I ONLY Played NES Games For 30 Days

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    Since playing on the Nintendo Switch, I’ve played more NES games than ever before, I even completed the 1st 3 Super Mario games, something I had never done before. So I wondered if I could survive a full month only playing games on the Nintendo Switch NES Service (+ some not on the service but still on the NES) and keep myself entertained. That’s why I ONLY Played NES Games For 30 Days and here is that journey.

    To be clear, I do try to limit myself to these games, but I had to make some exceptions at times because the site keeps running so I got to make some content on recent games as well, so I did play the Dead Island DLC + some other games that are brand new just to write content. Also, I can’t just ghost my friend for a full month, so I did pick 1 game we play together online… Fallout 76, due to the TV show being out just when we started this “challenge”.

    Week 1

    For my first day, I decided to just pick the games from the game catalog sorted by date of release, so I can go to the start of the NES from what I’ve not played yet. So my 1st game on the list was EarthBound Beginnings, a game I heard a lot about but never really took much interest in. While it’s a good game, I now finally understand why I was never interested in it, because after playing it for a whole day, I had a hard time getting used to the aged gameplay and clunky controls, but still a fun game nonetheless. After a few days, It was time for my first break with Dead Island 2: SoLA, something I needed after a few days of Earthbound because it started to wear me down by a lot, so that was also the moment I fully dropped Earthbound beginnings.

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    My next game on the list was Clu Clu Land, a game I knew nothing about I had some fun with the game but there was nothing really keeping me on it, so I quickly moved on to Baseball… a game I ran away from faster than the slow-moving characters because I wish I just didn’t play that.

    On day 7 day I started off with Ninja JaJaMaru-kun and grew bored pretty quickly I started to think, are NES games just not that good now, are they just not to my taste, or did modern games change my idea of a good game? Because this was another game I only had fun for about 5 minutes before I started to question my choices. After playing Mappy-Land, I just wasn’t sure anymore if the challenge was a good idea…

    Week 2

    Starting off week 2 I went on a spree with the character and game that started the current legacy Nintendo has, Donkey Kong, so I booted that up not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. By no means it was a Super Mario Bros. but it was still a game I didn’t mind playing. After playing some of the other Donkey Kong games I was done, because they were absolutely terrible, so I took the rest of the week off before committing the next mistake…

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    Week 3

    Well, I made another major mistake, Sports games… I never enjoyed sports, so I have no clue what got into me and got me to try them here, but I did, every day I played 1 of the sports games for the NES, from wrestling to volleyball, but none were any good and slowly I started to lose hope again, so I actually didn’t even play much due to being this burned out from the NES. Luckily, in the final week, the tides had turned and I found the gems I expected to play.

    Week 4

    In my final week, I wanted to go out with a bang, so I decided to play some of the games of legends. While some were a bit more disappointing, the majority weren’t. The only one I had less fun with was Kid Icarus, but it was still a pretty good game, but the games that really shined were Metroid and The Legend Of Zelda. Those were the games I absolutely loved and I see why they are still being played today and why new games are being made for them till this day.

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    Can you survive playing only NES games? yes, pretty easy. Would you want to? No, probably not. Kids back in the day didn’t go outside for nothing, because these games are not really meant to be played long these days and while some of them can give you fun, the fun doesn’t last extremely long with any of them other than some of the major games like the Mario ones, but even those have some that are better avoided.

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