Game Sequels We Want But Never Got

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    We often find ourselves eagerly waiting for the next installment of our favorite franchises. However, sometimes these sequels never get made, leaving us with a sense of unfulfilled gaming potential. Let’s explore five Game Sequels We Want But Never Got.

    Bully 2

    Game Sequels We Want But Never Got - Bully 2

    Rockstar’s Bully was released in 2006 and took players to the fictional Bullworth Academy, where they assumed the role of a mischievous student named Jimmy Hopkins. The game was beloved for its unique setting and gameplay. Despite rumors and speculation, Bully 2 has never been officially announced. Fans have been longing for a return to the schoolyard antics of Jimmy Hopkins, but the sequel remains nowhere to be found.

    Sleeping Dogs 2

    Sleeping Dogs surprised players with its gripping story and exhilarating open-world gameplay. Set in the criminal underworld of Hong Kong, the game allows players to step into the shoes of undercover cop Wei Shen. Despite a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim, Sleeping Dogs 2 has not seen the light of day. Fans of the original (me included) are still hopeful for a sequel that continues Wei Shen’s story.

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    Super Mario RPG 2

    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a beloved classic that blends the Mario universe with RPG elements. Fans have been clamoring for a sequel that captures the magic of the original. While there have been other Mario RPG titles, such as the Paper Mario series, a direct sequel to Legend of the Seven Stars remains a dream for many, but who knows now that they remastered the original.

    Dead Space 4

    The Dead Space series was celebrated for its atmospheric horror and inventive gameplay. Despite the popularity of the franchise, the series was put on hold after Dead Space 3. Fans have been eager for a return to the terrifying world of necromorphs and deep space horrors.

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

    The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series offered a unique perspective by allowing players to become Pokémon themselves and explore dungeons. While the series has seen multiple entries, fans have been waiting for a new installment with updated mechanics and a fresh storyline.

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