Games Where You Are Small

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    There’s a unique category that gives you the chance to experience the world from a smaller perspective. These games immerse you in a miniature world where ordinary objects become obstacles, and everyday environments transform into epic landscapes. Let’s check out the captivating realm of Games Where You Are Small.


    Games Where You Are Small - Grounded

    In Grounded, you shrink to the size of an ant and must navigate a backyard filled with towering blades of grass, towering weeds, and formidable insects. Survival is key as you scavenge for resources, build shelter, and fend off threats in this fascinating world of ant-sized proportions. Grounded is also available on Xbox Game Pass!


    Embark on a journey with Captain Olimar and his colorful companions, the Pikmin. In this charming series, you command a horde of tiny plant-like creatures to solve puzzles, battle enemies, and explore lush environments across various planets. Pikmin combines strategy, exploration, and resource management to deliver a unique gameplay experience.

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    Join Milo on an adventure through a world filled with quirky creatures known as Tinykin. As you explore, you’ll encounter various challenges that can only be overcome by utilizing the unique abilities of these diminutive companions. With its endearing characters and clever puzzles, Tinykin offers a delightful escapade for players of all ages.

    Katamari Damacy REROLL

    Experience the joy of rolling up everyday objects into massive balls in Katamari Damacy REROLL. As the Prince of All Cosmos, you’ll roll your Katamari around various environments, picking up items to grow larger and larger. With its whimsical art style and addictive gameplay, Katamari Damacy REROLL is a delightful journey through a world where size doesn’t matter.

    It Takes Two

    This co-op adventure follows the journey of two characters, Cody and May, as they navigate their relationship through various challenges. The game takes you through many areas where you have to use everyday items in ways you didn’t think you could.

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