Games About Connections On PlayStation Plus

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    This month, when Valentine falls, we wanted to try something different and with being such, we wanted to address the time of year differently. This month’s selection is Connections, whether that be Romantic, Parental, or Dependency related. This means all the selections this month rely on the player character Bond to another character, we’ll save examples for the selections, but everything on our list this month is bound by some form of a link to someone else in the game. Let’s check out some Games About Connections On PlayStation Plus.

    God Of War (2018)

    Games About Connections On PlayStation Plus - God Of War 2018

    Our first selection, we wouldn’t be forgiven if we didn’t pick this title. Out of all the games we could pick, this was the best choice for the top spot. Starting the Norse Saga bringing the Ghost Of Sparta to the realm of Vikings, Valhalla, and Asgard, this tale sees a more tame and calm version of Kratos compared to his “Embodiment of Pure Rage” seen in the Greek Saga.

    The bond that is shared between Kratos and his Son, Atreus, throughout the game is worthy of the top pick on our list. Although the game follows the story of spreading the ashes of Atreus’s Mother at the “Highest Point in all the Realms” the game is also a story of Kratos bonding with his son. Unlike what was seen in the Greek Saga with Kratos and Calliope, which is limited, God Of War (2018) brings Kratos into the father figure he needs to be and makes a story within a story where Kratos will do whatever it takes to keep Atreus from harm.

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    Developed by Santa Monica Studios and Published exclusively for Sony’s PS4 this reintroduction to the man whom Death can not claim is a game that every gamer should experience even once. Released in 2018 (Obviously) this game is a nice introduction to a new audience to who Kratos is and a welcome return for existing fans. Despite Kratos not being the merciless, heartless and outride monster he is in Greece, it is evident that he has tried to do what he teaches Atreus, “We Must Be Better“.

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    The Last Guardian

    As with all other entries on this list we were drawn to the compelling tale of Team Ico’s work. However, even with Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus on the service, we would recommend that you turn your attention to the 2016 title by them, The Last Guardian.

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    The connection in this is not too dissimilar to Team Ico’s legacy of games, where the player character has to rely on the assistance of an ally. In Ico, it is Yorda, and in Shadow Of The Colossus, it is Agro, the player’s horse (We wanted to say it was the character’s bond with Mono, however that’s more a driving force). In The Last Guardian, you play as a boy who befriends a creature, the entire game is told through memory events where the boy remembers what happened years before, not too dissimilar to the 1982 film The Snowman. Being who the team behind the game is you know you can expect great things, The Last Guardian is every bit as impressive as the predecessor titles. The selection for this list is because of the Bond of Friendship shared between the unnamed boy and the creature known as Trico. Somehow they make it so it goes past what Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus were able to achieve and still make the storytelling critical to the connection that the characters share the most important aspect of the game. Apparently, the team led by Fumito Ueda employed a technique that made anything that was not connected to the bond between the characters a redundant factor, this is only too apparent while playing through the game and really is a story worth playing if you like Ico or Shadow of the Colossus.

    Developed by Japan Studio, and later Ueda’s own studio GenDesign, published by Sony in 2016, over a decade after their previous title. As connection-based games go, this team has the art to perfection and probably only surpasses the likes of We Were Here because of the coop play required for Total Mayhem Games.

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    The Gardens Between

    Set sail for stormy weather, in an adventure into dreams and memories. Out of all this month’s selections, The Gardens Between is probably the one that we could say is the best for its creativity. Telling a tale that is the shared experiences of the two main characters up until one leaves is both magical and sad.

    As stated this is a rather sad story, granted not as sad as our March or April 2023 selections with Lost Words Beyond the Page and The Last Day Of June, but still sad. The entire story of the game builds up to one of the main characters moving away, the events take place in a magical world created by the pair’s shared experiences together over the course of a single night. The events that build up to this are them sharing a night in a treehouse in the garden located between them, which falls into a magical world where they relive the experiences they have together over varying complexity of islands in an ocean. The reason for our selection is the fact of the close friendship that the characters have, although there is no verbal communication within the game it is an enjoyable connection-based story.

    Developed and published by The Voxel Agents, this is a story worth the time to try for its artistic style if nothing else. Although the game has a simple concept and plays out in a more primitive fashion compared to the likes of other titles within our list, It was an enjoyable game.

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    An oppressive authoritarian society is one that is designed to control and inhibit the wills of its people, among this regime two individuals break the chains that bind them and rebel against the hand they have been dealt.

    Haven is a story of love where the two main characters in the game oppose the way their world works and run away together. The world they come from would see the two of them separated, and with people they are indifferent towards. They have other plans and flee to a strange planet called Source to live together. Although the game revolves around the connection the characters share, as the game progresses it opens to be an exploration and resource-gathering endeavour as well, which opens up different play styles. The reason for the selection is pretty obvious, The bond the main characters have is the reason for the addition to this list. With it being a romance story and that of oppression it puts us in mind of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, & Rush’s Album 2112, both of these comparisons are relevant to the story of Haven. Romeo & Juliet because of the “Star-Crossed Lovers” that can’t be together, and 2112 because of the oppressive society that has everything planned out for the citizens. In all three we see that the “hero” (Romeo & Juliet/ Main characters in Haven/ Man in 2112) see the outcome that is more or less favourable to the way the story plays out, well all apart for Romeo & Juliet because they die in the end.

    Developed and Published by The Game Bakers, this Tale in the Stars is an interesting one to play through. Added to the story of the game, there are multiple endings which will differ on the choice you make. Throughout the game, you will build up confidence, which will impact the ending situation. The idea is pretty simple but its implementation of one character who is more reckless and the other who is more cautious is rather interesting, however, this is determined by the invisible scale of confidence which is built up through the game.

    Death Stranding

    From the mind of Hideo Kojima, the mastermind that gave us the Metal Gear Solid Franchise from Konami, working with his studio and the supposed “Cursed Man”, Normal Redus, comes probably the most incredibly out-there tale. You might be wondering why this was considered for our list, however, the game is all about connections. This isn’t the reason that we wanted to highlight this particular title. The reason is Sam’s Connection with BB.

    This might sound like a simple thing, however, BB isn’t technically a “Person”. In terms of the game BB is a tool for detecting one of the enemy classes in the game, and most of the game you can forget you have it with you. Things only really sink in when you don’t have BB in the mid-section of the game and traversing the world gets a little harder to avoid BT’s. The selection of this connection was somewhat the optimal one as connecting America in order to reach the “Beach” where Amelie is waiting is a driving force. The concept is easy to follow so far, right? Well Death Stranding takes place in a world that is past Death basically, so this “Beach” is limited to individuals and is unique to them. This is explained in the way only Kojima could by one of the characters in a more detailed way but that’s the gist. The BB’s (Bridge Babies) are babies in little containers which can see “what is really there”, they are more or less “untainted” and don’t see the world like Sam does, meaning they can see the BT’s (Beached Things). Back to the connection which was the selection, Sam shares a bond with his BB, to the point that he names it and even treats it as a human, even like a Father/Son bond at times. It is for this sole reason that the Bond the two characters share was picked over connecting America. They rely on each other to survive the cold, and harsh world of Death Stranding and that alone makes this relationship something special.

    Developed by Kojima Productions and published exclusively on PS4, which later came to PS5 and Steam. The concept, although on the surface it looks like a Delivery Simulator, is really in-depth and complicated, after playing for nearly 100 Hours this author still has to fully understand how the world Kojima’s team built could be so packed with what looks like a simple parcel delivery system. The game also features some prominent actors alongside Norman Redus, Mads Mikkelsen, Troy Baker, Lindsay Wagner, and Margaret Qualley are digitally recreated in the game and play important roles in the unfolding story of “Rebuilding America”.

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