House Flipper 2 Review

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    I look around and see an incredibly boring room. Time for a renovation! But first some practice in: House Flipper 2. I really enjoyed the first game, it scored pretty well. This means that part 2 can only get better then. Right? Here is our House Flipper 2 Review.

    House Flipper 2 is a simulation game developed by Empyrean and published by Frozen District and PlayWay. In House Flipper 2, you can fix up properties to make a profit. You need to do some tasks that can be performed including painting, laying down tiles, cleaning, installations (not in House Flipper 2), and demolition. Finally, want to settle down? It’s possible to fix and personalize your own homes. You can also sell your renovated house (with profit) and buy a bigger one. Be an alpha and invest in real estate!


    There is a new game mode in House Flipper 2 called Sandbox mode. This mode is perfect for recreating real-life buildings or design projects that exist in your imagination. House Flipper 2 has a few new mechanics.
    Renovation became way easier and more fun (doing stuff is now faster than in the first game). The skills system is still the same.

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    House Flipper 2 is fun to play, you can play the game as a new Flipper but also as a fan of the 1st game.
    I love the new graphics, it’s kind of a cartoonish style. But I can understand people would prefer the “real life” graphics more. A funny aspect is the realism of the doors, objects can obstruct doors from opening. A plus is the grid for aligning objects and the ability to copy style.

    Missing Out

    What I miss is the installation feature from House Flipper 1. They didn’t include this feature in the new game. They also didn’t include the before and after pictures. I don’t know why they did this, but this had a big influence on the score of the game.

    DLC or game?

    The hard question is: is the game more like a DLC or is it a full game? The game has an average of 14 hours. But 40$ is in my opinion quite expensive.

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    Fun to play and better mechanics then the 1st game.

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    1. Thanks for the review, BigMike! I liked how you talked about House Flipper 2. The new Sandbox mode sounds fun, and I’m curious to try it out. I agree with you about missing some features from the first game, like the installation part and the before-and-after pictures.

      The game’s graphics sound cool, even if they’re a bit cartoonish. It’s a bummer that the game is a bit pricey for its length, but your review helps me understand what I’d be getting into.

      Good job on the review, and I’m looking forward to more from you!

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    Fun to play and better mechanics then the 1st game. House Flipper 2 Review