GhoulBoy Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum: 2 – 4 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Ghoulboy Trophy Guide! A fun, action platformer in the vain of old school games like Ghosts ‘n Goblins! Jump, cut, and kill your way through monsters to save your family and gain a quick and fun platinum as well!


    Step 1: Play the Game

    Simply play the game and save your coins. By the time you’re done beating this retro style platformer, you should have the platinum real quick. Just enjoy the game and have fun!

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Gold Killed first boss
    Gold Kill the Zakkul
    Gold 10 levels completed
    Gold Pass the Samora
    Gold End of game
    Gold Zombie
    Gold Rich man
    Gold Sales man
    Gold Pitcher
    Gold 20 levels completed
    Gold Big Sword
    40-platinum Ghoulboy Master

    Step 2: Cleanup

    If for some reason, you didn’t die 30 times, or saved 5,000 coins at once, now is the time to do so! For the coins, either run the game again, or pick a late game level that has a lot of chests and just keep dying while collecting coins.

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    Tips and Strategies

    There are a few things the game doesn’t tell you, so here they are.

    1. You can double jump. By pressing  twice, you’ll gain just a bit more altitude in your jumps
    2. If you walk off a ledge, you still have your jumps available to you.
    3. Some moving platforms don’t move you while you’re on them! Be careful as standing still could cause you to fall to an unexpected death.
    4. The HP in the stage stores have no actual different values. No matter what, your HP will be filled and it will be lost at the same rate.

    Trophy Guide:

    Ghoulboy Master
    Obtain all trophies
    Killed first boss Gold
    Kill the first boss

    For this trophy to be obtained, you have to kill the 1st boss of the game who’s name is Eyog. This fight isn’t too challenging, but sometimes one attack can hit you unexpectedly a few times. The boss has three moves that are easy to dodge.

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    Slam: For this move, the boss moves to the top of the screen, and when he moves above you, he will slam down to try and damage you. Simply step aside and get some attacks in. After his 2nd slam, he may not go into the sky at all and slam into you instantly one or two more times, so after the 2nd slam, run.

    Summon: This move is the easiest to dodge. The boss will move halfway up the screen and open his eye wide and start vibrating with his mouth open. During this time, spirits come from his mouth to attack you. If you jump next to him constantly swinging your sword, you shouldn’t take any damage at all.

    Rush: The boss will move to one of the bottom corners of the screen, and quickly move to the adjacent corner of the screen a few times. You may get lucky and get a few hits in, but it’s best to just avoid the boss. To avoid him, simply jump over the boss until this move is done.

    After the boss has taken enough hits, he will explode, signaling defeat, and the trophy will pop. For a visual guide to the boss, refer to the video down below.

    Killed first boss Video Guide

    Kill the Zakkul Gold
    Kill the second boss

    In order to obtain this trophy, you must beat the 2nd boss of the game called Zakkul. This boss is much easier than the first boss as he only has two moves rather than three.

    Air attack:​ For this move the boss will jump into the air twice and slam his club down in front of him while in the air. There’s no reason as to why this should hit you. After he does it once, get next to him and hit him as much as you can. He will then jump in the air again, but don’t approach him again as he will quickly transition to his second move.

    Fire Wall:​ During this attack, the boss will send out 3 walls of fire that you must jump over. You can attack him now if you choose too, or you can wait it out. If you choose to attack him, you can get in 2 attacks before you have to jump again to miss his next wall of fire.

    After the boss has taken enough damage, he will explode into bits and the trophy will then pop after the little jingle is over. For a visual guide on the boss, refer to the video down below.

    Kill the Zakkul Video Guide

    10 levels completed Gold
    Complete 10 levels

    This trophy requires you to complete 10 levels. This will unlock at the “Act 2: The Catacombs” just as you reach the second boss. After you complete the 10th level the trophy will pop.

    Pass the Samora Gold
    Pass the Samora level

    For this trophy to unlock, you have to complete “Act 4: Samora”. At the end of this act, there isn’t a traditional boss fight. Instead you are being chased by an enemy while the level auto scrolls by itself. This level is a little tricky as you can’t be to fast, or you might hit hazards in front of you, but you can’t be too slow, or the boss will kill you. Once you beat the level, the trophy will unlock. For a visual guide to the level, refer to the video down below.

    Pass the Samora Video Guide

    End of game Gold
    Finish all the levels

    This trophy requires you too finish all levels and beat the final boss of the game who is Gamunbal. This boss is quite difficult the rest of them. He has 3 attacks and moves very quickly. You don’t have many chances to attack, but it shouldn’t take more than 4 opportunities of attacks to kill the boss. The bosses moves are as follows, and they go in the same order everytime:

    Rush: The battle always starts out this way. The boss.will a corner of the screen and start rushing you. To dodge this simply time your jumps accordingly to get over his head.

    Fireball: After rushing you, the boss will always fire 6 fireballs directly at you. Sometimes they are hard to dodge, but after the 6th one, move in quickly.

    Bombs:​ This is when you can attack the boss a lot. He will stand still and laugh as bombs drop from the sky. There is nothing to worry about as their radius is so small, you have to be right beside them to get hurt. To destroy them, just hit them if they get to close to you. After this attack, it all starts again.

    After you cause enough damage to the boss, he will blow to pieces and the trophy will unlock and you’ll have beaten the game. For a visual guide on the boss, refer to the video down below.

    End of Game Video Guide

    Zombie Gold
    Die 30 times

    This trophy requires you to simply die 30 times. This could be the first trophy you obtain if you just load up the game and throw yourself off the first ledge! After your 30th death, the trophy will unlock.

    Rich man Gold
    Obtain 5000 coins

    The description of this trophy is a little off. In order to get this trophy, you don’t have to just obtain 5,000 coins, but you have to be holding 5,000 coins. This is a lot easier than it sounds. Enemies drop coins, you can find hidden chests that have coins in them. Coins are everywhere. When you die or have a game over you don’t lose any coins. There is a shop in levels where you can buy HP and items, but they are relatively cheap if you need them. Don’t blow money in the shop for no reason. When you have 5,000 coins at once, this trophy will pop.

    Sales man Gold
    Buy all upgrades

    For this trophy, you have to buy all 3 upgrades in the shop. Now the correct shop isn’t the one you find in levels, it’s the shop on the main menu of the game. They affect the gameplay, so you can buy they whenever you want and make the game easier for yourself. The 3 upgrades are as folllws:

    • Mace Weapon (1,000 Coins): Damage = 3. So it is better than either sword.
    • +Healthbar (1,500 coins): Increase Healthbar
    • MaxItem (1,500 coins): Max Item Capacity

    In total you will need 4,000 coins to get all the upgrades. After buying them all, the trophy will unlock.

    Pitcher Gold
    Throwable 100 objects

    This trophy should come naturally. All this trophy requires is for you to throw 100 throwable weapons that are attached to . After throwing 100 weapons, the trophy will pop.

    20 levels completed Gold
    Complete 20 levels
    This trophy requires you to complete 20 levels. This trophy will unlock during “Act 4: Samora” just before the boss chase level.
    Big Sword Gold
    Big Sword

    In order to get this trophy, you have to find your first weapon which is the “Huge Sword”. During the first level you will come across a person who is dying against a tree. You end up talking to them and they give you their sword and the trophy will pop.


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