God Of War (2018) Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 5/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 40 – 50 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None (The game can be completed in the easiest difficulty)
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the God Of War (2018) Trophy Guide!

    Journey through the Norse world as Kratos, the former Greek God of War. Accompanied by his son, Atreus, in a quest to spread the ashes of his wife at the tallest peek in all the realms. In their journey, the Aesir gods begin to interfere and Kratos must do everything possible to protect his son.

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    Embark on a new chapter of the God Of War Lore, witness stunning environments, battle Norse monsters and unleash the rage of a God once again. Discover the bond shared between Father and Son, and in true God of War fashion show Kratos’s enemies why they should fear him.


    Step 1: Legacy of the Greek God
    For this stage, you will want to complete the story and learn Kratos’s part in the Norse Realms.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

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    Bronze The Journey Begins
    Bronze A New Friend
    Bronze Feels Like Home
    Bronze Dragon Slayer
    Bronze Troubling Consequences
    Bronze Hello, Old Friend
    Bronze Promise Fulfilled
    Bronze Round 2
    Bronze Past Haunts
    Bronze Twilight Beckons
    Gold Last Wish

    Step 2: The Allfather is watching
    Now that you have completed the game you will have every area available and can travel to them. This stage will have you clean up the game, going around and picking up all the collectables, and dealing with the challenges, like Muspelheim and the Valkyries.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Bronze Beneath the Surface
    Bronze Death Happened Here
    Bronze Trilingual
    Bronze Dwarven Ingenuity
    Bronze Nice Moves
    Bronze Best Dressed
    Bronze Enchanted
    Bronze The Best Moves
    Bronze Worthy
    Bronze Why Fight It?
    Bronze Path of the Zealot
    Bronze Primordial
    Silver Iðunn’s Orchard
    Silver Quick Tempered
    Silver All Will Fall
    Silver Dangerous Skies
    Silver Curator
    Silver Allfather Blinded
    Silver Unfinished Business
    Silver Treasure Hunter
    Silver The Truth
    Gold Like Oil and Water
    Gold Fire and Brimstone
    Gold Darkness and Fog
    Gold Chooser of the Slain
    40-platinum Father and Son

    Tips and Strategies:

    History and Game Information

    God of War 2018 is a return to the hack-and-slash series that we saw an end to in 2010 when Kratos’s Vengeance against the Greek Gods was fulfilled and the Series seemingly ended. Now after 8 years Kratos finally returns to grace not just a new system, but a new story and generation. Now in the Norse realm and with a son, the story revolves around scattering the ashes of his departed wife who request that they be scattered from the tallest peek in all the nine realms. Initially a simple task, this soon takes a turn when a stranger arrives at his home. This one event sparks a journey that will forever alter the Norse world with the aid of geniuses, dwarves and giants, Kratos must protect the family he has and become the god he once was.


    There are some tags that have been added to help you find your way through the guide easier, these are:

    • STORY

    Note: Hyperlinks show in a similar colour to Trophy References, please do not be confused there are only a few of these.


    Because of the nature of God of War 2018 it is rather hard to accurately present a strategy that will support every playstyle, however, there are some general tips that can be given.

    • This game is Playstyle dependent, some people might like throwing the Leviathan Axe all the time, and others might like the Melee combat of the Axe or hand-to-hand. There is no one way to play the game unlike previous entries in the God Of War Series.
    • Keep an eye on your health
    • Utilise Rage of Sparta if you are in a tough spot
    • The Leviathan Axe is a powerful weapon
    • You can throw your Leviathan Axe and then pound on enemies with your fists
    • Don’t forget you have your fists
    • Some enemies are immune to The Leviathan Axe
    • The Blades of Chaos are powerful even without upgrading them
    • Keep your gear upgraded
    • Exploration is a good idea
    • You can lock on to enemies using the R3 Button
    • Pick a resurrection stone that will best help your play style. There are 3 to choose from each with their own properties.
    • If you don’t pick up a Valuable item when it is dropped you can still retrieve it from Brok or Sindri’s shop. To do this head over to the Lost Item Tab at the end, do note that Hacksilver and other common items will not be recovered only things like the Flames and such.
    • Utilise the enemy direction marker. This is depicted as an arrow around Kratos, a White, Red, or Flashing Red will indicate what the enemy is doing.
    • Just because you are a low power don’t think you can’t take something several levels higher, although it can be challenging it is doable. Of course, results will vary when taking on Valkyries.
    • There are easy ways to transfer Enhancements from one piece of gear to another. If you compare the gear and press you can Swap the Enhancement from one piece of gear to the other.
    • You can not guard against attacks that show a Red aura, for these you will need to dodge
    • Every time Jörmungandr (The World Serpent) moves the water level will fall. This will provide new areas to explore
    • Valkyries are the most dangerous enemies in the game, care and a good strategy should be used when you battle them.
    • There is a New Game + where you can play through the story again this time with all your gear and more of a challenge.
    • Having trouble with Chisel Doors? Head into the settings, under Accessibility and you can opt to use Precision or Single Button. By default, it should be on Precision.
    • Much like the Chisel Doors, you can change the Repeated Button Presses. If you have trouble “mashing” the button try Hold mode.
    • Try returning to Kratos’s house once your journey is complete!

    Recommended Gear:

    Throughout the Norse world of God Of War, there are plenty of gear sets that you could equip yourself with. This section is designed to point out the best set for when you go up against Sigrun, The Valkyrie Queen, to make your job easier. This shouldn’t be taken that it is an exclusive way to take her on as there are many other worthwhile armour sets in the game that will cater to different playstyles. The 3 main and most important pieces of equipment that are recommended for this battle are:

    • The Shattered Gauntlet of Ages (Talisman)
    • Hel’s Touch Light Runic Attack (Leviathan Axe)
    • Nemean Crush Light Runic Attack (Blades of Chaos)

    Although these are the most useful, as they allow you to interrupt the Valkyrie’s Unblockable attacks, there are other gear sets that you should try to obtain and upgrade as far as possible. Sets that would fall into this would be:

    • Muspelheim Sets
    • Ivaldi’s Sets
    • Valkyrie Set

    These are regarded as the strongest armour sets the game has in your initial playthrough. An example of a fully upgraded loadout using the Valkyrie set is shown below:

    The above images show the Valkyrie armour fully upgrades along with the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages Talisman and all the Enhancements that are recommended. They are also fully upgraded to make the fight that much easier.


    The Shattered Gauntlet of Ages is probably the strongest talisman in the game, in addition to this, it is a reference to MCU’s Thanos’s Gauntlet. To get the full power of this Talisman you will not only need to upgrade it but you will also need to obtain 3 out of the available 6 Special enhancements. In order to upgrade it you will need to obtain 5 Dragon Tears, which are from the 5 dragons in the game. Three of these are freeable Dragons for SilverDangerous Skies, whereas the other two you will claim from dragons you slay. The first of these is the Lightning Dragon found in the Mountain and the second is Baldur’s Dragon, for Baldur’s dragon you will need to visit its remains on the Shores of the Nine and interact with the dig spot under its head.

    As a final note, this is only a recommended build to help you through the game and get you through the hardest fight in the game, Sigrun. The reason that it has been placed in this section rather than GoldChooser of the Slain is that it will take you a good amount of time to accumulate everything that you will need to make this build.


    Throughout the world of God Of War, there are many collectables that relate to trophies. Instead of having them all clumped together in a trophy or directing you all over to the place to find them, there are some videos below to help find them by area. There is also an interactive map, in case you prefer a map to videos.

    all credit to Mapgenie for the above Interactive map

    All credit to Powerpyx for the Video Collectable guide

    If you follow the video to Youtube you can use the Playlist that the video is part of to find the areas you require.

    Other Relevant Information:

    Chisel Door:

    As mentioned above in the tips there are these things called Chisel doors. These are only openable once you have the magic Chisel, normally they will lead you to an Odin’s Chamber where you will confront a Valkyrie. The idea of these doors is to use the chisel and when the controller vibrates and you see the chisel sparking, plunge the chisel into the seal on the door to carve a rune. This might need to be done more than once, however, if you have the setting set to Single it’s an automatic thing where it seems to only take a single rune to open. Below is an example of these Chisel Doors:

    Mystic Gateway:

    These, although not a key trophy point, are really important. They act as Fast Travel Points to get you around the world with ease. You first unlock them once you reach Tyr’s Temple on the Lake of Nine, Brok will give you the tool to let you use them to travel from anywhere back to him at Tyr’s Temple. While this isn’t really exciting at first you will unlock a 2-way fast travel, once you have returned from your solo trip into Helheim. Upon returning to the Temple Brok will inform you that he has upgraded the gate to let you go to wherever you want to in the realm. This is more exciting even if it is pretty late in the story, and will be useful when making your way around places. Below is an image showing the gateway.

    Yggdrasil’s Dew?

    These are the little droplets that are hanging around over water, there is a reference image below in case you don’t know what they are:

    Being over water you will need a boat to reach them. There are 12 of these in total, and they permanently increase your stats by 2 points. These stats are:

    • Strength
    • Defence
    • Vitality
    • Luck
    • Runic
    • Cooldown

    All you need to do is find them and collect them to gain the bonuses that you have, you do NOT need to do anything to gain the power only collect them, this will add the 2 points in the related category. They are all pretty easy to find, there are 11 around the lake of the nine and 1 in Alfheim, below is a video to help you:

    credit to Murad Zero for the video

    Realm Travel:

    The last bit before the guide that we are going to talk about is Realm Travel. This is done from the Heart of Tyr’s Temple and unlocked through story progression. There is something that you will need before you can actually travel between realms, this is the Realm Travel Rune. With this, you can actually travel to different worlds all connected by the World Tree. In Norse Mythology there are 9 Realms that are connected by the World Tree, in God of War there are still 9 of these, however, you are only allowed to freely access 5, these are:

    • Midgard
    • Alfheim
    • Helheim
    • Niflheim
    • Muspelheim

    This means that the remaining 4 are locked to you, which are:

    • Asgard
    • Vanaheim
    • Svartalfheim
    • Jötunheim

    Trophy Guide:

    Father and Son
    Obtain all other trophies

    With Fimbulwinter approaching your Shiny Platinum Trophy is proof of your victory.

    The Journey Begins
    Defend your home from The Stranger


    This will be completed during the mission The Marked Trees

    Once you have started the game and been introduced to Atreus, Kratos will ask him to show how he hunts. This will initiate a sequence where you will be told how to play the game and given limited freedom while you complete the sequence, before returning home to collect the Quest Item. Upon a short conversation with Atreus, a stranger will arrive at the house claiming to know who Kratos is, this will initiate a battle sequence with them where upon completion you will open the world and get the trophy.

    A New Friend
    Survive the Witch’s Woods


    This will be completed during the mission Path to the Mountain

    Making your way through a canyon-like area called River Pass, a hunting event will take place and Atreus will give chase leaving Kratos to navigate by Atreus’s voice through the fog. Upon exiting you will meet a strange woman who demands that you carry the hunted boar to her house so that she can heal it. Continue to carry the beast inside and she will inform you that she needs some herbs, which you can find in her garden. After a short herb-hunting task, you will return to her and be granted passage by use of the back door to her hut. Once you leave the trophy will unlock. You will also gain the Witches Compass, which is an important tool for navigating.

    Feels Like Home
    Allow the Light Elves to return home


    This will be completed during the mission The Light of Alfheim

    This will take place once you have been sent to Alfheim for the story, although not your main quest this is tied to your return to Midgard, and progression up the Mountain.

    Dragon Slayer
    Defeat the Dragon of The Mountain


    This will be completed during the mission Inside the Mountain

    Upon entering the mountain and solving the puzzle you will be able to travel to the top, on the way you will encounter a dragon that spews lightning. Your goal is to fight it off until you can return outside, where you will be tasked with slaying it. This fight can be a little tricky if you are unprepared, the basic idea is to toss the sap of the Idrisil when he spews lightning. After a few of these, he will go down and you will be able to melee him. His other attacks are slams, which leave him open for his claws to be attacked for a second or 2.

    Troubling Consequences
    Defeat Magni and Modi


    This will be completed during the mission The Magic Chisel

    In order to fulfil their goals, Kratos is directed to a magic chisel, with which he would be able to scribe on the mystic doors (refer to the Tips at the top). In the process of getting this, you will run into Magni & Modi, you will need to defeat them in order to claim the chisel.

    Hello, Old Friend
    Retrieve the Blades of Chaos


    This will be completed during the mission The Sickness

    Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again” Opening to the Sound of Silence by Disturbed.

    You can’t have a God Of War game without the Blades of Chaos, and as the trophy indicates you will recover them. This will happen once Atreus falls ill, shortly after BronzeTroubling Consequences. Kratos will need a weapon that can stand the colds of Helheim, and the only weapon Kratos knows is the infamous Blades of Chaos. To get them he must return home, upon collecting them and learning how they work the trophy will unlock.


    You will be locked out of free roam once Atreus has fallen ill. This will mean that you will be required to obtain not just this trophy, but BronzePromise Fulfilled in order to return to Free Roam.

    Promise Fulfilled
    Heal Atreus


    This will be completed during the mission The Sickness

    After recovering the Blades of Chaos, Kratos’s task is to enter Helheim and recover an artefact from the keeper of the bridge. Upon doing so you will need to return to the witch with the item and she will heal Atreus.

    Round 2
    Rescue Atreus


    This will be completed during the mission Return to the Summit

    Upon returning to the peak to complete your quest, you are once again assaulted by the stranger who attacked you at your home. Concluding in Atreus being kidnapped and Kratos giving chase to save him, this trophy will unlock once you have rescued him, resulting in you all falling into Helheim.

    Past Haunts
    Ride the ship out of Helheim


    This will be completed during the mission Escape from Helheim

    After falling into Helheim, and claiming Bronze Round 2, you will need to find a way out of the depth of Helheim and back to the Realm Travel Room. This will take you through a few battles before a suitable vessel presents itself, and Kratos feels it is the only way to reach their destination.

    Twilight Beckons
    Defeat Baldur


    This will be completed during the mission Jötuneheim in Reach

    Upon retrieving the Artifact from inside Jörmungandr, the World Serpent will come under attack from an outside force. This will result in Jörmungandr spitting you out in the area you retrieved the Chisel from, a battle with Baldur will ensure and you will need to defeat him in order to continue.


    There is a Point of No Return for you here. Once you have summoned Jörmungandr you will be locked into the story where you will need to battle Baldur in order to return to Free roam.

    Last Wish Gold
    Spread the ashes


    This will be completed during the mission Mother’s Ashes

    Now at the end of their quest, and in Jötuneheim ready to spread the ashes, Kratos and Atreus are ready to conclude their journey. Simply let the cutscene play out and when you take control of Kratos again the trophy will unlock.

    Beneath the Surface
    Explore all the Lake of Nine has to offer


    The earliest point that you can get this is once you have reached the Sumit of the mountain and have summoned Jörmungandr. This will lower the water level meaning that new areas will be accessible and you can explore more around the lake. The trophy is simple enough, all you are required to do is land on every notable landmass around the Lake of the Nine. Because of the nature of this trophy, it is highly advised that you explore the landmass you have landed on and work on your collection while getting this trophy. So long as you get the locations discovered and the fog is removed from all surrounding parts of the Lake of the Nine you should be good.

    Notable landmasses include:

    • Shores of Nine
    • Realm Towers
    • Lookout Tower
    • Iron Cove
    • Isle Of Death
    • forgotten Caverns
    • Ruins of the Ancient
    • Light Elf Outpost
    • The Mason’s Channel
    • Council of Valkyries
    • Stone Falls
    • Buri’s Storeroom
    • Cliffs of the Raven
    • Týr’s Temple

    Death Happened Here
    Fully explore Veithurgard


    Veithurgard is to the North East bank of the Lake of the Nine and is accessed by going through the Stone Falls area. To gain access you will need to turn a wheel located in the Stone Falls in order to progress into Veithurgard. Once there you will need to explore the area and collect everything there is to offer. Below you can find what is in the area:

    • 1 Favor (Free the Dragon)
    • 6 Artefacts
    • 1 Mystic Gateway
    • 1 Shop
    • 6 Lore Markers
    • 3 Odin’s Ravens
    • 1 Nornir Chest
    • 1 Legendary Chest

    With this being said you can also get the trophy doing minimal things. Upon testing this the trophy unlocked after slaying Daudi Hamarr, the troll captured in Veirthurgard. Once you slay him and progress through the door opening the Legendary Chest unlocked the Trophy. It is unknown if this will work the same way twice but it is worth noting, below is an image to highlight what was completed before killing Daudi Hamarr.

    Learn the languages of Muspelheim and Niflheim


    These are from the special-looking chests, which you will need Atreus to open. An Example of these is shown below. It should be noted that these are all untracked chests, and the game will not give you all the Language Disk Fragments until you do the mission return to the mountain. Even if you are able to collect everything up, the final Language Disk Fragment for Niflheim is in a separate route up the mountain that is cut off from where you went on your first ascent up the mountain.

    For each language disk, you will need to collect 4 fragments in order to make the complete disk and gain the language cypher. This means that you will need 8 of these chests at minimum, do note that some chests do not give fragments of the language you are looking for. You have to complete the Muspelheim Language cypher before you can start on the Niflheim cypher.

    Dwarven Ingenuity
    Upgrade a piece of armour

    This is a simple trophy which is done from access to either Brok or Sindri’s shop. The idea is to enhance a piece of Kratos’s Gear and increase its stats by spending Resources and Hacksilver, it should be noted that not all gear requires the use of Hacksilver, however, they are very rear cases. The amount of Resources and Hacksilver required varies depending on the gear. Simply pick a piece of gear and upgrade it for the trophy.

    Nice Moves
    Obtain a Runic Attack Gem


    This trophy is awarded to you shortly before the Jotnar marketplace. You should hear Atreus say something about a chest and see it in your path. Simply open it to be awarded the Hel’s Touch Runic Attack.

    It should be noted here that this is one of the best Runic Attacks that you can use, especially against Valkyries.

    Iðunn’s Orchard upscale-245262160018212
    Fully upgrade your health


    To upgrade Kratos, either his Health (SilverIðunn’s Orchard) or Rage (SilverQuick Tempered), you will be required to find and open Nornir Chests, which are scattered throughout the realms. For both of these trophies, you will need to collect a total of 18 Chests, out of the total of 21. They are spread pretty evenly throughout the world, with a good consistency located around the Shores of the Nine. Once you have located one you will need to look around the immediate vicinity for the Nornir Runes depicted on the Chest. The image below highlights the Chest and the Activated Nornir Runes, if a chest’s runes are not lit up (like is shown in the image) you will be able to open it.

    Nornir Runes will be located on a variety of items in the surrounding area which can include, but are not limited to:

    • Rocks
    • Bells
    • Turnable Objects
    • Rotating Objects that need to be stopped on the Rune

    For more information on locations, Please refer to the Collectable section in the Tips and Strategies.

    Quick Tempered upscale-245262160018212
    Fully upgrade your rage


    Please refer to SilverIðunn’s Orchard for more information.

    Best Dressed
    Craft an outfit for Atreus

    Much like BronzeDwarven Ingenuity, you will need access to either Brok or Sindrir’s shop. Simply pay the amount of Hacksilver and get the trophy. It should be noted that different outfits have different bonuses, which means that the better the gear you have the better the bonus you get when you upgrade.

    Slot an Enchantment into your armour

    Upon gaining a piece of armour that can hold an Enchantment, and finding an enchantment or purchasing one from Brok or Sindri you will be able to get this trophy. Unlike BronzeDwarven Ingenuity you can do this in the menu and even alter them as and when you need to, simply socket your selected Enchantment into your armour and there you go. Below is an example of the socketed and unsocketed enchantments in two different pieces of armour.

    All Will Fall upscale-245262160018212
    Kill 1,000 Enemies

    This is an easy trophy and just requires you to be Kratos. Whenever you encounter enemies simply kill them and you will work your way to this trophy in no time.

    Dangerous Skies upscale-245262160018212
    Free all of the Dragons


    Within the game, you will find several areas which have a Favor listed as the Region’s Collectables. Sometimes one of these favours will include saving a chained dragon, there are 3 Dragons in total and all you need to do is to destroy things. These things are altars and a reference can be seen below:

    You will need to find all 3 of these in order to free the dragon. Once you have you will have to go to the shrine in front of the dragon shown in the image below:

    Instead of the Runes that were there, you should see one of these floating masks which Atreus needs to deal with. Once he has, just watch the dragon fly away.

    The 3 locations where the dragons are can be seen in the list below:

    • Veithurgard
    • Shores of the Nine (Below the Council of Valkyries, on the opposite shore)
    • Konunsgard (Only accessible in the late game)
    Like Oil and Water Gold
    Complete all of Brok and Sindri’s Favours


    This trophy will be obtained by completing all the missions that the Dwarven Brothers have, of which there are only 5 missions. Below you can find what they are:

    • Second Hand Soul (Brok)
    • Fafnir’s Horn (Sindri)
    • Deus Ex Malachite (Brok)
    • Family Business (Sindri)
    • Hail to the King (Brok & Sindri)
    Curator upscale-245262160018212
    Collect all of the Artefacts


    Artefacts are small little collectables that you can find in the world, there are only a certain amount and located in selected areas of the game. There are a total of 45 Artefacts over 7 categories, which can be found listed below:

    • Family Heirloom (Helheim)
    • Bottoms Up (The Mountain)
    • The Faces of Magic (The River Pass)
    • Spoils of War (Alfheim)
    • Abandon Ship (Around the Lake of the Nine)
    • Horns of Veithurgard (Veithurgard)
    • Lost and Found (Wildwoods)

    For more information on locations, Please refer to the Collectable section in the Tips and Strategies.

    Allfather Blinded upscale-245262160018212
    Kill all of Odin’s Ravens


    Odin’s Ravens are scattered throughout the world watching from vantage points, there is a total of 51 to find and the keyword is “find.” They are incredibly hard to locate at times and will take some effort to get, the reason for this is they are a pale green colour which is also very transparent, there is an image below to help you identify them:

    In addition to this, they can be placed in the most inconvenient of all locations where the sun is behind them so you can’t see them no matter what!

    For more information on locations, Please refer to the Collectable section in the Tips and Strategies.

    The Best Moves
    Fully upgrade a Runic Attack

    This is similar to gear, however, there is a major difference. This difference is that you will need to do this in the menu, as opposed to going to Brok or Sindri. The other thing worth noting is that it relies on XP rather than Hacksilver, where this might sound daunting at first there are plenty of ways to get XP in the game. For the Trophy, you will need to upgrade one runic attack twice.

    Fully upgrade the Leviathan Axe


    For this, like BronzeWhy Fight It?, you will need to collect resources that are dropped by bosses during the progression of the story. Because they are dropped by bosses throughout the game they are hard to miss, however, if for some reason you actually manage to miss one you can collect it from the relevant section in any shop.

    The Item that you will require for upgrading the Leviathan Axe is a Frozen Flames, whereas the item needed for the Blades of Chaos is a Chaos Flame. As stated, both of these are dropped by Bosses. You can collect a total to get you a single Level off the Max, in the Leviathan Axe’s case this is 5, whereas for the Blades of Chaos it is 4

    The final level will require you to complete Niflheim and Muspelheim. You will need to head to Niflheim in order to collect a Chilling Mists of Niflheim in order to upgrade the Leviathan Axe, whereas Muspelheim will reward you with a Raging Inferno of Muspelheim which is needed to upgrade the Blades of Chaos. These, on their own, will not give you the upgrade you need, what you do with them is take them to either Brok or Sindri and trade them for the corresponding Flame. You do this by accessing the Buy menu and selecting the Flame that you have the Realm item from. Once you have traded the Realm item for the Flame, use it on the weapon it relates to and complete the upgrade. Below you can find the breakdown of where to find each of the Flames for both the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos:

    Below is a reference for when the trophy will unlock:

    Above is the fully upgraded Leviathan Axe, whereas below is the fully upgraded Blades of Chaos

    Why Fight It?
    Fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos


    for more information, please refer to BronzeWorthy

    Path of the Zealot
    Obtain Traveller armour set


    Travellers are the big armoured knights, there are 2 variants to this enemy, one with a shield and one without. For what you need them for it doesn’t matter which variant you hunt down, all you need to do is defeat them. Upon successfully defeating one they should drop a Traveller-related piece of gear. When you get your first piece simply head back to Brok or Sindri and hand it over to unlock the armour to craft.


    Like the Traveller, you find Ancient gear, which is dropped by the giant rock monster. Unlike the Travellers, these will drop something related to their armour set.


    Obtain Ancient armour set


    Refer to BronzePath of the Zealot for more information

    upscale-245262160018212Unfinished Business
    Assist all of the wayward spirits


    This trophy asks you to assist a total of Five spirits scattered around the Shores of the Nine, they are pretty easy tasks and shouldn’t take too much effort to complete. The only spirit that can’t be classified as in the Shores of the Nine is for the Time Heals All mission which can be found in the Storerooms that Sindri sends you to for his mission. Below you can find all the missions that count and where to find them:

    • Hammer Falls (Stone Falls)
    • Dead Freight (Forgotten Caverns)
    • The Anatomy of Hope (The Mason’s Channel)
    • Unfinished Business (Shores of the Nine)
    • Time Heals All (Fafnir’s Storeroom)

    Treasure Hunter upscale-245262160018212
    Use treasure maps to find all of the dig spots


    This trophy asks you to complete 12 total treasure hunts using treasure maps you can find in Midgard. You will more than likely pick up all the maps while you are completing locations, there is a reference image below to show what you are looking for:

    As the above image shows they are small scrolls with a Button prompt over them. You probably won’t see the scroll but you shouldn’t miss the button prompt, add to that Atreus will say something like “It’s another Map” when you tell him to pick it up. Below you can find the location of where to find each map, followed by where each map points.

    Above you can find the name of the Treasure Map, the location where to find the map, and the Location in Midgard that you need to go to in order to complete it. Below is a video to help show the actual location.

    credit for the video goes to Powerpyx

    The Truth upscale-245262160018212
    Read all of the Jötnar shrines


    These wooden murals depict Norse Legend and Myth, there are 11 in total and you will need to find all and open them. Below you can find an image of the open and closed variants

    Above is what they will look like if you haven’t opened it yet, whereas below you can see what one of them looks like when they have been opened.

    For more information on locations, Please refer to the Collectable section in the Tips and Strategies.

    Fire and Brimstone Gold
    Complete all of the Trials of Muspelheim


    This trophy gets a little complicated, for it you will need to complete all lower-ranking challenges, and then take on the Valkyrie at the summit. However that is not all you need to do, you must then complete the Trials once again on a harder difficulty. Below you can see the initial challenges that you will need to complete in order to get to the Valkyrie.

    Normal and Hard Trials:

    Once you have completed these you will have to confront the Valkyrie, Gondul. With the exception of Sigrun, this is the hardest Valkyrie to fight.

    Once you have beaten her you will get the final challenge which will require you to get 3 Keys. These are claimed through completing the previous challenges on the newly added Impossible Difficulty, you can complete them in any order to get the keys you need. It should be noted that you do not need to replay all the missions only 3 of the Impossible challenges from 1 – 5, that being noted below you can find the conditions for all the Impossible Challenges.

    Post Valkyrie Trials:

    Do note that the final challenge, Surtr’s Hidden Trial, has 3 possibilities for what you have to do, however, upon testing the author was only able to get the one noted above.

    Darkness and Fog Gold
    Retrieve all treasure from the Workshop’s centre chamber


    This trophy relates to Niflheim, and for it, you will be required to open all the treasure points in Ivaldi’s workshop. These will be located in the big Central Chamber directly opposite where you will come into the level. The map is pretty simple other than the fact that the Mist of Niflheim will eventually kill you if the enemies don’t. It is laid out in a diamond shape with 6 big circular areas at cornerstones where everything joins in. Between them are paths that have widened areas which, at the back connect to the 5th and 6th big rooms. There is a rough image to help illustrate this below.

    Now that is out of the way let’s start by talking about how to get the trophy. In order to open the Treasure, you will first need to obtain some Mist Echoes, 500 to be precise. This will be so that you can first access the Central Chamber. You will pay this to the Dwarf Sindri in the entrance area of the location (remember to talk to Sindri before heading in to collect Mist Echos). You will get them from entering into the fog, this will trigger enemies or traps, or both. You will also find random chests, which will hold the Mist Echos you need. So put simply all you need to do is loot chests, however, you have a timer which is dictated by your gear. This acts as how long you can survive in the Mist before you start taking Health Damage. We will talk about the gear to use a little later on, however, for now, know that your gear will play a big part in making it through the workshop. Your goal is to get the Mist Echos, but we haven’t spoken about a few things, which are:

    • How Many
    • For What
    • How long will it take

    Before you get all the information dropped on you at once it’s important to know that you will need a total of 69,000 Mist Echos, including the 500 for Sindri to access the Central Chamber. This might sound like a lot but it can be broken down into a simple form, which is seen below.

    As you can see from the above breakdown (and image) there are 8 Treasures in the Central Chamber, each with its own cost. With the exception of the last 3 treasures, they are Legendary Chests, and the final 3 are Realm Tears. This will mean that you need to fight some enemies who will spawn out of the Tears. They shouldn’t be anything that will give you an enormous problem, especially if you have battled the Valkyrie here. You should take note that the Realm Tears need you to also have 1 Anchor Of Fog for each Tear. You can get these from the Valkyrie area and the area on the opposite side. This is a random chance, as you need a chest which will reward you a 1 of these. Note, the enemies in these two areas are a lot stronger than the normal ones you can find in the rest of the workshop. They can include Traverlers and Ogers.

    Moving on there are 2 ways to achieve the number of Mist Echos that you need, the first is the hard way and the second is the easy way. The Hard way is to stay in your comfort zone at the start and only venture to the halfway point down both side routes and then head back to Sindri. This will reward you with around 1,000 – 1,500 Mist Echos per run. The Easy way is to complete a circuit of the entire workshop, going to every area and moving around as fast as you can. This way will reward you between 5,000 – 8,000 Mist Echos, depending on your luck. It is highly recommended that you use the Easy method as it can be significantly faster to get the number of Echos you need.

    This is all well and good but how can you last long enough to get the required Echos? If you recall above we touched on the fact that the Gear impacts the time you can spend in the fog. This means that using the standard armour you have been using is probably not the best idea. Luckily, Sindri will be selling some gear that you can use to help you survive in the Fog after you have accessed the central chamber. Out of all the armour you could use, Ivaldi’s Sets are the best, however, you will need to farm the resources to get these. Below you can find the 3 armour sets that will assist you in Nifelheim along with the costs.

    Information source confirmation found on the God Of War Wiki

    Upon opening the final Treasure the Trophy will unlock.

    General Information for Niflheim!

    As mentioned above Niflheim is a land of mist and you have a timer on how long you can stay in the mist. This is increased by you having pieces of Ivaldi’s armour sets equipped, which is highlighted above, as well as special enchantments which can be found around Niflheim in the chest. There is also a talisman which can be purchased from Sindri, which can be used to increase the duration that you can spend in the mist.

    The image above shows the Mist gauge at the top of the screen.


    • Get some Ivaldi armour pieces as fast as you can.
    • Opening Chests in the Mist will increase the amount of time you can spend there.
    • If you die in the mist you will lose what you collect
    • The traps can cause more damage than enemies, watch out for them!
    • If the opportunity presents itself try getting enemies into the traps.
    • The Crushing wall traps can hide passages to chests, keep an eye out.
    • Mimir will give you a warning about Ivaldi’s Curse when the timer is low.
    • If you run out of time in the Mist you will take health damage.

    Chooser of the Slain Gold
    Defeat the nine Valkyries


    For this trophy, you are tasked with battling and defeating all 9 of the Legendary Valkyrie. They are scattered throughout your adventure and contrary to what you might think they are the single toughest foes the game has to offer. Most of the Valkrie can be found in the Hidden Chambers of Odin, the Ninth and last Valkyrie can be found only once all 8 others have been defeated. Below you can find their names and where to find them.

    Above is what you are looking for when hunting the Valkyries

    Out of all of the Valkyries in the game, Sigrún is the hardest to fight because she has the ability to utilise all the attacks that the individual Valkyries had. This makes her the most dangerous of all of them and you will probably die against her a few times before you find a way to win. Now because of the nature of the game, it’s hard to recommend a strategy, this is because one strategy might not work for everyone. Below are some tips that might help you through these fights.

    • Take Caution when fighting Valkyries
    • Evasion is your friend
    • You can block some Attacks
    • Utilise your Runic Attacks (this is most important as some unblockable attacks the Valkyries use can be disrupted by Runic Attacks)
    • Have a resurrection stone ready, it can save you in a tough situation
    Credit to Powerpyx


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