Games Like WarioWare

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    WarioWare, with its quirky microgames and zany characters, has been a staple in the world of mini-game collections since its debut. However, if you’ve exhausted the microgame madness and are yearning for more bite-sized gaming experiences, you’re in luck! Here we have a list of games that capture the essence of WarioWare while offering their unique twists and challenges. So let’s check out the games we picked in our search for Games Like WarioWare.

    Diner Bros Inc

    Games Like WarioWare - Diner Bros Inc

    If you enjoy the fast-paced aspect of WarioWare, then Diner Bros Inc might be your cup of tea. Developed by JayflGames, this collection of games is a 4 player experience that lets you go on faster and faster till you can’t anymore. The gameplay is frantic and hilarious, making it a worthy alternative to WarioWare’s quick-fire microgames.


    With 30+ mini-games, you can only play 1 every 10 seconds, the catch? You must collect marbles in the games to play a pachinko machine to earn things. So after a session of mini-games, you will come back to the main screen to play some pachinko and earn yourself some in-game goodies like new mini-games.

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    Dude, Stop

    Dude, Stop, developed by Team HalfBeard, takes the idea of player disobedience to a whole new level. In this puzzle game, you’re encouraged to break the rules and be as annoying as possible. Your actions often have humorous consequences, and the game’s witty narration adds to the charm. It’s a playful and mischievous experience that will resonate with fans of WarioWare’s irreverent humor.

    Game Soup

    Game Soup is a treasure trove of mini-games and challenges inspired by classic titles. With a wide variety of mini-games to conquer, Game Soup delivers a satisfying dose of bite-sized fun akin to WarioWare.


    McPixel, developed by Sos, is a zany point-and-click adventure game with a madcap sense of humor. At each level, you’re presented with a timer and a series of absurd scenarios that require quick thinking to avert disaster. The game’s rapid-fire puzzle-solving and humorous outcomes make it a perfect fit for WarioWare fans who crave the unexpected.

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