Hole io Review

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    Hole io is a pretty simple game where you play as a hole trying to swallow everything in its path to become bigger and bigger. Here is our Hole io Review.

    The game was developed by VOODOO and published by QubicGames, it was released on May 20, 2024, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. Hole io is also part of the 20 for 20 – Anniversary Bundle.

    I love phone games like this, but on mobile, you have those pesky ads, so when I heard about the 20 for 20 bundle I just had to get it, and Hole io was part of this bundle, and you probably have seen a game like this on ads a lot. Hole io is exactly the way it looks, you are a hole and swallow everything in your path.

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    Unlike the mobile versions, you have 0 ads, making this game a godlike experience to play because this really is a game you can just lose your time in and forget everything around you. With a Steam deck, this game would probably be even better because it emulates that mobile feel a bit more, but with a mouse and keyboard, it was also a very pleasant game to play.

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    While the game is very simple, there is a lot to do and unlock. You are basically just a hole sucking up everything you can in the time given, but there are also tasks for more coins. With these coins, you can get new skins and maps to play. I personally loved the Shark Skin because it gave you this water trail behind you and also the pirate-style level and the dinosaur level. For some reason the dino level was also a bit harder making it more fun as well.

    There was also this endless mode, but I kinda got stuck there after reaching level 10 and making the game really slow. You basically get as many things in the hole and get some points, at the end of the level you can spend the points for upgrades. I think I made the mistake of not spending enough on making the hole bigger, this made it so I can’t pick up the bigger items and only the small ones that give less points.

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    A solid game that is so much better on PC without ads

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    A solid game that is so much better on PC without adsHole io Review