Lightyear Frontier Preview

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    Lightyear Frontier is a sandbox game set on an unknown planet to try and get a fresh start there. Here is our Lightyear Frontier Preview.

    The game was developed and published by FRAME BREAK and Amplifier Studios, on March 19, 2024, the game was released in Early Access/Game Preview for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

    I was a big fan of Minecraft back in the day when I was a kid, so I hoped this would offer me a similar experience, and while it’s extremely different, it’s also very much alike. Set on this unknown planet, you have to explore it, make it better, build up a base, and find some hidden secrets the world has to offer.

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    The game gets even better when you play with friends, after playing solo for a while, I personally did get a bit bored due to having to gather iron and stuff to upgrade the base and my base not being in the best location for quick iron. What I really liked was just walking around and exploring things, like finding new animals, they all looked so weird but so cool and beautiful, the devs did a perfect job creating the wildlife to make them feel kind of normal but also alien at the same time. You can feed them cookies and then they poop out some resources like stone, grass, or iron.

    Lightyear Frontier Preview - watering plants

    Normally in games like this there is a heavy focus on combat and taking down enemies to gather items, but here it was just a peaceful time farming, I loved not having that stress of having to prepare to battle all the time and taking my time doing things, but it was in the beginning a bit unsettling because I expected some crazy stuff to happen when the night fell.

    You can also gather materials to refine them into other things to make upgrades for your mech, this is also something I kind of glossed over, but you spend most of your time in a mech taking down trees and mining stone, it really makes you feel overpowered from the moment you start, until you fall over, then you just look goofy, but that’s also very funny to see happen.

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    I really love the game, but it has a slow progression, so unless you can find a friend to play it, it can get rather boring pretty quickly. With my friend, I was able to make some plans for what to do and divide the tasks a bit, something that is getting so boring solo, and with the game launching on Game Pass, it shouldn’t be that hard.

    Its visuals look perfect, it’s very colorful but also realistic/cartoony at the same time. Everything is a bit bigger or smaller making some things really stand out, and with resources that respawn, you always wake up to stuff being a little bit different in the world.

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    A fun multiplayer experience with a unique twist on the sandbox genre

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    A fun multiplayer experience with a unique twist on the sandbox genreLightyear Frontier Preview