Games you need to play before 2020

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    Welcome to Team Tuesday. Here we look at a recent or upcoming game and talk about something related to that game. 2019 is almost over but there is still time to start a new game of course! That’s why this week we took a look at some games we have loved this year and that you need to have played before the end of the year!

    A big game that kinda flew by was Far Cry new dawn. I gotta be honest, I pre-ordered the game played it for 15 minutes and kinda forgot about it, but a few weeks ago I went back to the game to get the platinum and I totally loved it. The game has a great story and has some cool new things that regular Far Cry games didn’t have like scaling enemies and a new weapon system.

    One of the games I seriously consider to have gone under the radar this year was Vacation Simulator. The game was released earlier in the year following the developers’ success with Job Simulator and was a big hit for my young children. I personally had hours of fun playing this game and thoroughly enjoyed every second of my experience within the PSVR environment. If you have not experienced this game or PSVR as a whole, this is the perfect game for experts and starters alike and it will provide you great entertainment along the way. Oh, and you’re interested in trophies it comes with a nice list and we got you covered with a trophy guide.

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    A game that I really want to play before 2020 is Arise: A Simple Story. This game is so heartwarming that I can feel big emotions simply by looking at its trailer. It was released on the 3rd of December and it remembers me of an old game which I loved a lot. I know that it can be a bittersweet and a sad story as it speaks about love and loss but I prefer games that can transmit emotions and feelings more than bigger games made only for community requests or for money.

    I’ve played every Just Cause game. But, this one seemed to slip past me and I plan to play it before 2020 as I highly enjoy the games and I don’t think it’s even possible for a Just Cause game to disappoint me.


    • The DEX.EXE team

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