Guard Duty Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 1/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 2 – 5 hours
    Missable trophies: BronzeAssassin’s Greed
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Guard Duty Trophy Guide! Join Agent Starborn to save the Earth, and vanquish an evil that has been around for centuries!
    This game is developed by Sick Chicken Studios and published by Ratalaika Games.


    Step 1: Play the game

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    Really, this game only needs one step. All the trophies except 1 come from story progression, and even if you miss the missable, you can get it in 5 minutes of starting the game. Enjoy the weirdness, and have fun! If you get the one missable, you’ll have the plat at the end! Check the walkthrough section if you want a step by step guide.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Bronze Airborne
    Bronze Pucker Up
    Bronze Assassin’s Greed
    Bronze Suited and Booted
    Bronze Royal Blood
    Bronze Wicked Words
    Silver Speak In Tongues
    Silver Photo Op
    Silver Papers, Please
    Silver Mind The Gap
    Silver Two Birds
    Gold Special Delivery
    Gold New Lands
    Gold Open Sesame
    Gold Guardian Duty
    Gold Armed and Dangerous
    Gold Against All Odds
    Gold ???
    Gold Two Of A Kind
    Gold Turn Up The Heat
    40-platinum Platinum Guard

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    Step 2: Get the missable trophy

    If you managed to miss the one missable trophy, now is the time to get it. Luckily it’s within the first 5 minutes of the game and doesn’t take long to get!

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    Video Walkthrough

    Trophy Walkthrough


    – Pick Up the Dart;
    – Try to open the Hatch;
    – Grab the Rope;
    – Open Inventory and use the rope with the Window;
    – Interact with the rope;
    – Go left into the castle;
    – Continue left and talk to some guards (BronzeAirborne);
    – Grab the boot on the right side of the screen;
    – Leave by going down;
    – Go to the gate;
    – Leave the area;
    – Go to the market;
    – Pick up the other boot next to the fountain;
    – Interact with the fountain;
    – Open the inventory and grab a coin and use it with the assassin in the hay pile (Bronze Assassin’s Greed);
    – Interact with the men in the stall. Choose “I have some coin now…”;
    – Open Inventory and hit circle on the “froot”;
    – Go to the farm;
    – Use the net in your inventory, on the bridge;
    – Leave the area and come back and chase the frog to the net and grab it;
    – Go back to the market and use the frog with Girtrude! Yuck! (BronzePucker Up);
    – Pick up your trousers! (About time);
    – Walk over to the fruit stall, and open your inventory and use the To-Do list on the men and get Medusa Root;
    – Use Medusa Root on yourself;
    – Go to the gate again;
    – Check “The Usual Spot” under the sign on the right;
    – Use the key on the chest;
    – Go to the farm;
    – Use a piece of armor on yourself from the inventory, and get changed out of your underwear! (BronzeSuited and Booted);
    – Go to the castle and go see the guards who kicked you out and watch the cutscene.

    ACT 1

    – Once you get control again, you unlock Bronze Royal Blood;
    – Talk to the guard and ask about the “Crime Scene” and Hendrick;
    – Go to the market and talk to Hendrick who’s between the fruit stand and the store;
    – Go into the bar on the left;
    – Talk to the guy playing darts and ask where he was in the morning;
    – Talk to the mage at the bar and exhaust all of the dialogue (Bronze Wicked Words);
    – Interact with the “Lost Box” on the left and get the key to your bedroom;
    – Open the book you got from the mage by pressing circle on it in the inventory;
    – Go to the castle;
    – Go all the way right until you see a sign for “Staff Quarters”. Go in the door and up the ladder;
    – Look out your window and you’ll talk about the book and get a new item;
    – Go to the hallway with two guards and go up the right stairs to the Library;
    – Use the library card with the bookkeeper;
    – Look at the “E” shelf for Ancient languages book;
    – Grab the ladder, then climb it (Silver Speak In Tongues);
    – Interact with everything in the book;
    – Go to the gate and talk to the guard and interact with the crank;
    – Go to the castle and talk to the clerk about “DLC” and an ID Card;
    – Go to the library and go in the back door;
    – Tell the man “The King Wants To See Him In The Throne Room Or He’ll Cut His Head Off”;
    – Knock the shelf down;
    – Grab the strip of film off the right side table;
    – Interact with the camera;
    – Take the side off, load the film reel in, pull the lever, flick the switch, and exit;
    – Interact with the foot panel on the floor;
    – Use the photo with the Developing Solution, then Fixer Liquid, then the Sink (Silver Photo Op);
    – Interact with the shutter on the right side of the room to leave;
    – Go into the castle and use the Fake ID on the Clerk (Silver Papers, Please);
    – Go to the gate and use the DLC on the guard to leave the castle.

    ACT 2

    – Go to the top right map selection, and watch the scene play out (Silver Mind The Gap);
    – Go to the spot of the map with a worm popping in and out;
    – Interact with the rope to drop the knight;
    – Go to the forest in the bottom right of the world map. Go through until you reach a cave with a person and monster in it;
    – Grab the ladder;
    – Go back to the monster put and use the ladder on the knight;
    – After you fail the minigame, go back to the forest and go to the cave where the woman and troll were;
    – Leave the forest;
    – Use the dart on the Festering Sore;
    – In the forest, move to the top of the area until you encounter the spider, the go left, hit the web, down, left, hit the web, down, down, hit the web, left, down, hit the web, then finally left. (Silver Two Birds);
    – Pick up the venom glands;
    – Go back to where the spider is first seen, and interact with the knight;
    – Go back to where the spider died, and leave the foggy woods;
    – Go back to the cave with the troll;
    – Interact with the hot stew;
    – Leave the forest and go to the frozen cart;
    – Use the hot stew on the cart;
    – Interact with the supplies;
    – Go back to the troll cave and give the paint to the artist (Gold Special Delivery);
    – Pick up the paint bucket;
    – Go back to the giant gap, and use the gears with the catapult (Gold New Lands);
    – Interact with the Dead Adventurer;
    – Go up twice and enter the Snow Fields;
    – Use the compass to go Northwest. The directions are up, left, right;
    – Interact with the packsack;
    – Keep going right until you can enter a cave;
    – Use Cereal Oats on the Goat;
    – Go back to the frozen knight and use the Goat on him;
    – Interact with the knight repeatedly;
    – Move the knight onto a pressure plate;
    – Use the Goat on a pressure plate;
    – Stand on the unoccupied plate;
    – Enter the door (GoldOpen Sesame);
    – Use the dagger on Theremin.

    ACT 3

    – After the cutscene at the opening, you’ll get Gold Guardian Duty;
    – Talk to the big robot machine, and pick random numbers to start a lockdown;
    – Use the panel and flick the three bottom switches before it stops a lockdown;
    – Use the gun with the elevator to get the sentry outside;
    – Use the gun anywhere on screen to cause a lockdown;
    – Continue to the right and try the elevator;
    – Go left and then watch a cutscene;
    – Interact with the droid and exhaust all dialogue;
    – Use the communicator and talk to Rugratt about the robot;
    – Interact with the robot again and get a look at it’s neck;
    – Talk to Rugratt again about the droid;
    – Interact with the droid and say you have a question. Exhaust all dialogue options;
    – Pick up the Weapon;
    – Use the weapon on the photon beams;
    – Go left into the elevator;
    – Go to the Research Labs;
    – Continue right and interact with the door;
    – Go back to the elevator and go to cell block A;
    – Go to the robot you killed and drag the body (Gold Armed and Dangerous);
    – Go back to the research labs;
    – Pick up the severed arm;
    – Interact with the door and go inside;
    – Interact with the terminal and click “ReleaseCell.DX”;
    – Pick up Power Cell;
    – Go to the right and use the exposed wires at the terminal;
    – Grab the green power cell;
    – Go left and put it where the red cell was;
    – Use the terminal and click tank 1 or 4 and press assign;
    – Use the belt system;
    – Interact with the valves at the bottom of the tank;
    – Go right and see a crystal;
    – Interact with the terminal to the left of the big monster;
    – After the cutscene, interact with the console again (GoldAgainst All Odds);
    – Interact with the MediGun Station;
    – Interact with the note beside the bed;
    – Go right out of the room;
    – Interact with the Control Panel with the red screen;
    – Go right to a new screen;
    – Interact with the valve twice;
    – Interact with the Tech Lab door;
    – Interact with the valve again;
    – Interact with the General;
    – Interact with the MediGun station;
    – Interact the MediTech Station and use the red and blue vials, then interact with it again, and once more afterwards and use green and purple vials;
    – Go to the right and interact with the lift access controls;
    – Interact with the note;
    – Interact with the terminal (Gold ???);
    – Enter either door, and keep going right and you’ll see a cutscene (Gold Two Of A Kind);
    – Use the cereal oats on the Goat;
    – Use the Goat on a pressure pad;
    – Stand on a pressure pad then interact with the agent;
    – Move the agent to a pressure pad;
    – Click on Tonbert and go in the door;
    – Walk up the stairs and use the Ceremonial Dagger on the Princess;
    – During the cutscene Gold Turn Up The Heat and 40-platinum Platinum Guard will pop.

    Trophy Guide:

    Platinum Guard
    Get all other trophies
    Get kicked out of the Castle

    Once you start the game, grab the rope from the wall, use it on the window, and you’ll go out it. Next, you have to go into the castle on the left side of the screen. Continue going left and you’ll talk to two guards. You’ll see a scene and the trophy will unlock.

    Pucker Up
    Girtrude finds a new friend

    This will unlock once you get the toad from the farm and use it on Girtrude in the market! Then you’ll see quite the scene.

    Assassin’s Greed
    Make a charitable donation

    In the market, there’s an assassin in a pile of hay. Simply open up the inventory and select the coin and use it with him and the trophy pops.

    Suited And Booted
    Find a quiet place to get dressed

    After you acquire all your pieces of armor, you go to the farm to finally get changed out of your underwear! Yay clothes!

    Royal Blood
    Deliver the news to King Theodore

    You get this automatically at the start of Act 1!

    Wicked Words
    A book bound with flesh

    In Act 1, you’ll be able to enter the bar. Once you’re inside, you have to talk to the mage at the bar. Exhaust all dialogue options and eventually, he’ll tell you about a book, and then give it to you!

    Speak In Tongues upscale-245262160018212
    Translate the creepy book

    This unlocks once you translate the creepy book in the castle library in Act 1!

    Photo Op upscale-245262160018212
    Successfully snap a photo

    In Act 1, when you need to get a piece of ID to get the DLC, you’ll need to go to the library. Once you finish the puzzle in the room and get your ID, the trophy unlocks!

    Papers, Please upscale-245262160018212
    Get the Wildlands DLC

    In Act 1, right after you get the Fake ID from the study room, go back to the castle and use said ID with the clerk and get this trophy.

    Mind The Gap upscale-245262160018212
    Fail to make it across the Elder Scar

    In Act 2, at the beginning, you’ll have 4 options of places to go. Go to the top right. Watch the scene play out and the trophy is yours.

    Two Birds upscale-245262160018212
    Deal with the Spider

    In Act 2, you’ll be in a foggy forest having to deal with a spider. Once you get rid of it, this trophy unlocks.

    Special Delivery Gold
    Return the paint to it’s rightful owner

    In Act 2, once you melt the ice and get the supplies, you take the paint back to the troll cave for the painter. Now she can paint the wall red!

    New Lands Gold
    Venture North, beyond the Scar

    In Act 2, after you finally fix the catapult and have a helmet, you can get shot over the gap, and end up in a new area, with a shiny new trophy too!

    Open Sesame Gold
    Find a way to open the door

    In Act 2, once you’re in the snowy mountains and see a great big door in a cave, you’ll be tasked to open it. Once you use the frozen knight, the goat, and yourself on the pressure plates, and enter the door, the trophy unlocks.

    Guardian Duty Gold
    Meet the Guardians

    Unlocked instantly after the cutscene at the beginning of Act 3.

    Armed And Dangerous Gold
    Insult to injury

    In Act 3, once you drag the security bots body to the elevator and cut off his arm, this will pop.

    Against All Odds Gold
    Never give up

    In Act 3, after you get the big green crystal, this trophy will unlock during the cutscene after you get hurt from a nasty fall.

    ??? Gold
    Something amiss

    In Act 3, after you’ve finally saved the general and are able to use the elevator, you end up in a teleporter room. After you get sent back into time, this trophy unlocks.

    Two Of A Kind Gold
    Rendezvous with a familiar face

    In Act 3, once you’re floating in time, keep going right and you’ll see a cutscene and then this trophy will unlock.

    Turn Up The Heat Gold
    End it, once and for all

    In Act 3, once you’re in the sacrifice room again, and you use the dagger on the princess, this trophy pops during the cutscene.


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    1. Not gonna lie, this is the second best Monkey Island-style point-and-click high fantasy, cyberpunk, Metal Gear Solid game I have ever played. If anyone is interested, I’m selling some fine leather jackets by the way.

      Thanks for the guide as always.

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