Grizzland Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 1 – 2 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Grizzland Trophy Guide! The game that is a homage to old side scrollers. It’s partly open world, with no real directions on where to go. Technically you can go anywhere! Now, come, sit, and get an easy and quick platinum!


    Step 1: Complete the game

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    There’s only one stage, as everything can be gotten by the 4th boss, and you can go back and explore at your leisure. So by the end of this stage, you’ll have the platinum.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Gold Gardener
    Gold Ninja
    Gold Bird
    Gold Sorcerer
    Gold Counsellor
    Gold Collector
    Gold Scientist
    Gold Strike!
    Gold Merchant
    Silver Strange Guy
    Gold Wizard
    Silver Rookie
    Gold Scout
    40-platinum Hero

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    Trophy Guide:

    Unlock all other trophies
    Gardener Gold
    Water a tree

    Getting this trophy requires you to water a tree. To do that, you have too hit all the checkpoints in the level to get “water”. You’ll then get a notice to water a tree and beat the level, then this trophy will unlock.

    Ninja Gold
    Beat Kein

    This is the first boss and appears in level 2. This boss is quite easy. He will run at you and you attack him when he’s close. He has two attacks. When he turns invisible, items will drop from the sky. Easy enough to dodge. It’s the second attack that’s harder. He will lean back a little and throw a ninja star at you. This is the attack you have to watch for. Once you beat him, the trophy unlocks.

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    Bird Gold
    Beat Alternib

    To be able to kill this boss, you have to acquire double jump, which is after the Ninja boss, Kein. Once you have double jump, you jump to the other side of the boss and start attacking his back. He will call down 3 swords to do damage to you as his attack. Simply stand between two of them to dodge them, and keep attacking. Once he is defeated, this trophy will unlock.

    Sorcerer Gold
    Beat Zodius

    This boss is rough. First of all, you have to try and hit him as many times as possible when you see him. Could hit him twice, could hit him seven times. The reason for this is because he teleports after every hit. After about ten seconds, the boss will disappear and you’ll be tasked to just dodge objects like crazy. After you dodge enough, the boss will reappear. Try to hit him as many times as possible, then rinse and repeat until he’s dead. After you defeat him, the trophy will unlock.

    Counsellor Gold
    Beat Shaderik

    This boss is in the fourth level and to the right. In the same vein as the Sorcerer, you only have a set time to hit him. Luckily though, after that time, you get thrown into a random, easy, obstacle course. Get through it to the end, and then the boss will appear and you can take your chance at attacking him again! Once he’s beaten, the trophy will unlock.

    Collector Gold
    Collect the 4 main items

    All you have to do to get this trophy is gather all 4 of the main items. These come as you progress through the game. The items are as follows:

    • Sword: Shortly after the start of the game, after you pass the tree, you get your items taken. As you go back to the left, you get the sword.
    • Feather: Shortly after the sword, you fall down a hole and have to go right. You find this at the end of this corridor.
    • Double Jump: You find this item after you kill the Ninja boss in level 2.
    • Mini: This item is found after you kill the Sorcerer boss in level 3.
    Scientist Gold
    Bring someone a living bat

    To get this trophy, you have to bring back a bat enemy to a cage in level 2. After the Bird boss, Alternib, you’ll find someone with a cage. If you talk to them, they’ll say they lost their bat. If you go back left, you’ll see a bat enemy. Get this bat to follow you all the way back to the cage until it touches it, and you’ll finish this side quest and get the trophy.

    Strike! Gold
    Break 3 vases with 1 melee hit

    In the bottom right of the map, in level 1, you’ll come across a save point with 3 jars underneath it. Jump and attack in the air to do a spin move. If you don’t destroy all 3 pots in one hit, leave the screen and hold triangle to die, then try again.

    Merchant Gold
    Buy an item from the shop

    In level 3, when you’re exploring the right side of the level, you’ll come to a symbol between two candles. If you stand at it, the screen shakes and a door opens. This is the merchant. Simply go inside and buy something.

    Strange Guy upscale-245262160018212
    Find 1 secret room

    Hidden rooms are noticeable by weird effects on the map, that resemble particles floating from the ground. Just below are the 3 earliest secret rooms that can be found.

    1. After you get the feather, go to the tree and go left. In the alcove on the other side of the drop is a portal
    2. In level 2, on the left side of the map, after you get double jump, work your way up, and left. Eventually, you’ll hit a dead-end, but a platform with a hole in it will be on screen. Jump into the hole for a secret area.
    3. In level 3 of the left side of the map, at the end of a mini-maze, you’ll see a teleporter. If you enter it you get flung all the way right. You’ll see two figures on a platform above you. Jump up to them, then jump left and keep going and you’ll enter a secret area.
    Wizard Gold
    Find 3 secret rooms

    To get this trophy, you have to find 3 hidden rooms. Hidden rooms are noticed by weird particle effects coming up from the ground in one certain spot. Refer to SilverStrange Guy for all the earliest hidden rooms.

    Rookie upscale-245262160018212
    Find a secret note

    For this trophy to unlock, you need to find a single note. Notes give a little more on the world, and aren’t needed for anything. Below are the 5 earliest notes you can get:

    1. At the bottom right side of the map, you can jump on a floating platform, then jump into an alcove. A note is here.
    2. In the bottom left of the map, there’ll be a save point with an enemy to the left. You can walk through the wall to this note.
    3. In the third level, at the save point just before the Sorcerer boss, if you go right, you’ll see a weird thing on the ground. If you stand on this, you get flung upwards. Do this and go left and find this note.
    4. In the third level, once you get the mini ability, and you’re going through the maze, you’ll be attacked by a bunny. Once you’re past it, you’ll see a slope. Go up as far as you can, then jump over to the right. You’ll be running on top of the maze, and you’ll eventually get to this note.
    5. In the third level, from the bunny as the last collectible, keep heading left up the slope instead of jumping right. You’ll be in another mini maze. You’ll eventually hit a checkpoint and drop down. Immediately head right through the wall to find this note.
    Scout Gold
    Find 5 secret notes

    This trophy requires you to get 5 Notes. Notes are.collectibles, that are scattered around as lore pieces in the world. Refer to “Rookie” to find the 5 earliest notes in the game!


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