LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 (PS4) Review

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    LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 originally came out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but got a remaster back in 2016 for the Playstation 4. This got also later released on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in 2018. The game was made by TT games when they were still called Traveller’s Tales.

    Of course, everyone knows harry potter, mixing this with the Lego brand is what really put the lego games on the map and formed them into how they play now. Lego is timeless and that is really visible while playing this game.


    The game starts off pretty easy and full of introduction. the game teaches you plenty of stuff and of course, gives you the beginning of the Harry Potter story while doing so. The game really helps you and teaches you most of the things you will be using for the rest of the game right from the get-go in a way that doesn’t feel boring because it’s integrated into its story.

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    The game has a bunch of fun abilities to play with and that gets you through the levels. For every ability, you get you will get a to play a mini-mission in the open world that serves as a class. Those missions are pretty cool and teach you the abilities fast and easy.

    Playing most of the levels are super fun, you can play them any speed you want. This way it doesn’t get to fast for new players but also not too boring for players that have played lego games before. There are a few levels where you are kinda restricted with speed and character switching, these levels are the levels that are also not as much fun for the experienced players.

    Other then the abilities, there are over 300 characters to play with. Most of them are kinda similar but there are a few characters that give you an extra edge in some levels to unlock collectibles and even other characters. Playing with different characters is super fun in the free-play mode, but I kinda got stuck picking a dark character most of the time because there are not many of them and you needed one on every level to collect something.

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    The game looks like any typical lego game, nothing new or special about this one. The graphics in the remaster look amazing and really make the game look like a game from its time. The mix of lego and real-life graphics do kinda seem weird at some times with the breakable objects. Other than that the color and style of those graphics really fit together seamlessly and are fastly forgotten.


    This game has some much replay value, every level can be done in Free-play to get collectibles. The levels themself don’t really change, so there is nothing new about them other than some small areas that were otherwise locked. There is also a big open world area where you can also get those collectibles. In some of these areas, you have likely never been. So they are not really a replay thing but it is something new to discover after completing the main story.

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    As I mentioned before, there are over 300 collectible characters to find and unlock plus all the house crests. these can be fun to do with a walkthrough but without a walkthrough, they can become annoying because they are not always that obvious.


    The story is just your basic Harry Potter story. It has most of its big plotlines in it. Even though there is no spoken word in it, it still is super easy to understand that story. If you already have played other Harry Potter games, Read the books, or seen the movies it can get kinda boring.

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    • Fun story
    • Cool characters
    • Lots to do and find


    • lots of collectible stuff
    • minor glitches
    • not much variation



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