Infamous Second Son Review

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    Infamous Second Son is the 3rd and at the moment last game Sucker Punch Productions have released under the Infamous brand. This game kinda feels like a soft reboot to the franchise giving the player more freedom with the power choices and ways to play the game. Having played the game about 5 years ago when it first got released I had to go back to see if it’s still as good as I remember it being and if it stills hold up to other games later in this console generation, and yes, it does hold up perfectly.


    When you first get introduced into the game they make you practice a bit with the world traversal and the motion controls that the game used for some side content. I gotta be honest, the start of the game is rather slow and kinda dragged out a bit until you get to the actual open world part of the game. The game has some long cut-scenes to develop some of the characters and to develop an emotional connection to the characters and why they do what they do, or if you go the evil route of the game to be a total ass to the side characters and watch the world burn….. Either choice is fine and fun to do.

    After doing this there is another long and slow part where you slowly get some powers and get to the city, it’s just another part that got dragged out way too long. The only reason it’s not terrible the first time playing through is because you get some funny interactions between Delsin and his brother and some extra story. But when you get to the open-world part it gets a lot better with the introduction of things.

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    The Gameplay in this game is amazing. The traversal feels really smooth later on but can feel a bit choppy when you first start playing. There are a total of 4 powers where you really use 2 of them for the most time. The smoke is the power you start with early in the game and when you upgrade that power it can become very powerful against everything. Neon is the second power you get and that’s where the game starts running more smoothly and faster, this power has some rapid-fire and a super run. I just loved using the running power to get everywhere quick, it doesn’t use up any of the power meters so there was no worry about finding a neon drain somewhere.

    Later on, in the game you also get a video game power, this one was not used much for me in both playthroughs, there are not many places to power up this power so I only got to use them when the game wanted me to. This power is fun to use at those moments because it looks like most of the way was pre-planned while making the game. The final power gets unlocked in the final boss battle, using it during that battle is so fun and feels amazing. The sad thing about this power is, is that you get it right at the end after you have completed the game and if you did all the side content before this like me the power is 100% useless because there is nothing left.

    There is also the good against evil things that puts the “in” in infamous if you want it to. The missions that are associated with those choices differ a lot and are fun to do, this made my second playthrough a lot more fun as well because I didn’t feel like I had to play the same game again. Usually, when I have to play a game a second time for the platinum trophy I skip things that are not needed and the cutscenes, but in this game, it was fun to see the other cutscenes.

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    The visuals of this game are still great, after 4 years they still hold up really well when you compare them to games that come out now. The map is divided into 2/3 different area’s and they are very pleasing to look at, every district has its own theme. The first one has a bit of a city feel to it, this area got boring pretty quick because a lot of the places kinda blended into each other and got boring pretty quick. The second area had a China Town feel to it, this was my personal favorite, the colors are popping and the buildings look cool. The last area was a mess, it was rather small and they crammed in a lot of side content in that small area that made it hard to traverse. The area is covered in rock buildings and some rock outposts, storywise it totally made sense to have it in there but it really slowed down the traversal at some moments. The visuals of the powers are amazing, especially the neon powers. The visuals of every power really represent what it is supposed to be.


    The good thing in the game that makes it fully replayable and ready for more is the good and evil choice system. You can pick your own options that have an impact on the missions and sometimes even give you different missions. It’s nice to see the differences and doesn’t make the second playthrough boing because it kinda feels like a totally new story.

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    There are a few side-missions and collectibles, they are fun doing them once but they get kinda boring after a while, they are all the same in every area. The only thing that changes in the area, although it can sometimes be fun for some of those missions, it’s still the same thing you are doing over and over again, but in the beginning they are fun, but just not when you play through the game a second time. There is also a small side mission where you need to graffiti some things and you have 2 different choices to do them. These are the ones I kept having fun with alto it’s still doing the same thing over and over again. This mission also made use of the motion controls that the Playstation 4 offerers and it works great. Sad to see other Playstation 4 games didn’t make use of that feature more like this.


    Because you can play the story in multiple ways, it has multiple story paths. The mainline stays kinda the same throughout the game but it has some small and major differences in the story. Both of the stories are great and enjoyable, I really recommend playing the games 2 times to experience both of them.

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    • Fun Powers
    • Branching story
    • re-playable


    • Repetitive side-content
    • Clunky starter controls



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