How to Become a Pro Builder in Fortnite

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    Building is by far the most important skill you can master in Fortnite. It is incredibly impressive too, which you will know if you have seen the lightning-fast edits and high-rise buildings some players have made. Building does take a certain amount of practice but the process is really rewarding and fun. You can find maxed-out accounts at ChicksGold. Practicing will involve a lot of grinding, but with this guide, the process will be sped up much more. Welcome to our Fortnite building guide! Let’s get into it.

    Some valuable tips

    Change the binding on your keys – if you have not done this yet, it is absolutely essential that you do it immediately. If you have a mouse that contains some extra buttons it’s a good idea to move some of your controls to them as it is much quicker to press them than one of your keys. If you’re using a controller you should change your settings to ‘builder pro’ to allow maximum pliability.

    Enable turbo building – The difference between turbo building and normal building is that you can press and hold your build key and your next structure will be automatically placed down. When in a normal building setting, you will have to look at an area and manually press the key. Turbo building allows you to do things like quickly spin around and place down walls to make a safe house or just hold in the key when you ramp up to continually do so.

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    Always harvest materials – This is extremely important! People are often reluctant to do this but it’s cardinal to always harvest materials as you are floating around the map or running to the circle.

    Trees, wooden pallets, and fences are great sources of wood – of which you will need at least 600 of as building battles can last for a long time. As you get better battling with other pro players will use more and more resources.

    Brick can be easily harvested all around the map from buildings in towns and boulders lying
    around the landscape. You can find some mining areas with insane amounts of bricks for you to mine at key points around the map which might be worth learning about. It is important to have some brick in your inventory for extra protection and to place a ramp or two.

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    Metal can be gathered by smacking cars, steel fences, girders, and gates. They take a while to harvest but can be clutch in the end, so if you have the extra time, it is well worth mining some metal.

    Learn to edit

    It is extremely important to know how to edit. By being moderately good at just this, you will easily beat up to 90% of the opponents you face, so make sure you master this!

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    The wedge – By selecting three blocks in any corner of a wall a triangle will be created. This is extremely useful to use when you want to get out of a wall quickly, especially when it is in an awkward position. It opens up a big space into which you can shoot too.

    The door – By selecting two blocks that are ontop of each other a door is opened in the wall. This is very useful as an escape route. It can be opened for future use without immediately exposing yourself. Note that this method is risky, so watch your enemies as they can just enter, but you will then have the upper hand still.

    The half wall – By selecting a horizontal line of the top three boxes you can create a half wall. This is useful as cover for you to shoot from or jump over. It is also useful when the wall is sunk into the ground. Many interesting and valuable structures can be made with the half wall. The key is to know how to use it.

    Things to remember

    The techniques listed in this guide are only the basics you need to become a pro builder in
    Fortnite. Although, they are very valuable and are guaranteed to help you beat virtually every opponent if you follow the methods correctly. It is important to do more research of your own and to practice. Grinding is the best way to master building. Enjoy gaming!


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