Fractured Minds Review

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    Fractured Minds is an indie game entirely created by a 17 years old girl, Emily Mitchell. This game also won the 2017 BAFTA Young Game Designers winner in the 15–18 years Category.
    The purpose of this game is to reflect her mental health issues. Unfortunately, she struggles with debilitating anxiety which gives her troubles in relationships. Because of that, she has to face up with the everyday challenges associated with these conditions.

    Published by Wired Production, it went up on all the stores of every console for 1,49$. Furthermore, this game supports “Safe in our World“, a gaming industry charity striving for better mental health awareness. In fact, 80% of the price is split between Emily and the charity so why not buy it?
    You can also donate here if you want to help way more this cause.
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    Fractured Minds is an immersive artistic short game based on a journey through the human psyche. Solve mini-puzzles and find the right items to complete each chapter (six in total).
    If you are searching for a traditional game, you will be disappointed as this one is more like an evocative experience. In fact, every chapter evokes a different mental disease that common people can have and tries to explain how it is to deal with them.

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    The gameplay is linear and you shouldn’t have issues with the puzzles that the game has to offer to the player. In fact, this game is easy even though the last part can be tricky because you don’t know what you exactly have to do.
    I love how she put the control’s instructions as if they are part of the furniture. In fact, they are posters or paintings which are also used for hiding the items you will need to proceed through the game.

    Story and moral of the game

    The game has not a well-defined story. It has 6 chapters where each one reflects a psychic disease. You will need to complete them to overcome your fears and defeat the monster you have created with your own mind.
    It has also a good moral that speaks by itself:


    Fractured Minds is an immersive artistic short game where everything comes from Emily Mitchell’s hands and mind. Personally, I loved the settings and drawings which change from a colorful situation to a darker one as she wanted to represent a mood swing. Furthermore, there are some stylized figures that add an oddity tone like she wanted to depict an undefined situation or uncertainty.

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    The music in this game is beautiful and it will accompany you through your reflection journey. Unfortunately, due to the shortness of each chapter, you can lose the biggest part of it. If you want to hear it in its entirety, you will need to stop your playthrough and don’t rush the game.
    This could also be a good way to tell the player to not stress himself and don’t be hasty. We are full of stress and we are always in a hurry so why not relax a little bit?


    This game is above the lines and you have to take it not as a real videogame. It’s more an experience which can help you to face up your struggles too.
    Despite its shortness, it can entertain you and it can give you a lot, especially if you are sensitive like me.

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    • Touching Topic Addressed
    • Beautiful Moral
    • Charity Support


    • Short Game
    • Not Valued Soundtrack



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