Laws of Machine Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to 100%: 2 hours
    Missable trophies: 9
    Bronze Throught Wall
    Bronze Sanctuary
    Bronze Bomberman
    Gold I Love Mines
    Bronze Mixed-up Robot
    Bronze Gunslinger
    Bronze Diet
    Bronze Not Working
    Bronze Bandicoot
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty Related: None


    Welcome to Laws of Machine Trophy Guide! This game is an indie platformer/puzzle. You will guide a robot through twenty levels to save your inventor. Game is developed by Badri Bebua.



    • Cross  is used to jump and to fly with the Jetpack;
    • Square  is used to shoot with your portal gun;
    • Circle is used to grab some Rubik’s cube-like blocks.

    This is an easy 100% and you can do it in a single run if you follow this guide. There will be an optional step 2 just to let you know which trophies you can do as a second playthrough that are the missable ones.

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    Step 1: story and missable trophies
    In this stage, you will focus on doing all twenty levels of the story. The levels are quite doable without any effort, but if you have any trouble, consult the video below for a complete walkthrough of every level. In order to pass a level, you need to collect batteries to open the Teleportal Machine at the end of the level. Batteries are straight forward the path to the end. A battery is worth 5V and you need a total of 100V to open the Teleportal Machine.

    Full walkthrough

    Note: pay attention to level 19 because it can’t be completed in the way that the video shows. To have a detailed walkthrough of this level, consult the Bronze Digital Mega Mind trophy.

    Missable trophies

    These are all the missable trophies set in chronological order:

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    • BronzeThrought Wall – Level 2
    • Bronze Sanctuary – Level 5
    • Bronze Bomberman – Level 6
    • Gold I Love Mines – Level 9
    • Bronze Mixed-up Robot – Level 10
    • Bronze Gunslinger – Level 11
    • Bronze Diet – Level 14
    • Bronze Not Working – Level 15
    • Bronze Bandicoot – Level 20

    You’ll be earning all the trophies of the game:
    BronzeTeleport Power
    BronzeThrought Wall
    Bronze Power of Air
    Bronze Bomberman
    Bronze First Fly
    Gold I Love Mines
    Bronze Mixed-up Robot
    Bronze Gunslinger
    Bronze Diet
    Bronze Not Working
    Bronze Hi Speed
    Bronze Gravity Games
    Bronze Digital Mega Mind
    Bronze Bandicoot
    Bronze Green Lantern
    Bronze Sanctuary


    1L289b08Teleport Power
    Try teleport machine

    This trophy is unlocked at the end of the first level.
    At the end of every level, there is a Teleport Machine that teleports you to the next level. When you reach it, the trophy will pop.

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    2L287c82Trought wall 
    Get hidden trophy

    At the beginning of the second level on the upper platform, there is a wall you can go through. When you do it, the trophy will pop. Below there is a video that explains where the wall is.

    Credit to Sarah Moran for the video.

    3Ld66a6aPower of air
    Use fan for fly

    You are going to unlock this trophy on the fourth level. You have to activate the fan with a lever before you can fly on it. The air fan is at the beginning of the level.

    Destroy truck

    You can unlock this trophy during the sixth level. The truck is holding a magnet and you have to move it to the right to proceed in the level. In order to get this trophy, you have to push it to the left until it falls off on a mine and blows up. Below is a video that explains how to do it.

    Credit to Sarah  Moran for the video.

    5Le8bf3cFirst fly
    Get jet pack

    You will get this trophy during the eighth level. You are going to find the Jetpack right after the section with the fan. Go through it to equip it. You can fly by holding down the Cross button.

    6La524c5I love minesGold
    Flybot kill himself

    Your first encounter with the Flybots is during the ninth level of the game. These robots will start chasing you when you approach them. To avoid these enemies, you can simply shoot at them, but in order to get this trophy, you have to kill one with a mine. To do it, start a chase and force the Flybot to go on the mine and it will blow up unlocking the trophy.

    Below is an explanatory video of this method.

    Credit Sarah  Moran for the video.

    7Lf549baMixed-up robot 
    Norby poster

    This trophy is obtained in the tenth level of the game. The poster is located in the far upper right of the level after the laser section. Reach it and the camera will focus on the poster making the trophy pop right after.

    Credit to Sarah Moran for the video.

    Dark Power

    You will unlock this trophy on the eleventh level. You have to shoot to all the boxes right after the Jetpack section. After that, you need to restart the level in order to complete it.

    See the video below to know exactly what you have to do.

    Credit to Sarah Moran for the video.

    Too fat to go through this hole

    You are going to unlock this trophy during the fourteenth level of the game. When you take the Jetpack, you need to move some black blocks in order to proceed. In this area, there is a little gap; try to fly down this little hole to unlock the trophy. Follow the video below to find where the exact location is.

    Credit to Sarah Moran for the video.

    Note: Do this trophy from the upper side of the gap because if you do it from the bottom side of the hole, you will get stuck and be forced to restart the level.

    10L010febNot working
    Broken teleport machine

    On your way to the end of the fifteenth level, you will reach a zone where there is a cylindrical block that can smash you. In the middle of the path, you can jump on the upper platform and find a Broken Teleport Machine. Stand into it to unlock the trophy. Follow this video to find its location:

    11Le2f0b1Hi speed
    Speed Jump

    Nearly the end of the sixteenth level of the game, you will come across a slippery path. In order to proceed and to unlock this trophy, you need to use it to increase your speed and jump to the next platform.

    12L20f422Gravity games

    At the beginning of the seventeenth level, you need to push a button to switch the gravity in order to proceed through the level. When you press it, the trophy will pop.

    13L61133bDigital mega mind
    Solve level 19 puzzle

    This trophy is unlocked by finishing the nineteenth level of the story. This is the trickiest one, but nothing that hard. However, here is a video that can help you to complete this level.

    Credit to Sarah Moran for the video.

    Jumping like bandicoot

    The last level is divided into two parts. This trophy is earned in the first part of the level; you will reach a fork with a left and a right path. To get this trophy, you need to go to the left, shoot at all the red boxes to make a ramp fall down, jump on it, and do the new upper path. Watch out for the striped opening on the ground.

    The following video explains the process to unlock it.

    Credit to Sarah Moran for the video.

    15L909d8aGreen Lantern
    Use green lantern to see the combination

    On the second part of the last level of the game, you will find a code with some PlayStation buttons written on the wall of a room. You will need it to open the next door in the following area. To decode it, you have to move the Green Lantern to this room. The lantern is located in the next area to the right of the code one. The trophy will pop once you move the lantern into this area.

    However, the code is Cross, ,Square, Circle.

    Old poster

    At the very end of the fifth level, there will be a poster with Vault 13 on it from Fallout. Jump over the Teleport Machine and you will find the poster; the camera will focus on it and the trophy will pop right after. The image shows its location.

    Looking for more games to 100%? Then check out our Trophy Guide Page for a lot more guides.

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