Grand Theft Auto V: Celebrate Halloween With Exclusive Discounts And Bonuses

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    It’s Halloween season in the thrilling world of San Andreas as Rockstar Games continues to celebrate the season with its players in this week’s content update, with vehicle discounts, double money and some unique collectible masks among the additions within Grand Theft Auto V ‘s GTA Online this week.

    With Grand Theft Auto V celebrating its tenth birthday in recent weeks, Rockstar has overseen an increase in the amount of returning players who have rebooted their characters and returned to Los Santos, Blaine County, and other surrounding areas.

    Here is a review of everything Rockstar Games have added to their game for this week’s Halloween-themed weekly update…

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    Ghost Hunting

    This week will be the final opportunity for players to earn the ‘ghosts exposed’ lively for the Albany Brigham vehicle in GTA Online. In order to receive this gift, players will need to photograph ten ghosts for the crew. In order to begin this, you will need to wait for an in-game text message to appear from the ‘Ghost Exposed’ team within the game.

    Similarly, players have been given the exclusive opportunity to complete objectives within the game which will earn them several unique masks that are rare within the current game and will give your characters the true Halloween experience.

    Grand Theft Auto V - New Cars
    Credit: Rockstar Games

    Returning Vehicles & New Games

    In recent months, Rockstar Games removed over 200 vehicles from the in-game websites such as Southern San Andreas or Luxury Motorsport but with the return of the Halloween content update, five popular vehicles have returned to the game.

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    The Albany Franken Stange is a sports classic vehicle that has returned to the game for one week only and is also available with a 50% discount. Speaking of half-price discounts, the Declasse Tornado Rat Rod is also available, whilst the motorcycle known as the LCC Sanctus is back with a 40% discount. Finally, one of the rarest cars in GTA Online history (Chariot Romero Hearse) is available for purchase with a 50% discount.

    If you own an arcade in your game, players will have the option to purchase a Halloween-themed game for their business. This game is also known as the Camhedz, which is a shooting game and can be purchased using the laptop inside of your Arcade business.

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    Free Rewards

    How could you not love a freebie? Rockstar Games is this week rewarding players with a free Halloween parachute bag and mask for simply logging into a GTA Online session this week.

    If hunting is more your style, Rockstar has added 200 separate Jack-O’-Lanterns in the game for players to collect. Each lantern is scattered around the map from Los Santos International Airport to Sandy Shores and will earn players an in-game cash bonus as well as Halloween-themed items. By completing ten of these, players will earn themselves additional rewards as well as an overall reward for completing all 200 of these this week.

    Triple/Double Rewards

    This week, GTA Online players can earn triple cash and RP in three different ways throughout the game. Firstly, competing in business battles within your online public sessions will earn you more money and a chance at unlocking some exclusive Halloween-themed items. Similarly, players can also earn triple rewards within all free-mode challenges within your online sessions. Also acting as an associate or bodyguard will earn you triple rewards as well as the Amber Vintage Devil mask as well as participating in the condemned game mode.

    Finally, players can earn double rewards for participating in all Halloween themed game-modes, with the full list being; Alien Survivals, Judgement Day, Slasher, Slashers, Lost vs. Damned and the Halloween Bunker Series.

    Credit: Rockstar Games

    Full List Of Special Weekly Vehicles

    During the week, players can also unlock or purchase a rare selection of vehicles from in-game stores both online and around the map. Here is the full list…

    Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom – Western Zombie Bobber, Dundreary Landstalker XL, Albany Franken Stange, Chariot Romero Hearse and Declasse Tornado Rat Rod.

    Luxury Autos Showroom – LCC Sanctus and Overflod Autarch

    Lucky Wheel (Casino) – Karin Everon

    LS Car Meet –  Bravado Rat-Loader, Western Zombie Chopper, and Albany Lurcher (Podium Vehicle – Nagasaki Chimera)


    Here is your full list of exclusive in-game discounts for GTA Online players this week…

    Penaud La Coureuse 20% off, LCC Sanctus 40% off, Överflöd Autarch 40% off, Albany Lurcher 40% off, Western Zombie Bobber 50% off, Albany Roosevelt Valor 50% off, Albany Fränken Stange 50% off, Chariot Romero Hearse 50% off and Declasse Tornado Rat Rod 50% off

    Gun Van – Pipe Wrench, Widowmaker (40% off for GTA+ Members), Up-N-Atomizer (40% off for GTA+ Members), Unholy Hellbringer (40% off for GTA+ Members), Service Carbine (20% off), Heavy Rifle (40% off for GTA+ Members), Baseball Bat, Nightstick, Tactical SMG, Grenades, Molotovs, Proximity Mines and Armor

    GTA+ Member Rewards

    Finally, GTA+ players will continue to unlock their monthly in-game cash bonus of $500k as well as access to the Vinewood Car Club. However, this week they will also be able to access 40% off all alien-based weapons (as listed above), double rewards on all Halloween death matches, free clothing and the Albany Brigham vehicle with the love fist lively.

    This week will be an action-packed week for all GTA Online players, with plenty of money-making opportunities, discounts, and returning vehicles to purchase as quickly as possible before they disappear for another year.

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