Games Where You Are Big

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    There’s a unique thrill in taking on the role of a towering giant, wielding immense power and influence. These games offer players the opportunity to experience the world from a perspective of grandeur and dominance. Here are five Games Where You Are Big.

    Titanfall 2

    Games Where You Are Big - Titanfall 2

    In Titanfall 2, you pilot powerful Titans, towering mechs equipped with an array of devastating weapons and abilities. As a Pilot, you seamlessly transition between nimble traversal and commanding your Titan to unleash havoc on the battlefield. With fast-paced action and epic mech battles, Titanfall 2 offers an exhilarating experience of being larger than life.


    Rampage puts you in control of colossal monsters as they wreak havoc across cities, demolishing buildings, and battling military forces. Choose from a variety of giant creatures, each with its own unique abilities and playstyles, and unleash chaos in this classic arcade-style game.

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    Override 2: Super Mech League

    Override 2: Super Mech League puts you in control of massive mechs, engaging in fast-paced multiplayer battles. With diverse mech designs and intense combat mechanics, Override 2 offers an immersive experience of piloting towering machines and dominating opponents in epic showdowns.


    In Knack, you control a powerful creature made of ancient relics, capable of growing in size and strength as it absorbs more artifacts. Traverse vibrant landscapes, solve puzzles, and engage in combat as you embark on a journey to save the world from impending doom. With its charming art style and engaging gameplay, Knack offers a delightful experience of being a larger-than-life protagonist.

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries puts you in command of BattleMechs, towering war machines equipped with advanced weaponry and armor. As a mercenary MechWarrior, you’ll take on contracts, engage in intense battles, and build your reputation in the Inner Sphere. With its immersive mech combat and expansive campaign, MechWarrior 5 offers a thrilling experience of piloting colossal mechs in the midst of interstellar conflict.

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