Hidden Through Time Review

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    Hidden Through Time is a cute game of hide-and-seek with items scattered throughout the wonderful history of our world!
    Its release date was on the 12th of March 2020 and now you can play to it on all the platforms you want.
    Developed and published by Crazy Monkey Studios, this game will entertain you for sure. Let’s seek deep into our Hidden Through Time Review!


    At the beginning of the game, you can choose between 3 modes:

    • Story Mode: here, you will follow Clicky on his journey through 4 history periods and help him find all the objects scattered around 26 different levels;
    • Online Mode: Clicky’s adventure continues thanks to the community of this game; you will have plenty of levels created by other players which will test out your abilities;
    • Map Editor: thanks to the amazing in-game editor, you can fulfill your creativity by making amazing levels and sharing them with the community!


    The mechanics of the game are very easy despite the kinda clunky controls.
    By the way, the game is very enjoyable and can result in a challenge too: there are a lot of items that are well-hidden throughout the levels and sometimes they are almost invisible. The hints the game gives you are quite useless so your last option is just to concentrate your gaze.

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    Thankfully, you don’t need to collect every item of a level to unlock the next one. This way you can proceed on your journey and come back with a fresher eye when you want.

    If you have a creative mind, you can choose the map editor and make the level of your dreams. This mode is amazing and here you can fulfill your fantasies by building something beautiful.

    You will have at your disposal every item/character you have seen during your playthroughs so free your creativity! Furthermore, you can also share your levels with the community and face up to what other players have made.

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    Graphics & Sounds

    The graphics are cute, colorful, simple, but never trivial. The layout of the map always tells you a different story and you can easily understand what’s happening in every level.

    The soundtrack is poor and it’s composed by a single melody repeated over and over. Thankfully, it doesn’t stick into your mind despite its redundancy. The sound effects of the game are funny and can make you smile too.

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    This game is almost boundless thanks to the editor and the online mode.
    You can always create something new and until there’s an active community, you can always find new levels to complete.


    This game was published with the purpose to have fun together and it succeeded without any doubts.
    Its family-friendly gameplay can entertain everyone. Also, it can do it for a lot of time thanks to its infinite replayability.

    Do you enjoy our Hidden Through Time Review? Go for the platinum trophy/100% achievements for the game! check out our trophy guide on the game: Here!

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    • Easy Gameplay
    • Infinite replayability
    • Simple but amazing graphics
    • Family-friendly


    • Controls kinda clunky
    • Poor soundtrack
    • Some items are too little



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