Gutwhale Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum: 15/20 Mins.
    Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0 .
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: N/A


    Welcome to the Gutwhale Trophy Guide!
    Descend deep down into the gut, keep your ammo close, unlock weird hats, and get crushed by a van!
    This game is developed by Stuffed Wombat and published on consoles by Ratalaika Games.


    Step 1: Tutorial & Finish the game
    Each run of this game can be easily done in less than 2 minutes once you got the hang of it. Keep trying and improving until you master the game.
    The game has three levels with 4 layers each one and you need to clear them all from the enemies to access the next layer.
    If you want the best route and tips to learn everything before even starting, make sure to read the Tips and Strategies section of this guide.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Gold SKULL
    Gold RICH

    Step 2: True ending & Cleanup
    Now that you are a Gutwhale master, you should only have a few “grindy” trophies left and the true ending-related one. Keep playing to unlock them all and check the video below in this guide’s Tips and Strategies section. to discover how to unlock the true ending.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Gold THE END
    Gold FROG-HAT
    Gold 5 COMBO
    Gold 10 COMBO
    Gold KILL 50 FROGS
    40-platinum Platinum Gutwahle

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    Tips and Strategies:

    Gutwhale is an infinite action roguelike where you only have one bullet you need to pick it up again after shooting it. If not tackled in the correct way, this game can be a pain to beat.
    However, if you read and follow all the tips here, you won’t have trouble mastering the game pretty quickly.

    • Learn how to keep an active combo. Learn to press to jump and hold it to airwalk and shooting while doing that;
    • You can airwalk right after cleaning a layer to optimize the next kill and keep the combo;
    • Try to reach the last layer of the first level with all the hearts. Remember to use the Normal Face to begin the game with 3 hearts;
    • Every time you clean the fourth layer of the first two levels, a frog will fall from the upper left side of the room; Make sure to dodge it to avoid useless damage;
    • Once you reach the fourth layer of the first level, consider picking up the free point increase. You will get a boost of 50 points that will help you reach the 180 points needed to buy the God Hat for the last level;
    • Once you reach the end of the second level, buy the God Hat to have 5 hearts in total that will surely help you to make it alive to the end of the game.

    Enemies Breakdown:

    First level:

    • Fishes – They will float back and forth while descending. It can destroy the blocks;
    • Jellyfishes – They will chase you so be sure to kill them first;
    • Blobs – They will shoot 1-2 projectiles from time to time close to them.

    Second level:

    • Skulls – These enemies will drop once you walk under them. They can be killed with 2 bullets or by hitting their weak spot on the head (the red part);
    • Spinning Blades – These enemies are annoying as they sprint towards you and are hard to hit. Be sure to always aim for them as the first enemy;
    • Sea anemones – Like the blobs, they shoot 1-2 projectiles from time to time close to them and they will shoot another one above them upon death.

    Third level:

    • Worms – They run back and forth trying to smash you. They are though as they need from 2 to 3 bullets to die;
    • Frogs – As usual, they chase you while jumping at you. Let them land and kill them;
    • Spaceships – They will shoot towards you from time to time. 

    Video Walkthrough

    Last but not least, here you can find a gameplay video where you can find everything you need to get the platinum. Happy trophy hunting!

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    Trophy Guide:

    Platinum Gutwhale
    Get all other trophies
    GETTING STARTED upscale-245262160018212
    Beat the first level

    You will get this trophy after completing the first level of the game. 

    Beat the second level

    You will get this trophy after completing the second level of the game. 

    Beat the third level

    You will get this trophy after completing the third level of the game. 

    THE END Gold
    See the true ending

    To get the true ending, you need to first complete the game at least one time. 

    Once you are back in the starting room, you will see that the door on the right will be now open. Proceed through it and keep going upstairs until you reach the top room.
    Here you will find a button on the far left that, if pressed, will give you the ability to move the cursor at the center of the room.

    Grab the little icons down below and use them to create some sorts of steps to reach the light at the top of the room. Jump on them (Use the Workout Hat to jump higher) and reach the light to trigger the true ending.
    Check the video above in the Tips and Strategies section of this guide for a visual breakdown (Related part begins at 01:54).

    FROG-HAT Gold
    Unlock the frog-hat

    This trophy is kinda grindy as you will have to set to zero the counter you can see on the big frog at the end of every level. It has a counter of 50, which means that you will have to hit the frog with a bullet (or with yourself if you want to die) 50 times. 

    The fastest way to get this trophy is to reach the final layer of the first level, shoot at the frog, kill yourself against it and repeat until you get the trophy.  

    5 COMBO Gold
    Get a combo of 5

    Refer to the Gold 10 COMBO trophy description for more details.

    10 COMBO Gold
    Get a combo of 10

    To get a combo you have to shoot at an enemy and pick up the bullet again without letting it touching the ground. This mechanic of the game will be really useful to get a lot of points to buy upgrades, hearts, and the God Hat later on level 3.

    Shoot, kill, quickly pick up the bullet again and repeat until you get a 10x combo. Keep in mind that if you miss a shot, or the bullet hits the ground the combo will reset. 

    SKULL Gold
    Kill your first skull enemy

    Skull enemies can be found from level 2. These will try to smash you once you step under them but you can easily kill them by hitting the red part of their heads. You can also kill them normally but you will need to use 2 bullets instead of one.  

    KILL 50 FROGS Gold
    Kill up to 50 frogs (accumulative)

    Frogs can be found in the last level of the game. However, you can also wear the Frog Hat and every enemy will be turned into a frog. 
    Kill 50 of them to unlock the trophy.

    Buy an upgrade

    This trophy can be earned at the end of the first level or at the end of the second level. The only thing you need to do is to spend your points to buy one of the various upgrades available. 

    Here a list:

    • Heart (40 points after the first layer, 120 points after the second layer);
    • Shell (25 points after the first layer);
    • Two Shells (75 points after the second layer);
    • Bullet Bowler Hat: 3 hearts, attracts bullets (costs 60 points);
    • Hart Hat: 4 hearts (costs 60 points).
    Get a free point increase

    This trophy can be earned at the end of the first level or at the end of the second level. The only thing you need to do is to pick up one of the two free points increase available. These will give you 50 or 100 free points but you won’t receive any heart. 

    RICH Gold
    Get 100 points

    100 points is a fairly easy score to reach, You won’t have any troubles, keep up the combo to fasten the process. 


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