Foamstars Review

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    Foamstars is a shooter where you dont really shoot bullets, but try to take the opponents down with foam. Here is our Foamstars Review.

    The game was developed by Toylogic and published by Square Enix, it was released on February 6, 2024, for PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

    In this new IP on PlayStation, you play as some of the latest stars in the entertainment game show where you need to take down the other team with foam. It’s a pretty easy concept and is kinda similar to Splatoon in its gameplay, but sadly not as fun. The game missed the mark on a lot of things, but it does have some good things, the basic gameplay is okay, but after a match or two, you kinda have seen it and there isn’t much gameplay customization, so you end up feeling like you are just playing the same match over and over again without much change.

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    Its visuals are the best thing it has going for the game, it’s pleasant to look at but is at the same time also very boring to look at. It’s a lot more dark and more grim than I expected. What I thought I would be seeing was nice and colorful arenas with cool settings, but what I ended up seeing was the same arena over and over again that was just black and gold with 2 colors of foam all around in the end. When its foamy mid-game is fun, but there ends up being way too much near the end where all you see are walls of foam you need to climb and when you are losing badly you can barely walk because you walk super slow in the enemy foam, even slower than in your own, which was also not that fast.

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    The game misses some speed, it’s a slow and boring experience that does try to interest you but just doesn’t grab you like other shooters. Due to the missing components of customization and change, the only thing you can really rely on is just honing your skill and getting better and unlocking more profile and visual options, something that is nice, but not really needed. This also brings me to the next point, because this is some of the worst microtransactions store I have EVER seen in a game, with only 45$ you can own a cool skin for a character you can’t even use if someone else picks it. Each thing you wanna buy to make your experience look unique will cost you a fortune.

    While it has its moment, the gameplay loop is a drag and very hard to follow, after multiple play sessions across multiple days I still dont fully understand how to actually win a match and the numbers at the top of the screen dont seem to matter at all, because every time we were ahead in points and score we still somehow lost at times and the matches are just way too chaotic to see what is happening most of the time. I do think the game can be “fixed” and changed to a fun game, it just needs more content like maps, match customization, and more to work towards.

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    A game that is not exactly the same but has some things in common is The Finals, a game that recently came out and is pretty popular with a similar model to Foamstars, It has a battle pass, a store, is a shooter, and plays in teams of 3. Everything that Foamstars does, The Finals does 10 times better. you have a store that is not that expensive, gameplay that keeps you engaged due to multiple maps and customizable classes, and a battle pass with challenges you can complete the get more exp. It gives you reasons to play and is just so much more fun to play (it even has foam, but different).

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    A game that has potential if it makes some massive changes

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