Hi-Fi Rush Review

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    In Hi-Fi Rush, get marked as a defective person and the company wants to terminate you, what they do not know is that you got awesome music and rhythm powers. Here is our full Hi-Fi Rush Review.

    Hi-Fi Rush is developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released on January 25, 2023, for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

    During the story of Hi-Fi Rush, you get some cool powers that make you feel the beat, something that is being visualized throughout the whole game with everything you see, but if you are like me, this will kinda fade away in the heat of the action. The whole game revolves around you keeping on beat, from jumping to dodging and from parrying to attacking, everything needs to be on the beat, something that didn’t work out for me the more I played because for some reason I just kept messing up after I tried to get a longer streak going.

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    Besides some amazing worlds, the boss fights are just epic. Every boss has its own area, gimmick and they have their own skillset that has different ways to defeat. There is only 1 of the bosses that were just a major pain to defeat and that was Korsica. The Koisica boss fight was just the worst, it took forever, and I’m not a fan of that dodge/parry mechanic, something that is the main focus for this boss.

    There are a lot of things that remind me of other games, one of them are the boxes and gears. These are clear reminders of Ratchet and clank and it gives the game kinda the same vibes as Ratchet, but of course, the game itself is not much like the game.

    Everything in the game is just perfect visually all the characters have an actual unique feel to them and the cat looks so extremely cute! In the cutscenes, the visuals change from 3D to an anime style seamlessly and you don’t even notice that they are basically hidden loading screens. I really hope there is something more in the works for this game because its just perfect for an anime adaptation, everything is there to make a perfect world that is just special and unlike a lot of other games

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    The game has an awesome visual style, I love this type of cartoony look with comic book popouts. The only thing that bothers me is the lower frames of the character movements they chose for it, personally, I am not a fan of it, otherwise, I would have given the game a 10 out of 10 for the visuals.

    In the end, my biggest problem was the gameplay itself, while it is a ton of fun, it does get a tiny bit stale if you play and finish the game in 1 run. The game itself isn’t extremely long and it does encourage you to replay some of the levels to get some of the collectibles and to complete the wall mural, but if you have completed the game, it’s not as fun as the 1st time.

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    The game is a ton of fun and a unique and 1 of a kind experience, but the combat is a bit hard to get into and to take a hold off for a longer time.

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    The game is a ton of fun and a unique and 1 of a kind experience, but the combat is a bit hard to get into and to take a hold off for a longer time.Hi-Fi Rush Review