Glitches That Made Games Better

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    Glitches are often seen as flaws, but sometimes, they transcend their unintended nature to become iconic elements that make your gaming experience more memorable. Let’s explore some Glitches That Made Games Better, enjoyable, or notable. From Bethesda’s infamous duplication glitches to the tiny titan in Madden NFL 15, these glitches have left an indelible mark on gaming culture.

    Duplication – Any Bethesda Game

    Glitches That Made Games Better - Skyrim
    Image by AnkokunoMasaki on Reddit

    Bethesda games, known for their vast open worlds and intricate detailing, are also these days infamous for their glitches. One of the most notorious and somewhat beneficial glitches is the duplication glitch, found in various Bethesda games. This glitch lets you duplicate items, often leading to amusing scenarios and making certain challenging aspects of the games more manageable. It’s a glitch that has provided endless entertainment and sometimes a helping hand to players navigating the complex worlds of Bethesda’s creations.

    The Swing Glitch – Grand Theft Auto IV

    Image by BLG on Youtube

    Grand Theft Auto IV, a game celebrated for its open-world exploration, is home to the famous ‘Swing Glitch’. Players discovered that driving a car into certain swings in the game would catapult the vehicle across the map in a wildly unpredictable manner. This hilarious glitch became a popular pastime for players, adding an extra layer of fun to the game’s already rich content.

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    Press X to Shaun – Heavy Rain

    Heavy Rain is a game lauded for its intense narrative and emotional depth. However, it’s also known for a peculiar glitch where the protagonist can yell ‘Shaun’ during a serious, climactic scene, regardless of context. This glitch, while breaking the game’s somber mood, has brought about unintended humor and has become a favorite among players for its sheer absurdity.

    Nuclear Gandhi – Civilization

    In the Civilization series, a glitch turned the peaceful leader Gandhi into a nuclear warmonger. This unexpected behavior, stemming from an issue with the game’s aggression level coding, became legendary among players. It turned Gandhi into a memorable and ironically aggressive figure in a game about strategy and civilization building, adding a humorous twist to diplomatic relations.

    Tiny Titan Christian Kirksey – Madden NFL 15

    Madden NFL 15 experienced a humorous glitch with player Christian Kirksey, who appeared in the game as a tiny, 14-inch version of himself, dubbed the ‘Tiny Titan’. This amusing anomaly made the game unexpectedly entertaining, as players watched the miniature linebacker take on full-sized opponents. The Tiny Titan became a popular figure in the Madden community, adding a dose of humor to the competitive sports game.

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