Amata and the Overseer (either her father or Allen Mack, depending on earlier choices).

    WARNING: The “Trouble on the Homefront” quest is highly missable and buggy. The Vault 101 Distress Signal will only be available for 14 in-game days after finishing “The Waters of Life”. After that, the signal will disappear, making it impossible to start the quest. Additionally, certain actions like mass killing the dwellers or attacking them can turn everyone in the vault hostile, potentially making it impossible to complete the quest.

    There are three main ways to complete the quest:

    1. Keep the vault closed forever: Convince Amata, who leads the rebels, that the outside world is too dangerous. You can do this through a speech check or by hacking the Overseer’s terminal, revealing that the Enclave is trying to break into the vault. After convincing Amata, inform the Overseer, and he will reward you with either a unique jumpsuit or food and ammo.
    2. Open the vault: Agree to help Amata and the rebels open the vault. If Amata’s father is still the Overseer, you can convince him to open the vault through a speech check or by hacking a terminal in the security office, which reveals a planned mutiny against him. If Mack is the Overseer, you’ll have to kill him. If Amata’s father survives, he will step down, and Amata will begin sending people into the wasteland. However, you will still be asked to leave the vault. Completing this option peacefully will reward you with the unique jumpsuit.
    3. Destroy the vault: Go to the sub-basement and hack the terminal (a hard hack) or steal the maintenance password from Stanley. Activate the manual override mode and flush and purge the system. This will make the vault uninhabitable, forcing everyone to evacuate. This option results in negative karma and unique dialogue options with Amata and the Overseer, as well as some unique random encounters in the Wasteland.
    Agatha’s Song
    Completed “Agatha’s Song”

    Be warned that the “Agatha’s Song” quest in Fallout 3 can be missed if certain actions are taken before initiating it. Killing Agatha before speaking to her or selecting negative dialogue options during your first conversation with her will prevent you from starting the quest. However, if Agatha is killed after the quest is initiated, it can still be completed by finding another buyer for the violin she requested.

    To begin the quest, visit Agatha’s House, a secluded location west of the Scrapyard and southwest of the Minefield. Speak with Agatha and agree to retrieve a rare Soil Stradivarius violin from Vault 92. This vault is north of the Alien Homing Beacon, close to Old Olney. If you have a lockpick skill of 50 or more, you can access the Sound Testing area directly. Otherwise, you’ll need to take a longer route through the Living Quarters, Atrium, and Reactor to reach your destination.

    Inside Vault 92, you’ll encounter Mirelurks, so be prepared for combat. Once you find the Music Studio, pick up the violin case and return to Agatha. You can choose to sell the violin to Abraham Washington in Rivet City or Ahzrukhal in Underworld, but doing so will generate negative karma and forfeit the unique weapon reward from Agatha.

    If you return the violin to Agatha, she will reward you with XP and provide you with the frequency for her radio station. Additionally, she may ask you to retrieve a sheet music book, offering an extra reward for doing so. The sheet music books can be found in various locations, including Arlington Library, National Archives, Springvale School, The Statesman Hotel, and Roosevelt Academy.

    Once you have the sheet music, return it to Agatha, and she will give you her husband’s old pistol, the unique Blackhawk .44 magnum. This pistol is one of the better handguns in the game and serves as an additional reward for completing the quest.

    Reilly’s Rangers
    Completed “Reilly’s Rangers”

    Reilly’s Rangers is a lengthy side quest in Fallout 3 that can be initiated either by tuning in to the Ranger emergency frequency on your Pip-Boy Radio or by finding Reilly in the infirmary of Underworld. If you choose the latter option, you’ll need a high science skill or pass a speech check with the doctor to awaken Reilly. She’ll explain that her team is trapped on top of the Statesman Hotel and will request your help in rescuing them.

    To reach the Statesman Hotel, you’ll need to navigate through metro tunnels and the dangerous streets of downtown DC, dealing with numerous super mutants along the way. The hospital, Our Lady Of Hope, located across from the hotel, will serve as your entry point. As you progress through the buildings, be cautious of traps, including frag mines and grenade bouquets.

    Upon reaching the hotel’s roof, you’ll face another wave of mutants before meeting the remaining Rangers. To escape the roof, you can either repair the nearby elevator if you have a repair skill of 75 or provide Donovan with a fission battery. Keeping the Rangers alive is advisable to receive full rewards.

    After successfully completing the quest, Reilly will offer you a choice between Ranger Battle Armor and the unique Eugene minigun as your reward. However, if all the Rangers die during the escape, you’ll only receive XP and the trophy. Depending on the survival of the Rangers, you may also be able to start a miscellaneous quest for Reilly, involving the discovery of various locations on the map.

    Reached Level 8 with Bad Karma

    For more information on all of the leveling trophies, refer to Last, Best Hope of Humanity. This guide provides comprehensive details about the leveling karma requirements and how to achieve them in Fallout 3.

    Reached Level 8 with Neutral Karma

    For more information on all of the leveling trophies, refer to Last, Best Hope of Humanity. This guide provides comprehensive details about the leveling karma requirements and how to achieve them in Fallout 3.

    Reached Level 8 with Good Karma

    For more information on all of the leveling trophies, refer to Last, Best Hope of Humanity. This guide provides comprehensive details about the leveling karma requirements and how to achieve them in Fallout 3.

    Harbinger of War
    Reached Level 14 with Bad Karma

    For more information on all of the leveling trophies, refer to Last, Best Hope of Humanity. This guide provides comprehensive details about the leveling karma requirements and how to achieve them in Fallout 3.

    Pinnacle of Survival
    Reached Level 14 with Neutral Karma

    For more information on all of the leveling trophies, refer to Last, Best Hope of Humanity. This guide provides comprehensive details about the leveling karma requirements and how to achieve them in Fallout 3.

    Ambassador of Peace
    Reached Level 14 with Good Karma

    For more information on all of the leveling trophies, refer to Last, Best Hope of Humanity. This guide provides comprehensive details about the leveling karma requirements and how to achieve them in Fallout 3.

    Scourge of Humanity
    Reached Level 20 with Bad Karma

    For more information on all of the leveling trophies, refer to Last, Best Hope of Humanity. This guide provides comprehensive details about the leveling karma requirements and how to achieve them in Fallout 3.

    Paradigm of Humanity
    Reached Level 20 with Neutral Karma

    For more information on all of the leveling trophies, refer to Last, Best Hope of Humanity. This guide provides comprehensive details about the leveling karma requirements and how to achieve them in Fallout 3.

    Last, Best Hope of Humanity
    Reached Level 20 with Good Karma

    A significant portion of the trophy list for Fallout 3 is tied to leveling up your character. Unlike other Fallout titles, you have specific level requirements to achieve in each of the three karma alignments: good, neutral, and evil. This means you need to reach certain levels (8, 14, and 20) for each karma alignment to unlock the corresponding trophies.

    Karma in Fallout 3 is based on a point system, starting at 0. Your karma points will increase or decrease based on the actions you take in the game. Here are some ways to increase or decrease your karma:

    Increasing Karma:

    1. Performing positive actions on quests, like saving characters or making choices that benefit the Wasteland, will reward you with at least 50 karma points and sometimes more.
    2. Killing very evil characters such as Slavers will grant you 100 karma points.
    3. If you have the Lawbringer perk, selling the fingers of evil karma characters will grant you 10 karma per finger.
    4. Saving wasteland captives will net you 50-75 karma points per action.
    5. Donating purified water or Aqua Pura to thirsty beggars, including those outside Megaton and Rivet City, will earn you 50 karma per donation.
    6. Donating caps to any church will grant you 1 karma point per cap donated.

    Decreasing Karma:

    1. Killing a good creature or character will decrease your karma by 25 to 100 points.
    2. Stealing items from non-evil characters or factions will drop your karma by 5 points per item stolen.
    3. Performing evil actions in quests, such as blowing up Megaton or overrunning Tenpenny Towers with ghouls, will drop your karma by anywhere from 50 to 1000 points per action.
    4. Picking a red text lock or hacking a red text terminal will decrease your karma by 5 points. To quickly shift your karma in the negative direction, you can continuously lower your karma by attempting to hack an owned terminal, like Moriarty’s in Megaton, and repeatedly backing out to repeat the process. One strategic approach is to do this just before turning in a quest to reach the required karma status for the level up. To achieve this efficiently, create a new save, adjust your karma to the desired value, turn in the quest to level up, and then reload the previous save to repeat the process.

    To obtain all the karma/level specific trophies in a single playthrough, you’ll need to use some backup saves. Midway through levels 7, 13, 19, and 29 (with the Broken Steel DLC), create a backup save. Using this save, enter any major settlement and kill everyone there to drop your karma to neutral. Then, gain enough XP to reach the next level and unlock the neutral karma trophy. After that, reload the backup save and repeat the process, but this time cause enough damage to drop to evil karma. For an evil karma playthrough, you can raise your karma by donating caps to a church, such as the ones in Megaton and Rivet City.

    Made one of every custom weapon

    There are a total of seven custom weapons available in Fallout 3. To craft a custom weapon, you’ll need to find the schematics for the weapon and gather the four required materials to craft it. These weapons can be crafted at any workbench in the game. Each weapon has three sets of schematics available, except for the Bottlecap Mine and Rock-It Launcher, which have four each. Typically, one schematic can be found in a specific location, one is sold by a vendor, and one is obtained as a quest reward. You only need one set of schematics to build a weapon, but having multiple sets will result in the weapon being in better condition when built, or you may receive more of them in the case of the Bottlecap Mine and Nuka Grenade. Simply building each weapon once will earn you the trophy.

    Here are the details for each custom weapon:

    1. Bottlecap Mine
      • Found in Jocko’s Pop & Gas Stop (directly south of Smith Casey’s Garage).
      • Sold by Knick Knack in Little Lamplight.
      • A reward during the Wasteland Survival Guide quest if you bring Moira a land mine from Minefield.
      • From Herbert Dashwood if you tell him the fate of his old companion Argyle, or loot it from his safe.
      • Materials needed: 1 Lunchbox, 1 Cherry Bomb, 1 Sensor Module, 10 Bottle Caps.
    2. Railway Rifle
      • Found in MDPL 13 Power Substation (southeast of Oasis, southwest of Old Olney).
      • Sold by Tulip in Underworld.
      • A reward for completing the side quest “Stealing Independence.”
      • Materials needed: 1 Fission Battery, 1 Pressure Cooker, 1 Steam Gauge Assembly, 1 Crutch.
    3. Nuka Grenade
      • Found in Cliffside Cavern, specifically the Yao Guai Cave inside (directly east of Tenpenny Towers).
      • Sold by traveling merchant Doc Hoff.
      • A reward for completing the side quest “The Nuka Cola Challenge.”
      • Materials needed: 1 Abraxo Cleaner, 1 Tin Can, 1 Turpentine, 1 Nuka Cola Quantum.
    4. Dart Gun
      • Found in MDPL 05 Power Station (southeast of Raven Rock in the upper left corner of the map).
      • Sold at Boutique Le Chic in Tenpenny Tower.
      • A reward for completing the side quest “Head of State” if you side with the slaves.
      • Materials needed: 1 Paint Gun, 1 Radscorpion Poison Gland, 1 Surgical Tubing, 1 Toy Car.
    5. Shishkebab
      • Found in an unmarked Brotherhood Outcast Shack west of SatCom Array NN-03d (just southeast of Fort Constantine and directly east of MDPL 05 Power Station).
      • Sold by traveling merchant Lucky Harith.
      • A potential quest reward from Vance for completing “Blood Ties” if the quest is completed peacefully.
      • Materials needed: 1 Motorcycle Gas Tank, 1 Motorcycle Handbrake, 1 Pilot Light, 1 Lawn Mower Blade.
    6. Rock-It Launcher
      • Found in Vault 101 Clinic, behind the framed quote of Revelation 21:6 (requires a 50 lockpick skill to open).
      • Sold by traveling merchant Crazy Wolfgang.
      • Sold by Moira Brown in Megaton.
      • Also found in the Rivet City Armory.
      • Materials needed: 1 Conductor, 1 Firehose Nozzle, 1 Leaf Blower, 1 Vacuum Cleaner.
    7. Deathclaw Gauntlet
      • Found in F. Scott Key Trail & Campground (south of Girdershade, northwest of Tenpenny Tower).
      • Can be found on a dead wastelander during the Wounded Deathclaw random event.
      • A reward for completing the unmarked quest “Council Seat” in Rivet City if you side with Bannon.
      • Materials needed: 1 Deathclaw Hand, 1 Medical Brace, 1 Leather Belt, 1 Wonderglue.

    Crafting each of these custom weapons once will unlock the trophy for you.

    The Deathclaw Gauntlet schematic can alternatively be acquired through a relatively quick unmarked quest called “Council Seats.” To initiate this quest, you’ll need to converse with Bannon in Rivet City.

    All you have to do is retrieve an audio log from Seagrave’s room and return it to Bannon. Upon completion of this straightforward task, Bannon will reward you with the Deathclaw Gauntlet schematic.

    Doesn’t Play Well with Others
    Killed 300 people

    To earn this trophy in Fallout 3, you must kill a total of 300 human characters during a single playthrough of the game. If you have the DLCs installed, you will likely achieve this trophy naturally as you progress through the game. However, if you are playing without the DLCs, you may need to actively seek out additional human enemies to fulfill the requirement. It’s important to note that this trophy only applies to human characters, and humanoid creatures such as feral ghouls and super mutants do not count towards this total.

    Some examples of human characters that count towards this trophy include:

    • Megaton citizens
    • Rivet City citizens
    • Brotherhood of Steel members
    • Brotherhood Outcasts
    • Talon Company Mercenaries
    • The Regulators
    • The Enclave soldiers
    • Slavers
    • Wastelanders
    • Raiders

    By engaging in combat with these human characters throughout the Capital Wasteland, you’ll be able to reach the 300 kills needed to unlock the trophy.

    Slayer of Beasts
    Killed 300 creatures

    To earn this trophy in Fallout 3, you must defeat a total of 300 creatures throughout your playthrough. The trophy is nearly unmissable as you progress through the main and side quests, encountering various creatures in the Capital Wasteland. In the game, any lifeform that isn’t a human or robot is considered a creature. This category includes:

    • Radroaches
    • Radscorpions
    • Mole rats
    • Bloatflies
    • Yao guai
    • Deathclaws
    • Dogs
    • Super mutants
    • Feral ghouls

    As you engage in battles and explore the wasteland, you’ll naturally encounter a multitude of these creatures, making it highly likely that you will unlock this trophy without specifically aiming for it.

    Silver-Tongued Devil
    Won 50 Speech Challenges

    In Fallout 3, you may encounter speech challenges when interacting with certain characters throughout the Wasteland. Successfully passing a speech check can grant you additional items, story and quest information, or unique extra dialogue. Unlike later Fallout games where speech and skill checks are determined solely by the level of the corresponding skill, Fallout 3 utilizes a more complex system. Your speech skill, Charisma, karma level, difficulty setting, and the presence of a drawn weapon all contribute to a series of formulas that influence your percentage chance of success. In simpler terms, having a higher speech percentage provides a better chance of succeeding in speech challenges.

    With some patience, it is possible to pass every speech check you come across. If you save your game before attempting a speech check and fail, you can simply reload your save and keep trying until you succeed. This strategy can be particularly helpful for early-game speech challenges, especially before you have increased your speech skill to a higher level.

    Throughout Fallout 3, there are several hundred speech challenges across the base game and the DLCs, providing you with numerous opportunities to work towards this trophy during your playthrough. However, it’s worth noting that there is a finite number of speech challenges in the game. Therefore, theoretically, this trophy could be missed if you fail most of the challenges you encounter. Luckily, there is a potentially easy method, possibly a bug, that allows you to quickly obtain this trophy:

    1. Travel to Little Lamplight.
    2. Locate Knock Knock, who can be found wandering the caverns or in a bed in the Great Room.
    3. Engage in conversation with her and select the option “You said you’re in charge of morale, what does that mean?”.
    4. She will then ask you to tell a joke. Choose “Sure, let’s hear one”.
    5. Respond to her knock-knock joke with “Who’s there?” and then “Noah who?”. If you have a high Intelligence, you can choose the intelligence check as well.
    6. The next dialogue tree will present an easy speech challenge where you can lie and say that the joke was good.
    7. You can repeat this series of dialogue options infinitely until you reach 50 successful speech challenges.
    8. The trophy will not activate until you leave the conversation.

    By following this method, you can efficiently work towards obtaining the trophy without relying on random speech checks throughout the Wasteland.

    Data Miner
    Hacked 50 terminals

    Terminal hacking is a mini-game featured in the modern Fallout games. When you encounter a locked terminal, it will display the word “locked” along with a difficulty level. To hack terminals listed as easy, you’ll need a science skill of 25; for average terminals, a skill level of 50 is required; for hard terminals, you need 75; and for expert terminals, you need a science skill of 100 (very easy terminals can be hacked at any skill level).

    The trophy related to terminal hacking may take some time, as there are several hundred terminals scattered throughout the Capital Wasteland and DLCs. However, this provides ample opportunities to work on unlocking the trophy. Keep in mind that it’s theoretically possible to miss the trophy if you get locked out of too many terminals, leaving too few remaining in the Wasteland for you to reach 50 successful hacks. To alleviate this, the Computer Whiz perk will grant you an extra attempt at any terminal you get locked out of.

    When you access a locked terminal, you’ll encounter a list of random symbols and gibberish, accompanied by a series of words, each with the same number of letters. To hack the terminal, you need to deduce the correct password. Select any word, and the game will indicate how many letters are correct (x/y). A letter is considered correct if it exists in the word and occupies the correct position.

    For example, if the password is “Home,” and you select the word “Open,” it will display 0/4 correct, as the “O” and “E” exist in both words but are in different positions. If you chose the word “Hope,” it would show 3/4 correct.

    An incorrect guess will use up one of your tries. Using the terminal four times without guessing the correct password will lock the terminal and make it inaccessible. Individual letters, numbers, or symbols selected also consume your tries, except for specific symbols that behave differently from incorrect words.

    To help maximize your chances at each terminal, follow a method that involves selecting the first three legitimate options and then backing out of the terminal if none of them are correct. Re-enter the terminal and repeat this process until you successfully hack it. Although it may take a few tries, this method will eventually work without requiring extensive knowledge of the mini-game mechanics.

    Keys are for Cowards
    Picked 50 locks

    Lockpicking in the Fallout series is a relatively simple minigame. When you encounter a locked door or object, the game prompts you to attempt to pick the lock. The lock’s difficulty level is displayed next to the prompt, and it corresponds to your lockpick skill.

    To open locks, you need a lockpick skill level of 25 for easy locks, 50 for average locks, 75 for hard locks, and 100 for expert locks (very easy locks can be opened at any skill level).

    Keep in mind that there are numerous locks scattered throughout Fallout 3 and its DLCs, so the Lockpick trophy will likely unlock naturally as you work towards the platinum and 100% completion. However, it’s essential to be aware that the trophy can theoretically be missed. If you try to force every lock you encounter and end up breaking most of them, you may run out of locks unless you take the Infiltrator perk, which gives you one more chance to open each broken lock.

    To pick a lock, you’ll use the Left Stick to move a bobby pin around the lock and the Right Stick to try and push it open with a screwdriver. The screwdriver is always in your possession, while bobby pins must be found or purchased in the Wasteland. When pushing the screwdriver, you may encounter resistance from the lock, and the bobby pin will shake. If the bobby pin breaks, it means it’s not in the correct spot. Use the Left Stick to move the pin to another spot on the lock and try again. The longer it takes to meet resistance, the closer the bobby pin is to the correct position. Once you can turn the lock 90 degrees, it will open.

    Additionally, you have the option to attempt to “force” the lock open. A higher lockpick skill provides a better chance of success when forcing the lock. However, if the force option fails, the lock will break, and you won’t be able to try to open it again. With the Infiltrator perk, you’ll receive a second chance to open any lock that you’ve broken.

    One-Man Scouting Party
    Discovered 100 locations

    In the Capital Wasteland, there are a total of 161 marked locations if you don’t have any DLCs installed. Additionally, two other locations, only accessible by taking the Lawbringer and Contract Killer perks, are available. The DLCs introduce an extra 10 marked locations to the Capital Wasteland map and 52 on other DLC maps. To earn this trophy, you need to discover at least 100 of these locations.

    While progressing through the main and side quests, there’s a good chance you’ll naturally encounter enough locations to obtain this trophy. Alternatively, at level 20, you can select the Explorer perk, which will reveal all locations on the map. If you prefer not to use up one of your limited perk choices, you can refer to the interactive map on the Fallout Wiki to precisely locate each place.

    Psychotic Prankster
    Placed a grenade or mine while pickpocketing

    Obtaining this trophy is a straightforward task that can be accomplished at any point in the game, as long as you possess an explosive item in your inventory. This trophy can be achieved using any version of a grenade or mine, such as the custom Bottlecap Mine or Nuka Grenade. To do it, approach a human character from behind while crouched and in sneak mode to pickpocket them. Instead of stealing anything, access your inventory and place the explosive item into the other character’s pocket. After a few seconds, the explosive will detonate, and you will earn the trophy.

    The Bigger They Are…
    Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths

    Fallout 3 features a total of five formidable Super Mutant Behemoths, standing as some of the most challenging adversaries in the game. These towering creatures boast an impressive 2000 health and wield a fire hydrant on a stick as their fearsome weapon. Standing over 20 feet tall, their attacks deliver substantial damage, especially when playing on higher-difficulty settings.

    To earn the trophy, your objective is to eliminate all five of these formidable foes. It’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily have to deal the killing blow yourself; as long as the Behemoth meets its demise, you will receive credit towards the trophy.

    In this hunt for the trophy, you are free to employ any weapons you prefer to achieve success. However, powerful armaments like the Fat Man, Alien Blaster, or Missile Launcher are recommended for more efficient results. Take on this challenging task and prove your mettle against the Super Mutant Behemoths in the wasteland!

    GNR Building Plaza is the only Behemoth directly tied to the main story. You’ll face it at the conclusion of the main quest “Following in His Footsteps.” Keep an eye out for one of the deceased Brotherhood soldiers in the plaza; they carry a valuable Fat Man and eight mini nukes.

    Evergreen Mills is relatively straightforward to defeat. The Behemoth is confined within a cage, guarded by raiders. However, be cautious, as it can escape if you get too close or destroy the generator next to the cage. A safer approach involves positioning yourself on the cliffs surrounding Evergreen Mills and sniping at the mutant from a distance. This method may take some time, especially if you lack long-ranged weapons, but it will keep you safe from counterattacks.

    Near Jury Street Metro Station, you’ll find another Behemoth in a rather obscure location. To locate it, head southwest from Jury Street Metro Station or northeast from Evergreen Mills until you come across some red train cars. Carefully search each car until you find one with a shopping cart containing a teddy bear. Taking the teddy bear triggers the Behemoth’s appearance.

    The Capitol Building houses another Behemoth, typically engaged in combat with Talon Company Mercs and surrounded by other mutants. Look for it within the Rotunda, the large circular part of the building.

    The final Behemoth is near Takoma Industrial/Takoma Park, and it can be challenging to spot. To reach Takoma Industrial, head through the subway tunnel at Vernon Square East, near the Statesman Hotel from the quest “Reilly’s Rangers.” Once in Takoma Park, head northeast to the edge of the map to find Takoma Industrial. There, a garage will house the Behemoth, often engaged in battle with Talon Company forces. Nearby, you can locate a unique artillery piece that can be used multiple times to damage the Behemoth and any nearby mutants.

    Yes, I Play with Dolls
    Collected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

    For further details on locating all 20 bobbleheads, refer to the Vault-Tec C.E.O. trophy.

    Vault-Tec C.E.O.
    Collected 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

    Vault-Tec Bobbleheads serve as the primary collectible in Fallout 3, with a total of 20 scattered throughout the Wasteland. As soon as you pick up a bobblehead, you will receive a reward, either a permanent 1-point boost to the associated SPECIAL stat or a substantial 10-point boost to the related skill. While several bobbleheads are located in major settlements and are relatively accessible, their small size and the vastness of the open world make it highly advisable to utilize a guide. Additionally, it’s essential to note that four of the bobbleheads can be easily missed, so pay close attention to ensure you don’t overlook them.

    • The Strength Bobblehead can be found in Megaton, specifically in Lucas Simms’ House, on the desk in his bedroom. However, it’s crucial to be aware that this bobblehead becomes missable if you decide to destroy Megaton during the “Power of the Atom” quest before acquiring it. Once Megaton is destroyed, the opportunity to obtain the Strength Bobblehead is permanently lost.
    • The Perception Bobblehead is located in the Republic of Dave at the Museum of Dave. You can find it on a bookshelf to the right as you enter the building.
    • The Charisma Bobblehead can be found in Vault 108, inside the Cloning Lab. To locate it, enter the vault and head left. Follow the hallways until you reach the entrance to the Cloning Lab. Inside the lab, continue along the path until you reach a room with several beds and gurneys. The Charisma Bobblehead will be waiting for you there.
    • The Intelligence Bobblehead is situated in Rivet City’s Science Lab. Once you enter the lab and speak with Madison Li for the first time, you will spot the bobblehead right on a table next to her.
    • The Agility Bobblehead can be found at Greener Pastures Disposal Site in the Main Office. The main office is the only accessible building in this location. Upon entering the main office, you will notice the bobblehead resting on a desk next to a terminal.
    • The Luck Bobblehead can be located at Arlington Cemetery North, inside Arlington House. The house is situated in the middle of the Cemetery. To find the bobblehead, head to the basement where you’ll discover it resting on a bookshelf.
    • The Barter Bobblehead can be found at Evergreen Mills in the Bazaar area. You’ll come across it in a room near the merchant Smiling Jack. Specifically, the bobblehead is located on a bookshelf positioned behind a workbench in that room.
    • The Energy Weapons Bobblehead is situated in Raven Rock, specifically in Colonel Autumn’s Bedroom. Upon entering the room, you’ll find the bobblehead resting on a desk to the right. Colonel Autumn’s bedroom is near doors 2B and 2C within Raven Rock. It’s crucial to be aware that this bobblehead is highly missable since you only have one opportunity to visit Raven Rock during the quest “The American Dream.” Make sure to seize this chance to obtain the Energy Weapons Bobblehead.
    • The Explosives Bobblehead is located at the WKML Broadcast Station, inside the Sealed Cistern area. To find it, you must first locate a manhole near the actual station. Descend into the Sealed Cistern through the manhole, and within this underground area, you’ll discover the Explosives Bobblehead waiting for you.
    • The Lockpick Bobblehead can be found at the Bethesda Ruins, specifically inside Bethesda Offices East. Head to the second floor of the building, and there you will spot the bobblehead resting on a desk. Make sure to pick it up to enhance your lockpicking skills.
    • The Medicine Bobblehead can be found in Vault 101, inside the Vault 101 Clinic. Look for it on a table within the clinic. You have three opportunities to obtain this bobblehead: you can pick it up before taking the GOAT exam, during your escape from Vault 101, or during the side quest “Trouble on the Homefront.” Make sure to seize one of these chances to acquire the Medicine Bobblehead and bolster your medical expertise.
    • The Melee Weapons Bobblehead is located in the Dunwich Building’s Virulent Underchambers. As you traverse the area, you will come across a room in the center. The bobblehead can be found there, near the path that leads you back into the main part of the Dunwich Building. Keep an eye out for it to enhance your melee combat abilities.
    • The Repair Bobblehead is located in Arefu, specifically inside Evan King’s House. Upon entering the house, you’ll find the bobblehead resting on the white table to the left of the entrance. Be cautious, as this bobblehead can be missed if you attempt to force open the normal-level lock to the house and fail. However, if you have the Infiltrator perk, you will receive a second chance to access the house and obtain the Repair Bobblehead. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your repair skills.
    • The Science Bobblehead can be found in Vault 106, specifically in the Living Quarters. To reach the Living Quarters, follow the only available path from the vault entrance. Once you arrive, head left into the atrium, then turn right and continue following the hallways. Eventually, you’ll reach a room with an insane survivor, and the Science Bobblehead will be located there. Make sure to grab it to enhance your scientific expertise.
    • The Small Guns Bobblehead can be located at the National Guard Depot, specifically inside the Armory. However, accessing the Armory requires some effort. To get to the storage room in the basement where the bobblehead is, you’ll need to explore the entire building to reach the third floor. There, you’ll find a switch that grants access to the basement. Once you’ve activated the switch, make your way down to the basement to discover the Small Guns Bobblehead. This will enhance your skills in using small firearms.
    • The Sneak Bobblehead can be found in the Yao Guai Tunnels, specifically in the Den area. As you progress past the water, you’ll come across the bobblehead resting on a nearby box. Make sure to pick it up to improve your sneaking abilities and gain an edge in stealthy situations.
    • The Speech Bobblehead can be found at Paradise Falls, inside Eulogy’s Pad. Once you enter the pad, look for the bobblehead on the table right next to Eulogy’s terminal. Pick it up to enhance your speech skills and become more persuasive in your interactions with others.
    • The Unarmed Bobblehead is situated at Rockopolis, an unmarked location directly west of Smith Casey’s Garage. To access Rockopolis, interact with a particular boulder. You’ll notice some light emanating from the area around the boulder, indicating the entrance. Once inside, you’ll find the bobblehead next to a dead body. Make sure to grab it to improve your unarmed combat skills and become more proficient in close-quarters combat.


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