Loopindex Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum: 1 – 2 Hours.
    Trophies: 15. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 2 .
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 49 Levels. 


    Welcome to the Loopindex Trophy Guide!
    Welcome to Loopindex. A puzzle game that isn’t too tough, and has an easy platinum!


    Step 1: Complete the first 49 levels

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    All this game needs you to do is complete the first 49 levels. Some levels are super simple and others take a bit of thinking. This guide only has the solutions for the trophy related levels! Or else it would take forever. After this step, you’ll have the platinum!

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Box
    Bronze Changing Paths
    Silver A Bridge
    Gold A New Friend
    Gold Easier Than It Looks
    Gold Bomb
    Gold Avoid Bullets
    Gold Iman Crane
    Gold Teleporter
    Gold Do Some Exercise
    Gold Control
    Gold Teaser
    Gold Boss
    Gold Mouse
    40-platinum Platinum Loops

    Trophy Guide:

    Platinum Loops
    Get all other trophies

    Get all other trophies

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    Solve a level with a box.

    In Level 2, you have to push a box. Use the blue robot to stand on the button, then switch to the orange robot, and push the box to the button, then get them both to the elevator!

    Changing paths
    Use the red directional floor arrows to complete a level.

    This trophy is for beating level 3. This is a little confusing. You have to set one robot on the first button, then select the top arrow to let your other robot run into automatically. Once it’s through the first red zone, step off the button. Get the robot on the right side of the screen to stand on the second button, and have the left robot go into the middle arrow. When it gets past the first red zone, step off the button with the other robot, then put them both on the elevator.

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    A bridge upscale-245262160018212
    Cross the river and complete the level.

    In level 4, you have to make a bridge. First control the robot and the right side, and push one box in the water. Then push the other box over the water, on the path you just made. Have the left robot stand on the button, then push the right box into the water. Now use the last box by putting it on the button, then go to the elevator.

    A new friend Gold
    Solve a level with robofrogs.

    In level 10, you need to push frogs. This is very easy to do. Push the frog to your right, then push the next, and then take the robots to the elevator!

    Easier than it looks Gold
    Complete level 16.

    On level 16, you’re met with a ton of boxes. Push the top left box, and top right box off their respective buttons, and then go to the elevator!

    Bomb Gold
    Complete a level using a bomb.

    In Level 21, you’ll be introduced to bombs. They work like boxes, except once you start pushing them, the fuse starts before they blow up. So put a robot on the button at the top of the screen, and push a bomb towards the blocks, and have them blow up, then go to the elevator and win!

    Avoid bullets Gold
    Successfully overcome the first shooters.

    In Level 23, you are met with turrets. To be able to beat this level, you have to get a robot through the first red zone, and dodge bullets. Put it on the first button. Then use the spare robot to push a box to the top left button. Push the last box to the bottom right button, then put both robots on the elevator!

    Iman crane Gold
    Complete your first level with an iman crane.

    In Level 27, you get a chance to control a crane. Use the crane to pick up the left box and put it on the button. Then use the two robots to push the big heavy box down to the button. This causes all the doors to be open. Then take the robots to the elevator!

    Teleporter Gold
    Use the teleporter to complete the level.

    On level 31, you’re introduced to teleporters. Use the left robot and put a box on the big circle. Use the right robot and put the box on the button below you. Put another box on the teleporter, then push the box into the center of the map. Put it on the right button, so you can push the last box into the water. Put the robot on the last button, then cross the river and spikes to the elevator!

    Do some exercise Gold
    Complete the first level with treadmills.

    In Level 33, you get introduced to treadmills. Take a robot and put him on the treadmill and keep him running. Cross the path with the other robot, and have it run on the bottom treadmill. Use the new platform to cross over. Now push the frog so it goes right, then go onto the elevator.

    Control Gold
    Use the blue arrows to complete a level.

    Once you reach Level 42 you get introduced to blue arrows. These are controlled by stepping on a crane control pad. Make the blue arrow go left, and have the robot on the right go to the middle arrow. When it passes it, make the blue arrows go down. When the robot on the right is walking down into the wall, make the arrows go left, then quickly run to the button to lower the spikes. Then it’s onto the elevator.

    Teaser Gold
    complete the pre-boss level.

    On Level 47, you have to get through a “tease” of the boss. This level is annoying. So here we go. First wait for a bomb to appear, then break the block with it. Then turn off the switch. When the squid slams the buttons, use a robot to go to the middle. Then get the other robot to the right side, but be cautious about the middle robot, as it can die from the boss. Now take the middle robot to the left side, push a bomb to the teleporter, then get the right robot to push the bomb to the brick, blow it up, then hit the switch. Then get the robots to the elevator

    Boss Gold
    Defeat the boss.

    On level 48, you meet the boss. Unfortunately there is no discernible pattern for this fight. You have to be watching everything, as the boss will slap you dead. The boss always starts in the middle. So wait for a door to lower to the center, and then push the bottom button. Then the boss will move left or right. Keep a robot on each side, and wait for a bomb, while avoiding tentacles. Blow up the bricks, and hit the button on the same side as the boss to hit him. Hit him 3 times and he dies.

    Mouse Gold
    Solve a level with mice.

    In Level 49, you meet mice. They run away from you. Chase a mouse onto the right side button. Put the left side robot on the button, creating a bridge, then chase the other mouse over the bridge, then onto the button. After that, go to the elevator!


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