Fractured Minds Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 1/10
    Estimated time to 100%: <1 Hour
    Missable trophies: 3
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthroughs: 1


    Welcome to the Fractured Minds Trophy Guide!
    Developed by 17-year-old Emily Mitchell and winner of the BAFTA Young Game Designers Award, Fractured Minds was developed to try and raise awareness of mental illness and the struggles surrounding this.

    A walking/puzzle simulator that brings your journey face to face with a number of hardships and eyebrow raising scenarios.
    This is one off the easiest games out there to complete, but that is not what it is all about; this game should be experienced and for the price of $1.49 there is no excuse not to support the developer (you can also donate to the charity “Safe in our world” here).
    (Link to Game – NA PSN Store)

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    Step 1: Play the game & solve the puzzles
    I highly suggest playing this game without the use of a guide in the first instance, as the three missable trophies can be mopped up quickly post game. Having a look over the trophy list however will not spoil the game for you, so if you are playing purely for the trophies feel free to have a glance.

    You’ll be earning the trophies in this order:

    Gold Wrong key wrong key wrong key
    Bronze The Mundane
    Bronze Emptiness
    Bronze Comfort Zone
    Gold Do you need me to hold your hand?
    Bronze Paranoia
    Gold Fine don’t listen to me
    Bronze Sinking
    Bronze Monster

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    Step 2: Mop-Up Missables (if required)
    Chapter Select is available post game, so if you are missing any of the missable trophies please refer to the trophy description below for the required level.

    Tips and Strategies:

    There is nothing difficult about this game, so you should have no issues achieving the 100%; if however you are struggling please see the below video for reference and assistance

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    Trophy Guide:

    The Mundane
    Completed Chapter 1

    In order to progress through Chapter 1 you simply need to find the correct key to unlock the door in the room.
    When you first start out proceed to the door to be notified that it is locked. Once done you may begin your search for the key.

    The correct key is located behind the painting that is opposite the door.

    Completed Chapter 2

    During Chapter 2 you will be in a Birthday Party scene. In order to progress you must locate the key to the door once again.
    Firstly walk to and open the Purple present to obtain a “Tail“. Then proceed to the Pinata in the corner of the room and interact with it to obtain a “Pin“. Proceed back to the presents, but this time open the Red one to be blindfolded ready for your game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, which can be located on the wall on the opposite side of the room to the door that your entered through. Do your best to pin the tail in the right place to progress the scene.

    Once successful turn around and you will notice that the birthday cake now has the candles alight. Move around the table and then closer to the cake in order to be prompted to blow the candles out. Once you have done so you will be allowed to open your final present which contains the key to the exit door.

    Comfort Zone
    Completed Chapter 3

    As soon as you start Chapter 3 move forward and pick up the Magnifying Glass from the arm Sofa. Once you have it turn to your left and walk towards the Snow Globe to be transported inside.
    Continue forward into the Cabin and pick up the key from the sofa this time. Once obtained turn 180 degrees and proceed back outside and through the exit door to complete the chapter.

    Completed Chapter 4

    Chapter 4 is possibly the “hardest” chapter within the game. The objective is to successfully interact with the symbols in the order that is shown on the wall.
    Initially you will need to cross the road, avoiding the cars as you do, to find your symbol order. Once you have this you will need to interact with the symbols located on the back of the characters that are walking up and down the sidewalk. After interacting with the 4 symbols in the correct order you will unlock the door down the alleyway and can exit the chapter by walking up to the alarm clock.

    Completed Chapter 5

    The objective during Chapter 5 is to find out the key code to unlock the door. To do this you must do a number of things, whilst avoiding the search lights circling around the room.

    You first must obtain 2 batteries. One can be located in the cabinet under the TV, the other is located in the middle lower cabinet in the Kitchen. Once these have both been obtained proceed to the table in the lounge and place them in the TV Remote. Next interact with the remote one more time to “Change the Channel” and you will notice that the message on the TV has changed. This message contains your combination to the keypad in order to unlock the door – 0834

    Completed Chapter 6

    Chapter 6 is your final challenge. During this chapter you must defeat “The Thing” to end your nightmare.
    Initially proceed down the stairs and towards the heart. Once there turn 180 degrees and re-enter the room to face your enemy.
    The objective of the challenge here is to interact with the Valve that is controlling the fire below where your enemy appears.

    “The Thing” will pop up in a corner of the room and you must interact with the valve that is furthest away from it, but on the same side of the room as it. This is not difficult by any means and the Valves are located in the same place on both sides.
    Once you have successfully used all 4 valves you are free to proceed back to the heart to end the game.

    Wrong key wrong key wrong key Gold
    Found 7 wrong keys in Chapter 1

    As soon as you start out in the first chapter you will try to open the door in order to progress, only for you to be told that the door is locked. Due to this you must locate the correct key from around the room, but before you do, you must find 7 incorrect keys in order to achieve this trophy.
    Simply open the cupboards & draws to find these and when you have picked up 7 incorrect ones the trophy will unlock.

    Do you need me to hold your hand? upscale-245262160018212
    See the thing in Chapter 4

    “The Thing” is an evil looking character located within Chapter 4. During this chapter you must complete the puzzle whilst keeping an eye out for it. You will know which one “The Thing” is as it is a lot bigger than the other characters walking up and down the sidewalk.

    Fine don’t listen to me Gold
    Step into the redzone three times in Chapter 5

    As soon as you start chapter 5 you will see that there are a number of red “search lights” moving around the room. In order to achieve this trophy you must effectively fail the level three times by walking into the footprint of these lights.
    You will restart the chapter immediately after failing, so do not worry about your progress resetting.


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