Goat Simulator 3 Review

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    Goat Simulator 3 is a wacky sandbox game where you play as a goat trying to cause mayhem and do some quests to “help” the people. Here is our Goat Simulator 3 Review.

    The game was developed and published by Coffee Stain Studios, it was released on November 17, 2022, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

    The story of Goat Simulator 3 is pretty simple, activate all the towers, do some missions, unlock the gates, and beat the final boss. The game starts with this parody of the Skyrim intro and it pokes fun at how long/boring it was back then and how people these days skip cutscenes pretty quickly, especially boring ones, this sets off the tone for the whole game, poking fun at everything and a bunch of parodies to look forward to. It sure is a hit I’ve been personally sleeping on for way too long and I wish I would have given it a shot sooner.

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    There was so much I did during the missions, I became president, I played through a P.T. parody when just going into a random house, and I nuked a random tree on a street. It’s just such a weird game and it just lets you go wild doing whatever you want to do and besides the things on the map, there are also a bunch of secret missions and objectives you can do. I found a bunch of collectibles and clothing items that gave me some epic powers, jumped a bunch of ramps, and found a bunch of actual easter eggs that unlocked a massive easter egg.

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    It’s visually just good, in this day and age it’s just nothing special but it sure is a step up from the 1st game. There are a few bugs but none of them are really game-breaking, but I did get stuck behind the walls or under the map a few times, and the other glitches just made the game better. I exploded out of nowhere when I licked something and it just flung me from 1 end of the map to the other, and the map is pretty big for a game like this, it’s not something I expected to say the least and there are so many different types of locations to do stuff in.

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    Perfect if you are in the mood for a day of chaos

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    Perfect if you are in the mood for a day of chaosGoat Simulator 3 Review