Games Where You Play As An Animal On Game Pass

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    Xbox Game Pass is a treasure trove of diverse gaming experiences, offering titles that cater to all kinds of players. Among these are unique games that let you step into the paws, claws, and fins of various animals. These games provide not only entertaining gameplay but also a fresh perspective on the world through the eyes of a different species. Let’s check out five standout Game Pass Games Where You Play As An Animal.

    Little Kitty Big City

    Games Where You Play As An Animal On Game Pass - Little Kitty Big City Key Art

    Little Kitty Big City offers a charming adventure where you navigate an urban environment as an adventurous cat. The game combines exploration with light puzzle-solving elements, allowing players to experience the life of a curious feline in a bustling city. You’ll engage in typical cat antics like climbing buildings, knocking over objects, and interacting with various urban critters. The game’s light-hearted and whimsical nature makes it a delightful addition to the Game Pass lineup, perfect for anyone looking to unwind and enjoy a playful, feline-centric adventure.

    Another Crab’s Treasure

    In Another Crab’s Treasure, you take on the role of a resilient hermit crab in a vibrant underwater world. This action-adventure game emphasizes survival and exploration, as you search for a new shell to call home. The underwater setting is beautifully rendered, with a variety of marine life and hidden treasures to discover. The game’s unique perspective as a hermit crab provides a refreshing take on the genre, blending challenging combat with an engaging narrative about resilience and resourcefulness.

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    Feeding Frenzy

    Feeding Frenzy is a classic arcade-style game where you start as a small fish in a vast ocean, with the primary goal of eating smaller fish to grow while avoiding larger predators. The gameplay is simple yet addictive, making it accessible to players of all ages. As you progress, you unlock new, larger fish to play as, each with their own abilities and challenges. The game’s fast-paced action and colorful graphics make it a fun and engaging experience, ideal for quick gaming sessions or extended play.

    Lil Gator Game

    Lil Gator Game invites players into a charming open world where you play as a small alligator exploring a lush, whimsical island. The game focuses on exploration and interaction with other animal characters, encouraging creativity and discovery. With its adorable art style and relaxing gameplay, Lil Gator Game is perfect for players looking for a low-stress, immersive experience. The game encourages players to engage with their surroundings and uncover the many secrets the island holds, all while embodying the playful spirit of a curious gator.

    BLiNX: The Time Sweeper

    BLiNX: The Time Sweeper is a unique platformer that puts you in the role of Blinx, a time-manipulating cat working as a time janitor. The game stands out for its innovative use of time control mechanics, allowing players to rewind, fast-forward, and pause time to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. The levels are creatively designed, requiring players to think strategically about how to use their time powers effectively. BLiNX: The Time Sweeper combines traditional platforming with inventive gameplay elements, offering a distinctive and challenging experience for players.

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