Furwind Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 4/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 3 – 4 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Furwind Trophy Guide! In this fun platformer, take control of the titular Furwind and help save the world!


    Step 1: Play the Game + Collectibles
    During this stage, just play the game and have fun, but also make sure you fully explore each level and get both of the scrolls in each of the main levels so that you can unlock both challenge and prisoner levels. By the end of this stage, you should have all of the trophies but one.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Bronze I can start from here
    Silver The essence of the fallen
    Silver The end of the evil ancestor?

    Gold The true end of Darhûn
    Gold Traveller fox
    Gold King of challenges
    Gold All our brothers came back!
    Bronze Swallowed by the darkness
    Bronze Smells like scorched fox
    Silver The great grenadier
    Gold A rich in a forest
    Gold Hunting Queen forest sprite
    Gold Hunting Queen cave sprite
    Gold Hunting Queen tower sprite
    Silver Shaklu Blessings
    Silver Koljin Blessings
    Silver Torgha Blessings

    Step 2: Grind Gems
    During this stage, you’ll need to grind gems to buy the rest of the upgrades in the store. Simply play the first level over and over as it’s the easiest one and shouldn’t give you too much trouble. At the end of this stage, you’ll have the platinum trophy!

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Gold Compulsive buyer
    40-platinum Knowing the whole world

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    Tips and Strategy

    Here is a few things the game doesn’t tell you, and they’re important things that should be known:

    • You can ground pound by pressing or (down) while in the air to do a ground pound. 
    • You can hurt enemies by jumping on them, but if you ground pound them, they take damage.
    • If you ground pound enemies, you get your jump back by pressing .
    • You can double jump by pressing
    •  again while in the air.
    • If you step off an edge, you can still do a jump in the air.
    • You can activate checkpoints MORE THAN ONCE. Each time you activate it, you use more gems, so make you aren’t killing enemies near checkpoints, because you can end up accidentally activating them again.


    Knowing the whole world
    Complete 100% of the game

    This trophy unlocks after collecting all other trophies in this game.

    I can start from here
    Activate a checkpoint and start your journey

    In order to obtain this trophy, you have to activate a checkpoint. This can be gained in the first level as you start the game. Eventually you’ll come across an altar that you will have to hit to activate and it costs 10 gems. Once you hit it and activate the checkpoint, the trophy will unlock.

    Compulsive buyer Gold
    Buy all shop upgrades

    Getting this trophy requires you to buy every upgrade available in the shop. Upgrades are bought with gems. This won’t be attainable until you complete level 13 in chapter 3, as you won’t have all the upgrades before then. The upgrades you have to buy, and prices are as follows.

    Level 1 – 125 Gems
    Level 2 – 175 Gems
    Level 3 – 215 Gems
    Shaklus Gift (starts at level 1):
    Level 2 – 165 Gems
    Level 3 – 250 Gems
    Healing Master:
    Level 1 – 90 Gems
    Level 2 – 135 Gems
    Level 3 – 190 Gems
    Level 1 – 120 Gems
    Level 2 – 160 Gems
    Level 3 – 200 Gems
    Eternal Wind:
    Level 1 – 85 Gems
    Level 2 – 120 Gems
    Level 3 – 185 Gems
    Torhas Gift (starts at level 1):
    Level 2 – 225 Gems
    Level 3 – 300 Gems
    Level 1 – 50 Gems
    Level 2 – 125 Gems
    Level 3 – 160 Gems
    Koljins Gift (starts at level 1):
    Level 2 – 180 Gems
    Level 3 – 275 Gems
    Fire Dance (starts at level 1):
    Level 2 – 150 Gems
    Level 3 – 205 Gems

     In total, you will need 3,895 gems to get every upgrade and unlock this trophy.

    The essence of the fallen upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat the first boss

    To get this trophy, you have to kill the 1st boss of the game. This boss fight is pretty simple. The boss has 8 eyes on its face, 4 on the left, 4 on the right. If you touch an eye, you take damage. You can stand infront of the mouth though and not take damage. The boss moves left and right across the screen so you have to be on the move constantly. If the eyes start to have a red aura, the boss will shoot an enemy from its mouth to attack you.

    After you’ve taken out the eyes once, tentacles will start to come out of the water under you. You’ll know because the water will start to bubble.

    After the 2nd time you take out all the eyes, the boss will create a vortex around his mouth and suck you in. After you defeat the eyes for a 3rd time, the boss will die and the trophy will unlock.

    The end of the evil ancestor? upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat the second boss

    In order to get this trophy, you have to kill the second boss of the game. This boss fight is a little different than that last one. This time you kill enemies and that hurts the boss. You have to kill 3 waves of enemies that each contain 8 enemies. When the enemies move, they have spikes around them. When they stop, the spikes go away and this is when you attack. It will then be replaced with another enemy.

    After the first wave, the boss will start punching the side of the walls. The hands can’t hurt you, but he makes debris fall from the ceiling. You can tell where it’ll come from by looking at the dust on the ceiling fall.

    After the second wave of enemies, the boss will then start shooting fireballs in a counter clockwise motion. You can tell he’s about to do this by the colour of his pupil turning red. He also continues punching the wall.

    After the third wave of enemies is defeated, the boss falls, and the trophy will unlock.

    The true end of Darhûn Gold
    Defeat the last boss

    For this trophy to unlock, you have to beat the last boss in the game. Darhûn is a pretty easy fight for a last boss. Shadows of your character spawn from the left and right side of the screen and drop an orb when hit. There are 3 bonfires you have to light to win the fight. At first, you must light the center bonfire by hitting the orbs into it. This isn’t an issue if you kill the enemies over too the bonfire. Eventually you will see a sigil and the or a will stop disappearing over the first bonfire.

    After the first bonfire is lit, the bonfire on the upper right-hand side should have a glow to it. You must then hit the orbs dropped by enemies, into the tornado on the right side, and they’ll fly into the bonfire. At this point, the boss will start slamming his hands down trying to squish you. All you have to do is run left or right to dodge it. Once the second bonfire is lit, it’s on to the third.

    During this stage of the boss fight, the boss adds a new attack, which is a laser. He will start shooting the laser to either your left or right and only bring it down to the centre of the stage. Very easy to dodge. At this point, you wanna hit the orbs dropped by enemies into the left side tornado to light the bonfire on the upper left-hand side of the screen.

    Once all 3 bonfires are lit, the boss will die, and the trophy will pop.

    Traveller fox Gold
    Complete all levels

    For this trophy to unlock, all you have to do is beat all 15 main levels of the game! After you beat Chapter 3 “Level 15: The Final Stretch”, this trophy will unlock.

    King of challenges Gold
    Complete all challenges

    In order to get this trophy, you have to beat all 12 challenge levels. A challenge level and prisoner level are unlocked by picking up scrolls in each of the 15 main levels. None of the levels are very big, so as long as you explore every level entirely, there’s no reason as to why you can’t find all the scrolls for these levels.

    Challenge levels consist of a difficult level but they are usually very short. The main objective is finding a red ball that you have to destroy so you can get past the red wall in each level to finish it.

    After the 12th challenge level is finished, the trophy will unlock.

    All our brothers came back! Gold
    Rescue all prisoners

    To get this trophy, you have to rescue all 9 prisoners. Refer to Gold King Of Challenges for more information on how to unlock prisoner levels.

    A prisoner level consists of one screen, where all you have to do is kill all the enemies and then the cage with the prisoner will fall and break and the level will be completed. After releasing your last one, the trophy will unlock.

    Swallowed by the darkness
    Run out of fireflies

    To be able to obtain this trophy, you have to run out of fireflies in a cave level. The earliest you can get this trophy is in Chapter 1, on “Level 04: Seeing In The Darkness”. You start with fireflies that fly around you, eventually they start to disappear the longer you sit around without refilling them. So when the level starts, simply stand still until all the fireflies disappear and you die, and then the trophy will unlock.

    Smells like scorched fox
    Fall into lava

    The requirements for this trophy are as simple as it sounds, just fall into lava. The first time lava is encountered is in Chapter 1 on “Level 05: Pillars Of The Underworld”. All you have to do, is jump into lava, die instantly, and the trophy will unlock!

    The great grenadier upscale-245262160018212
    Kill three enemies at the same time with a seedbomb

    For this trophy, you have to kill three enemies with 1 bomb. This is easily obtainable in the first challenge level. After.jumping up a couple platforms, you’ll find a bridge with a bunch of flies on it. Simply hit  to throw a bomb, and if it kills 3 enemies, the trophy will pop. If not, just die and try again!

    A rich in a forest Gold
    Accumulate more than 777 gems

    Getting this trophy requires you to have more than 777 gems all at once. Gems are the currency of the game and are scattered all across levels. They are used to buy upgrades and activate checkpoints. You can either replay the first level over and over until you get this, or just hold on to them as you progress. It’s recommended to replay easier levels though if you want this trophy right away, as later levels are much harder without any upgrades.

    Hunting Queen forest sprite Gold
    Search and catch the queen forest sprite


    This trophy is obtained in Chapter 1. During “Level 2: Exploring Ruins”, you’ll need to go to the top right corner of the level to gain the right side of the medallion to end the level. You can use platforms to jump above the boss area that holds the medallion, and keep going more to the right. You’ll then jump up more platforms and see a cage. When you get close, the sprite will break free, and when you catch it the trophy will unlock.

    Hunting Queen cave sprite Gold
    Search and catch the queen cave sprite


    To be able to get this trophy, you have to find the Cave Sprite Queen. During Chapter 2 “Level 07: Roars Of The Deep”, you can find this sprite. At the boss that gives you the right side of the medallion, you can jump up platforms. You’ll then have to go left and jump up more platforms to the right. Do so and you’ll find the cage for the sprite. Simply catch the sprite when it breaks free from the cage and unlock the trophy.

    Hunting Queen tower sprite Gold
    Search and catch the queen tower sprite


    This trophy can obtained when you get to Chapter 3 “Level 12: Boiling Skyscrapers”. This one is right in your path. Theres no exploring needed for it, but it does blend in with the rocks that fall around the cage. Once you catch the sprite, the trophy will unlock.

    Shaklu Blessings upscale-245262160018212
    Get the power to fly

    This trophy requires you to obtain the power to fly, which is acquired during Chapter 1, once you reach “Level 03: The Ancestor Shaklu”. You’ll see an item on an altar and you’ll get pulled into a level. Simply beat the level and the trophy will unlock.

    Koljin Blessings upscale-245262160018212
    Get the healing power

    For this trophy to unlock, you have to complete Chapter 2 “Level 08: The Ancestor Of Koljin”. This level is just like the last level where you got a power. It’s just an auto scrolling level where you’re being chased by darkness. Once you get the power, and complete the level, this trophy will unlock.

    Torgha Blessings upscale-245262160018212
    Get the wildfire power

    Getting this trophy require you to beat Chapter 3 “Level 13: The Ancestor Torgha”. This level is just like the last levels related to getting powers. You have to make it through an auto scrolling level while darkness is chasing you. Once you get the power and reach the end, the trophy will unlock.


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