Just Cause 4 – Danger Rising DLC Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10.
    Estimated time to 100%: 5 Hours.
    Trophies: 8. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 0 / Silver 3 / Bronze 5 .
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Just Cause 4 – Danger Rising DLC Trophy Guide!
    In the final Just Cause 4 DLC, The Agency arrives in Solis with a fleet of advanced submarines to locate and kill Rico and Sheldon. With no time to waste, the duo must fight back and defeat The Agency once and for all!


    Step 1: Complete the DLC’s Story
    The first step in concluding this game is to finish the story of the DLC. You will likely earn a few of the miscellaneous trophies along the way. None of them are missable, as enemies continue to spawn around the subs even after the story.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Silver He Talked Too Much

    Step 2: Miscellaneous Trophies
    Now, you will need to clean up the DLC’s miscellaneous trophies that you haven’t already earned.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Bronze Interception
    Bronze Not My First Rodeo
    Bronze Drone Joust
    Bronze Danger Drone
    Silver Skitchin’
    Bronze Long Board
    Silver Hover or Die 

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    Tips and Strategies:

    Danger Rising is the final DLC for Just Cause 4, taking place after the conclusion of the main game. Rico and Sheldon are now being hunted by the Agency for their activities in both this game and the third. Led by old Agency partner Emerson Miller, a fleet of advanced Agency subs arrive to capture or kill Rico. With them comes a number of new weapons, new vehicles, and the hoverboard!


    The hoverboard is one of the most unique new items in the game, though nowhere near as cool or useful as the experimental wingsuit from the previous game’s DLC. The board is activated by hitting ; it can hover over land and water, but will quickly run out of speed, requiring you to grapple to other objects to speed back up. You can also ride electric rails near the Agency subs to maintain a constant higher speed.

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    New Enemies

    Enemies in this DLC can be fairly dangerous, as some of them will use grapple hooks. While the technology is only on the level of Just Cause 2 (only allowing movement and clinging to walls and ceilings), this means that enemies will be constantly jumping around and hanging off of walls and ceilings, making them harder to hit. Additionally, they seem to have some kind of armor that makes them a bit harder to kill than the Black Hand.

    New Weapons & Vehicles

    There are four new weapons and two new vehicles available in the DLC:

    • Niagara 9mm Bullpup: A reasonably strong assault rifle.
    • Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug: A very good electric shotgun with long-range and a slow rate of fire, can push objects around.
    • Yellowstone Auto Sniper: A full auto sniper rifle that does very high damage at any range, especially with headshots. It has a secondary fire that can deploy friendly drones.
    • Stormalong EM Zero: An anti-gravity experimental weapon similar to the Mech’s GRIP weapons from the previous game.
    • C3 Canvasback Hovercraft: A new version of the Agency hovercraft with a large supply of missiles, a machine gun, and the ability to drive over land and water.
    • A5 Coyote Assault Chopper: A small, fast attack helicopter with a machine gun and naval mines.

    All of these items will be unlocked by completing the story. In terms of effectiveness, the Sequoia and Yellowstone are very strong in this DLC. You probably won’t be using the new vehicles much, unless you hijack one for any reason.

    Trophy Guide:

    Grapple to an Agent who’s reeling through the air, and reel-kick them

    This is likely to be the first trophy you earn in the DLC. All you have to do is grapple kick an enemy Agent. At any point during the DLC, simply grapple to an Agent that is using their own grapple hook. If you hit them while they are going through the air, you will do a damaging reel-kick attack on them, and the trophy will unlock shortly after.

    Credit to Trophy Germany for the video.
    Not My First Rodeo
    Ride a friendly Agency drone for 1,000 meters, without getting off it

    For this trophy, you will need to obtain the new Yellowstone Auto Sniper rifle, which can be found in most of the DLC missions or called in through a supply drop after destroying the USS Westward. Once you get this rifle, you can use the special attack to call in a friendly Agency drone. Once it has been spawned, simply grapple to it and then use  to give it directions. Guide it away from enemies and stay on this particular drone for 1,000 meters to unlock the trophy.

    Credit to Trophy Germany for the video.

    Drone Joust
    Defeat an Agent riding an Agency drone while riding an Agency drone yourself

    To get this trophy, you must kill any Agency soldier while they are riding an Agency drone, while riding a drone yourself. It doesn’t matter if the drone you are riding was launched from the Yellowstone sniper rifle, or if you simply grappled to one flying around. This trophy can be a little annoying because Agents don’t always like to grapple to drones. Even when they do, they rarely stay on for long. It appears that the trophy will only unlock if the drone the Agent was standing on is still flying after they are killed, so you may want to use the Yellowstone rifle to get your kill, as it is a 1 shot kill when you score a headshot.

    Note: It has been stated that you can get this trophy by grappling to a drone occupied by an Agent, and then quickly killing that enemy while you are both still standing on the drone.

    Credit to upnorth77 for the video.
    Danger Drone
    Defeat 10 enemies during a single Agency drone ride

    To get this trophy, you must grapple to an Agency drone, either one you spawned from the Yellowstone rifle, or one just flying around attacking you, though the former option is highly recommended. Once you have boarded a drone, you will need to kill ten enemies without getting off. The main issue is that you can get knocked off quite easily by anti-air weapons, energy cannons, and Agency vehicles.

    The best way to get this trophy is to go to one of the subs and clear out any respawning anti-air weapons. Once they have been destroyed, run away until you are no longer followed, and call in a drone from the Yellowstone rifle. You may also want to call in a supply drop containing this weapon so you can fill up on ammo. Board your drone and maneuver it close enough to the sub that you can hit the enemies, but not so close that you get quickly bombarded by vehicles and missiles. Now, start the process of sniping everything that moves. The Yellowstone rifle will kill most enemies with a single headshot, and drones in two, but may take up to five hits to kill a human enemy without a headshot. Enemies killed by your drone will not count, but your drone can at least help deal with any vehicles or drones that make their way out to you. Once you have killed ten enemies without getting off the drone, you will get the trophy.

    Credit to Trophy Germany for the video.
    He Talked Too Much upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat Emerson Miller

    The story for this DLC begins with the quest “Old Friends and New Enemies“. Rico will be called to meet with Tom Sheldon in person, where he will reveal that he has been contacted by Agent Kane from Just Cause 2, warning the duo that the Agency has arrived in Solis to eliminate the pair. Suddenly, a submarine called the USS Watchdog will appear off the coast of Distrito Capital in the southern part of the world.

    You will be tasked with destroying it by accomplishing the three objectives listed in the table below. Once you bring it down, the story will continue with five new subs appearing around the map. Similar to the second DLC, you will continue the main story by destroying these five subs in whatever order you choose.

    USS WatchdogTutorial sub, off the coast of Distrito Capital.
    • Destroy infrastructure (x17)
    • Destroy critical systems (x3)
    • Submerge crates (x8)
    USS WhitefeatherWell off the southwest coast of Vaivenes.
    • Destroy infrastructure (x20)
    • Destroy critical systems (x2)
    • Submerge crates (x17)
    USS Westward
    Off the north coast of Acantilados.
    • Destroy infrastructure (x22)
    • Destroy critical systems (x2)
    • Submerge crates (x17)
    • Defeat ranking agents (x2)
    USS Conquest
    Off the west coast of Paramos.
    • Destroy Infrastructure (x34)
    • Destroy critical systems (x3)
    • Defeat ranking agents (x4)
    • Submerge crates (x9)
    USS Codetalker
    Off the northwest coast of Umina.
    • Destroy infrastructure (x25)
    • Destroy critical systems (x3)
    • Defeat ranking agents (x2)
    USS Visionary
    Off the northeast coast of Islas Kaupyes.
    • Destroy infrastructure (x13)
    • Destroy critical systems (x3)
    • Defeat ranking agents (x4)
    • Submerge crates (x16)

    Each sub contains a similar list of objectives to the first:

    • Destroying infrastructure revolves around destroying anti-air and directed energy weapons, fuel tanks, generators, etc. Many of these are outside of the subs and easy to destroy with a vehicle.
    • Destroying critical systems requires a little more work, usually taking out a few specific targets in quick succession or solving simple button pressing puzzles.
    • Submerging Agency crates requires you to push a number of large shipping containers into the water, either by using your grapple abilities or the new Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug shotgun.
    • Defeating ranking agents requires you to kill a handful of slightly tougher enemies, who will usually have grapple hooks and occasionally armor. They will be marked on your map, and go down pretty easily with a vehicle or the Yellowstone rifle.

    Once you have taken out all the first three sets of objectives, you will be told to go to the top of the sub and ride the hoverboard on the electric rail. This will reveal a command tower. You will need to destroy this tower, which can be accomplished in whatever way you see fit, though helicopters like the Bloodhound Siege Heli work very well. Keep in mind that when you stop grinding the rail, the tower will quickly retract into the sub.

    Upon destroying all six subs, you will begin the final mission “Rogue Agent” on the eastern part of the map. Completion of this mission will award the trophy.

    [spoiler]Rico will attack Miller’s command sub, in which you will have to grind rails with the hoverboard to destroy 16 targets. You will have infinite ammo here. Once this objective is finished, you will have to chase Miller across the water for a short time to a second ship. Once you get here, you will have to kill him. He has a powerful railgun that can stun you and kill quickly, and can call in drones for support. As with most enemies, he is no match for the Yellowstone rifle. Upon killing Miller, you will get a final cutscene, indicating that the fight was far from over, and revealing the fate of an old ally…[/spoiler]

    Skitchin’ upscale-245262160018212
    Reach 200 km/h with the Hoverboard for 10 seconds while grappled to a vehicle

    This trophy is very easily earned at the Aeropuerto General Benitez on Islas Intichayes, in the southeastern part of the map. Once you arrive at this airport, wait until you see a large plane beginning to take off. At this point, deploy the hoverboard and hold  while aimed at the plane, as this will keep you connected to it. Do this for 10 seconds and the trophy will pop.

    Credit to Trophy Germany for the video.
    Long Board
    Ride the Hoverboard for a total of 10,000 meters (electro-mag cables don’t count!)

    The hoverboard is a new piece of gear in this DLC, accessed by hitting . Upon hitting the button, Rico will equip the hoverboard, which functions as a normal real-world skateboard, though it can hover over land and water. To get this trophy, you must simply ride the hoverboard for a total of 10,000 meters (10 KM). It is very likely that you will get this trophy through natural progression, especially once you have finished the hoverboard races.

    The electro-mag cables are the orange cables on the subs, platforms, and water that give you a constant speed boost. Any time spent on those will not count for the trophy.

    Hover or Die upscale-245262160018212
    Complete all Agency Hoverboard Courses in 20 seconds or less

    Once you complete the story of the DLC, seven hoverboard courses will appear around the map, one at each location you cleared during the DLC.
    They are as follows:

    • Hull Course
    • Shore Course
    • Gale Course
    • Tightrope Course
    • Cruiser Course
    • Pinnacle Course
    • Salvage Course

    To get this trophy, you must complete all seven courses in under 20 seconds each. Each course contains 10 – 15 rings that must be cleared while on the hoverboard. You are allowed to temporarily stop using the board and switch to your parachute or wingsuit if needed. Some of the courses are relatively easy to get through within a few tries, others can be infuriating and require absolute perfect timing for each move. There is also the possibility of glitches surrounding the board where it will randomly slow down, lock onto electric rails when you don’t want it to, etc, as well as enemies potentially hitting you. Some of these races will require a number of tries to perfect your path, jumps, and transitions, but in the end, they aren’t too bad with a little patience.

    Note: Completing all seven races will unlock two additional races in the mountains, both of which are much longer, but do not need to be completed for this trophy.

    Credit to Trophy Germany for the video.


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