Games so scary we had to STOP playing

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    Welcome to another Team Tuesday. Here we look at a recent or upcoming game and talk about something related to that game. This week we are not gonna base it on a game but on an event because its Halloween. Everyone loves to get spooked sometimes, but of course, it can be too much. That’s why we are gonna look at games so scary that we just could not continue. We would love to know if you had moments like this as well, so let us know in the comments down below!

    As a lover of the horror genre, I couldn’t think of a game that was ever too scary for me not to continue playing; however, with the introduction of the PSVR into the gaming market, there has been a few times where I’ve been very close. The PSVR is perfect for those that love a fright. The influx of games for the horror genre has multiples significantly since it’s release. Therefore, this week I recall on my time playing Affected: The Manor. This was the first game where I found myself turning the volume right down whilst moving around the scary manor with my heart almost beating out of my chest. Like a scare?! Give this one a go. 

    Believe it or not, I’m not really into scary games, I don’t buy them and I don’t play them. But I do remember when the PlayStation 4 first came out and when there was not a big catalog of games to pick from. One of these early games was Outlast, the game in itself isn’t that scary, but after a while you can run out of batteries, and that’s when it’s started to go downhill, I was stuck somewhere and I didn’t know some monster was behind me (I don’t like being scared), so I got a giant jumpscare and just had to stop playing, I could not continue without the camera and vision. I don’t think I ever looked back at the game or any scary game for that matter. Well not counting Evil Within, but I don’t think I got far because of the Outlast memory.

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    Lost in Vivo is a game I found through a friend. Most horror games have so much potential to be amazing but, will end up following the same tropes over and over again. Giving the same experience. This nightmare of experience has you finding your lost dog in the sewers. But, finding your dog is the last of your concerns as you try to comprehend these monsters that can’t be reasoned with and as you stumble into a safe room where you have this calming music to lead you through. This game doesn’t just throw jump scares at you in order to spook you but, instead, this game is genuinely scary and I too this day haven’t been able to fully get through the game to the end, even after months of trying.

    I’m not a fan of horror games so I haven’t played a lot of them, but one of the worst experience I have ever had was with “The Evil Within”. This game was so much for me and since the beginning of the game, I felt really bad while playing to it because of the earlier splatter scenes and the huge quantity of blood. You can’t even imagine how anxious I felt when I was trying to hide from the butcher… I haven’t slept the night after. Man, what a nightmare… So I decided to stop playing it and never touching it again. My friends told me that the game was awesome and to give it a second shot but I never did it and I won’t do it despite it’s a good game. Sorry guys!


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