Games Stuck In Development Hell (2024)

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    The gaming industry is no stranger to ambitious projects that face setbacks and prolonged development periods. Several highly anticipated games currently find themselves stuck in development hell, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their release. Let’s check out some current Games Stuck In Development Hell.

    Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Games Stuck In Development Hell (2024) - Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Beyond Good and Evil 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed original has faced numerous hurdles, including changes in the development team and the ambitious scope of the project. The game’s director, Michel Ancel, departed the project in 2020, further contributing to delays.

    Expected Release: While there is no official release date, the latest information suggests a potential release in 2024. Ubisoft remains tight-lipped about the specific launch window, leaving fans in suspense.

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    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake

    Originally set for a 2021 release, the remake faced criticism for its visuals and was subsequently delayed. Ubisoft acknowledged the feedback and opted to give the game additional development time for polishing.

    Expected Release: The developers have not provided a revised release date, but 2024 appears to be a plausible timeline for the game to make its debut.

    Perfect Dark

    Announced during The Game Awards in 2020, Perfect Dark is a revival of the classic franchise. The development team, The Initiative, has faced challenges, including a change in leadership. These factors have contributed to the game’s extended development.

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    Expected Release: While no specific release window has been confirmed, industry speculation points to a potential release in 2024 or later, given the scale of the project.

    Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

    The next installment in the Dragon Age series, subtitled Dreadwolf, has experienced delays attributed to BioWare’s focus on addressing feedback from their previous game, Anthem. BioWare aims to deliver a high-quality experience and is taking the necessary time to refine the game.

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    Expected Release: While no official release date has been provided, the latest indications suggest a potential launch in 2024 or later.

    Metroid Prime 4

    Metroid Prime 4 underwent a significant development reset, with Nintendo scrapping the initial work in favor of restarting the project with Retro Studios at the helm. This decision, while necessary for the game’s quality, has inevitably resulted in a prolonged development cycle.

    Expected Release: Nintendo has not offered a revised release window, but 2024 or beyond seems likely given the scale of the changes made.

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