LEGO City Undercover Review

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    Jump into the skin of Chase McCain and go undercover in gangs to track down an escaped villain from his part. Here is our LEGO City Undercover Review.

    LEGO City Undercover is developed by TT Games‘ subsidiary TT Fusion and published by TT Games and Warner Bros. Games (2013 version published by Nintendo). The game was released on the Wii U on March 18, 2013, but was ported over to more modern consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on April 4, 2017.

    I absolutely love the intro, perfectly encapsulates what you will expect from the game, from characters, to visuals and even the music feels on point. something I do wish it had some type of recap or cutscene that would explain what happened in the DS prequel game because Rex is being made a big bad, but we don’t really know anything about him other than the way he got caught. Unlike the other games from Marvel and Batman, it didn’t really need some backstory because everyone kinda knows some main people from it and it tells a story on its own, and this game is kinda a sequel.

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    Over the course of the story, you will take up the mantle to take down Rex Fury, something your boss isn’t happy with, so you go behind his back to get closer to Rex, after finding some leads, your boss does find out what you have been doing and sends you undercover in 2 gangs to find out more and you can do anything you want for them to figure out more, and it doesn’t matter what it’s going to cost. This is something that gets used in a lot of the missions, from stealing an expensive gem, a space rover, dinosaur bones, and more.

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    The story has a lot of twists and turns and overall it’s really good for an original game not based on already established big IPs, something I didn’t really expect back when I first played it back in 2013, and even 10 years later it holds up amazingly well against the lego games we have been better after this one.

    I have fond memories of playing it back in 2013 when the Wii U version came out and comparing this version, it does feel like it became a lot better, especially with the inclusion of Coop. It did remove transfer over some features that used to be on the gamepad that made the game feel unique and stand out at the time, I do miss that a little because it gave the game something to stand out back then, but after getting 100% in the game, I started liking the way it is now more and more and remember how clunky some of the unique features used to be on the Wii U gamepad.

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    The gameplay feels its own, unlike anything Lego has done before and even after this game came out, this game stayed unique in its own right, the only game that kinda comes close to how this game worked was The Lego Movie the video game 2 and the Lego Ninjago game. The way the open world works with the levels themself being very minimal is a nice change of pace from the regular Lego games.

    The world the game is set in is just fun, every region felt its own and was very memorable, even places you don’t really see and just drive past stand out in many ways. During free roam is a lot to do and each type of character you are as chase has its own side objectives that you can seek out in the world that will reward you in various ways.

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    There was 1 thing that felt a bit unsettling during the free roam, and that was how silent everything was, not hearing any sound just felt a bit off in some ways that I only noticed later on during the collectibles. The only thing you hear is the iconic “Hey!” from the commercials when you drive almost over them sometimes. Another thing that was off was just random characters falling and getting stuck on each other, but it was more fun than anything seeing what happened to them.

    The characters you meet are just fun as well, I really liked Frank Honey and thought he was kinda funny at times without it feeling cringe. but I wish there was a bit more focus on the side characters of the police that got introduced in the 1st level, they had a whole intro but felt like they got left behind right after, besides the parody characters of Starsky and Hutch that come back later for only 1 level

    The 1st level looked amazing and made the game feel like it was a remaster, but somehow the filter that was over the screen when you first set foot in Lego kinda just disappeared and the colors look more Lego-like. The cutscenes do also look a bit dated on the series x, but the game is older so I cant really say anything bad about it other than that it is a bit weirdly compressed.

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    A true Lego classic that still feels like a game that they could have released in 2023. While the visuals are a bit dated, the gameplay certainly is not and feels like a blast to play.

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    A true Lego classic that still feels like a game that they could have released in 2023. While the visuals are a bit dated, the gameplay certainly is not and feels like a blast to play.LEGO City Undercover Review