Grand Theft Auto IV – The Ballad of Gay Tony Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 5/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 20 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Playthroughs: 1
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None


    Welcome to Grand Theft Auto IV – TBoGT DLC Trophy Guide! The Ballad of Gay Tony follows the exploits of Luis Lopez, an ex-member of the Dominican drug dealers and the personal bodyguard for Gay Tony as they overcome several issues, including drugs, debt, mafia families, and attempts on both of their lives.


    Stage 1: Complete all Story Missions

    To start off, just enjoy the game and play through the story. All missions are replayable through your in-game phone.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Bronze TBoGT: Diamonds Forever
    Bronze TBoGT: Maestro

    Stage 2: Make Lots of Money for Ammo!

    When replaying missions, unless given a gun and ammo by your AI companion you will need to bring your own + ammo. And having a rocket launcher can come in handy on certain missions, like (for example) “High Dive” Where you can only get par or over for accuracy if you have a rocket launcher to destroy the 3 – 5 helicopters.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Bronze TBoGT: Snow Queen

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    Stage 3: 100% all Missions

    Go to BronzeTBoGT: Gold Star” for more details on the hardest missions.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    BronzeTBoGT: Past the Velvet Rope
    TBoGT: Gold Star

    Stage 4: Clean up Miscellaneous Trophies

    Finish any remaining tasks to unlock the last few trophies. You can do this before Stage 3 if you prefer too.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    BronzeTBoGT: Gone Down
    BronzeTBoGT: Four Play
    BronzeTBoGT: Bear Fight
    BronzeTBoGT: Catch the Bus
    BronzeTBoGT: Adrenaline Junkie


    TBoGT: Gone Down
    Complete all base jumps. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

    After you complete the mission “High Dive” base jumping will become available as an activity. There are 15 different base jumps that will appear on the map.  After you successfully complete all 15 base jumps the trophy will pop, and as a bonus reward, a parachute will always spawn at all safe houses.

    To know if you have completed a specific base jump the icon will turn from purple to white, purple for not completed and white for completed.

    TBoGT: Diamonds Forever
    Complete the Trinity. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

    To unlock this trophy you need to complete the mission ‘Not So Fast‘.

    Mission Objectives

    In order to complete the mission you must:

    • Get to Yusuf’s chopper.
    • Fly to the roof of the Libertonian.
    • Climb down the scaffolding to the window overlooking the deal.
    • Flee the Libertonian in Yusuf’s chopper.
    • Destroy the pursuing police choppers.
    • Take the helicopter back to the helipad.

    100% Objectives Needed for Bronze “TBoGT: Gold Star”

    • Complete the mission in 4:35.
    • Take less than 20% damage.
    • Take less than 80% helicopter damage.
    TBoGT: Four Play
    Hit a flag with a golf ball four times. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

    The golf course is introduced to you after you complete the mission ‘Practice Swing‘ for Gay Tony. You can go there any time after completing the mission and play against one of your friends in your phone contacts, or a random AI character. The flag will be in a random part of the golf course after each shot.

    swing bar

    You can press the R2 button to zoom in on the target you are going to hit. Use the fact that you can zoom in onto where you’re aiming to adjust your aim on the bottom(ish) part of the flagpole. Then press the Cross button to start the swinging. Let it rise to the top of the bar, and then try to press Cross just as it goes past the line marked on the way back down.

    You have to press Cross when the white line is the black line or try to get it as close as possible.
    TBoGT: Bear Fight 
    Win the L.C. Cage Fighters championship. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

    To win the L.C. Cage Fighters Championship, you need to defeat 16 enemies across 6 different rounds. The side activity is unlocked after completing the mission Momma’s Boy. It is possible to get the trophy during the mission if you win.

    L1Pick up
    L2Lock on target
    TriangleAlternative Punch/Counter

    Below are some general tips to make this easier:

    • Make a hard save before attempting this trophy and reload the save if you die.
    • For the first 2 rounds just attack your enemies without countering as they don’t have weapons.
    • Don’t worry about losing a little bit of health in the first rounds as after each round you receive a health bonus.
    • In the third round, the second enemy will have a baseball bat and the third will have a knife.
    • When the enemy with the baseball bat comes out, start SPAMMING dodge (Cross ) after you dodge/crouch spam (CircleTriangle ) to counter-attack and take the baseball bat/knife from him, and making the whole trophy a lot easier.
    • Do this for the rest of the rounds and you will easily obtain this trophy.

    it is worth bearing in mind that if you finish a round with less than full health, spectating the next fight will replenish it completely. It will cost $50 to spectate, but you can bet money on the next fight, after which it costs another $100 to re-enter the tournament without losing progress.

    TBoGT: Catch the Bus 
    Dance perfectly in both Tony’s nightclubs. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

    To obtain this trophy you will have to Dance Almost perfectly in both of Tony’s nightclubs (Hercules and Maisonette 9)
    The description makes you think you need to dance “perfectly” but you don’t, you just need to dance well-enough to start a special dance. In Hercules If you don’t do well enough, the girl you are dancing with will kiss you and the dance is over, and you need to start again. In Maisonette 9 If you don’t do well enough, the girl will take you to the bathroom for some “Aggressive cuddling” and you need to start again to get the bus to start.

    The bus stop dance is a really long Quick Time Event, just be sure to press the correct button or move the analog stick in the right direction. There will be a speaker on the bottom left corner, it will become bigger and smaller with the beat, you will have to move the analog stick side to side when the speaker is at its smallest size. ( Left Stick: RightLeft Stick: RightLeft Stick: RightLeft Stick: Right OR Left Stick: LeftLeft Stick: LeftLeft Stick: LeftLeft Stick: Left OR Left Stick: LeftLeft Stick: RightLeft Stick: LeftLeft Stick: Right ) and then you will have to do a hold which is tapping both L2 and R2 when they pop up and are at their biggest size.

    TBoGT: Snow Queen
    Complete 25 drug wars. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

    The Drug War missions are mini-games that are unlocked quite early into the main story of the game.

    You can use taxi’s to instantly travel to Drug War missions. They take around 10 – 15 minutes to complete. After the first mission is completed, two or three Drug War missions will unlock across the map. Also, the AI who accompany you will spawn in cars near you if you drive too far away, so no need to wait for them.

    TBoGT: Adrenaline Junkie
    Freefall for the longest possible time. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

    To unlock this trophy you have to open your parachute at the last second possible. You can do this by flying a helicopter very high and jumping out, then pressing Cross to open your parachute when the hight line on the mini-map is about to touch the bottom the edges of the maps circumference.

    You could spawn an (Annihilator helicopter) using the cheat code 359-555-0100 in your phone.

    Note: This can also be done during the mission ‘This Ain’t Checkers‘ but not during ‘Blog This!…‘ ‘…Blog This!‘ as although you do use a parachute the height lines are glitched.

    TBoGT: Maestro 
    Finish the Ballad. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

    To unlock this trophy you need to complete the mission ‘Departure Time‘.

    Mission Objectives

    In order to complete the mission the player must:

    • Go to Crocket Ave.
    • Go into Funland.
    • Destroy the heroin.
    • Get to the other side of Funland.
    • Destroy the remaining heroin shipment.
    • Take out Timur and get to the airport in 2 hours.
    • Get on the bike.
    • Get to Dukes Expressway.
    • Follow Yusuf to the airport.
    • Chase after The Blue Ghawar jet.
    • Take out Bulgarin’s men.
    • Execute Bulgarin.
    • Go to the Dukes Monoglobe.

    100% Objectives Needed for Bronze “TBoGT: Gold Star”

    • Complete the mission in under 10:00.
    • Take less than 50% damage.
    • Kill 25 enemies via headshots.
    • Have 70% Accuracy.
    TBoGT: Past the Velvet Rope
    Score 80% or above in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

    Check BronzeTBoGT: Gold Star” for more details on obtaining this trophy.

    TBoGT: Gold Star
    Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

    This is the hardest and grindiest trophy in the DLC. There are 27 missions in TBoGT each mission has specific criteria to get 100% e.g. accuracy, player damage, time, etc. You can replay missions to get your score higher by selecting them on your phone. This replay option is available after you complete the main story for the first time. You don’t have to do every mission objective in one go, you can do them one at a time by replaying multiple times.

    You will not be able to achieve 100% if:

    • You take a taxi cab during the mission.
    • You use any cheat code during the mission.
    • You ”replay” the mission after a failed attempt.

    General tips for this trophy:

    • You can input a cheat on your phone to get full health and armor before starting the mission (362-555-0100)
    • If you chose not to cheat, make sure to buy armor at a gun store and regenerate your health before replaying a mission
    • sometimes avoid following the GPS and finding a faster way to the location you need to go to.
    • Always aim for the head. It’s easier to get a headshot with a pistol than an automatic weapon.

    For the more exclusive and specific objectives for missions refer to the GTA Series video guides for all 27 missions on TbogT created by ​GTA Series Videos.


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