Magus Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 1/10
    Estimated time to platinum: 5 hours
    Missable trophies: 3
    Silver Blue Meanie
    Silver Green With… ENVY?!
    Silver Necromancer

    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Magus Trophy Guide! After obtaining powers and learning his true identity, Lord Magus sets out on a quest to help his fictional world. With this guide, you will earn this super easy platinum quickly, and without missing out on the game’s few missable trophies.


    Step 1: Complete the game WITHOUT purchasing any skills 

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    The first thing you want to do is complete the game, but DO NOT purchase any skills. The game consists of a tutorial mission, 4 story levels, and a final level with the final boss. This step should take no more than three hours and will give you the majority of the trophies.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Bronze Army of One
    Bronze Let’s Horse Around
    Bronze A Titan-ic Accomplishment
    Bronze I Feel… Drained…
    Bronze Tower of Power
    Bronze Dead… ARISE!
    Bronze Artistic Merit
    Bronze Good Job, Harry Winston!
    Bronze Thoroughly Rune-ed
    Bronze Awakening
    Silver Insight
    Bronze Insurgent
    Bronze Monokeros Vastator
    Bronze Heretical Barbarian
    Bronze Skeleton King
    Bronze No Respecter of Persons
    Gold Conqueror
    Bronze Vengeance is MINE, Sayeth… Me?!
    Bronze Zero Sum Escape
    Bronze This Land is MY Land…!
    Bronze Abolitionist
    Bronze Defender of the Kingdom
    Bronze Protector of the Kingdom
    Bronze No Rest For The Wicked… or the Undead
    Gold I Am the King of the World
    Gold The Queen is Dead 

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    Step 2: Reach level 30 and purchase skills

    If you have not yet reached level 30, you will very early into your post story clean up. Once you reach level 30, you will want to upgrade each skill tree. Refer to Silver  Necromancer for information on how to do this.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Gold Wisdom
    Silver Green With… ENVY?!
    Silver Blue Meanie
    Silver Necromancer

    Step 3: Clean up the remaining trophies

    Your remaining trophies will involve grinding out kills and items. You will first want to repeat any levels that contain enemies required for the kill based trophies, while still trying to collect as many items as possible. Though these three trophies are marked as “grind”, they should not take more than a half-hour to obtain.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Bronze The Road to Wellville
    Gold Scavenger
    Bronze I Have Become Death… AGAIN!
    Bronze Attack On Titans
    Silver Obsidian Plague

    Tips and Strategies:

    Magus is basically a third-person shooter where you run through six nearly identical levels, kill a lot of similar enemies, and collect items. This game is extremely easy to complete and would be three-hour platinum if it wasn’t for a large number of collectibles you will have to grind. Every single level is poorly laid out and will have the exact same objectives; collecting keys and killing large numbers of enemies. Aside from the final boss, all the enemies die really quickly, especially once you level up and increase your stats.  

    Below are some helpful tips and strategies for playing Magus:

    • Once you complete the tutorial, you can pick the order you want to complete the next four levels in. However, I suggest completing the Mines level first, as it will allow you to turn items you collect into scrolls. The other three levels are the Desert, Burial Grounds, and Azure Cove. The final level will unlock upon completing the first four.
    • Scrolls permanently increase your stats, and since items in this game are completely useless, it is best to transform them into scrolls.
    • Although I said not to upgrade any skills in the first step of the Roadmap, you SHOULD max out the blue skill that makes you move faster. It will allow you to move through the game even faster during post-game item grinding.
    • You CAN put points into your stats every time you level up, but I only suggest putting your points into strength, as strength makes your magic attacks more powerful.
    • You can change the difficulty to easy when you start the game. Though this game is not difficult at all, playing on easy should make the game go a little faster.
    • Cutscenes can be skipped and different dialogue choices will not affect the trophies at all, so you don’t need to worry about choosing certain dialogue options.
    • All levels can be repeated as many times as you want, aside from the tutorial mission.
    • There are three types of magic in the game: green, blue, and red (unlocked in that order). I have described all three in greater detail in the table below.
    ColorRate of FireDescription
    GreenVery fast

    Green magic is basically your machine gun. However, it does the least amount of damage, and I personally don’t suggest using it after you unlock blue and red magic.


    Blue magic is kind of like an automatic shotgun, as you fire multiple magic pellets per shot. The weapon’s high rate of fire and strong damage make it the best type of magic in my opinion, and it’s the type I used for the majority of the game.

    RedSlowest but still fairly fast

    Red magic still has a decent rate of fire but is the slowest of the three. It also does the most damage. It is arguably the best type of magic to use against bosses until you upgrade your stats far enough to kill literally everything in one shot.

    Trophy Guide:

    Obtain all trophies.
    Army of One
    Have Kinna join your party.

    This will be one of the first trophies you earn, and it will unlock during the tutorial mission.

    Let’s Horse Around!
    Have Kinna join your party.

    Usoph will first be in your base after you complete the Mine level. Once you speak to him, you will unlock the trophy, as well as the ability to create scrolls from items.

    A Titan-ic Accomplishment
    Have Kinna join your party.

    Vallos will first be in your base after you complete the Desert level. Once you speak to him, you will unlock the trophy, and he will also tell you what powers any runes you find hold.

    I Feel… Drained…
    Have Kinna join your party.

    Power stones refill your mana, though your mana will only drain when you use skills. You can also refill it every time you level up and your mana capacity upgrades. You will get this trophy during the tutorial mission.

    Have Kinna join your party.

    Simply upgrade any skill and use it to get this trophy. This can even be done in the HUB world.

    Tower of Power
    Enter the Tower of the Gods.

    The Tower of the Gods is the HUB for this game, and you will enter it automatically after completing all of the tutorial levels. There isn’t much here, just the world map, locations to refill all three types of mana, and a few characters that give you additional abilities (reading runes and turning items into scrolls).

    Dead… ARISE!
    Unlock the “Raise Dead” skill.

    After you complete the Tutorial level, there will be a skeleton in your base. Exhaust all of his dialogue options to make him disappear and earn the trophy.

    Artistic Merit
    Extract Item attributes to a Scroll.

    Once you complete the Mines level and can talk to the unicorn that appears in your base, you will have the ability to turn items into stat increasing scrolls. The first time you create a scroll, you will unlock this trophy.

    Good Job, Harry Winston!
    Add a Gem to an Item.

    Gems are one of the game’s items, and they will pop out of dead enemies and containers (though less frequently than other items). Once you collect a gem, save a piece of equipment with a gem slot in it, equip the item, and then add the gem to the item. After doing this, you will obtain this trophy.

    Thoroughly Rune-ed
    Equip a Rune for the first time.

    Runes are fairly uncommon, but you should still find quite a few as you play through the game. Once you complete the Desert level, a titan will appear in your base. Talk to him, and he will identify any runes you have, allowing you to equip them. Runes can’t be equipped until they have been identified.

    Reach level ten.

    See Gold Wisdom for more information about leveling up.

    Reach level twenty.

    See Gold Wisdom for more information about leveling up.

    Reach level thirty.

    There are a total of 50 levels in this game, and you will easily reach that level by the time you have collected 500 items for the Gold Scavenger trophy. You will reach level 30 (which is the requirement for this trophy) around the time you complete the game, or very early into your second playthrough when you’re getting the remaining trophies.

    Green With… ENVY?!upscale-245262160018212
    Max out the levels of all the Green Magic skills.

    See  Necromancer for information about the skills trophies.

    Blue Meanieupscale-245262160018212
    Max out the levels of all the Blue Magic skills.

    See  Necromancer for information about the skills trophies.

    Max out the levels of all the Red Magic skills.

    The three skills trophies are the only missable trophies in the game, as there are not enough skill points in the game to fully upgrade all of the skills in each of the three colors. To get these trophies, wait until you are at least level 30, and then make an additional save in case you screw up.

    As long as you don’t upgrade any skills (aside from the blue movement speed skill), you should have enough points for any one tree. Max out the levels of all the red, blue, or green magic skills, wait for the trophy to unlock, and then reload your save and repeat. If you do screw up and upgrade as you play through the game, you will need to start a new game.

    This trophy may also be missable because a certain action must be done to unlock a skill in this specific tree (thanks to Alexi-Sama for bringing this up): When you get to the Burial Ground-level and fight a “boss” called the Undead Elder, you must kill all of his adds first before you fight him. After you hit him some times he will surrender and offer you to summon him, which will unlock a skill in the Red skill tree. If you just kill him it makes this trophy unobtainable.

    The Road to Wellville
    Obtain 100 Health Potions.

    Health potions are little red containers that sometimes come out of enemies and breakable objects. They still count as being obtained even when you are at full health (which will happen often). If you break everything you come across as you play through the game, you might get this trophy by the end of the story. If not, you will easily get it during the item grinding you’ll have to do for the remaining trophies.

    Alternatively, you can start a New Game and do the Tutorial mission again; there will be tons of health potions, up to 40 just in the first part before you get outside. The progress carries over from your normal save to a New Game. Thanks to Altered Beast9 for pointing this out.

    Obtain 500 Items.

    This will most likely be the final trophy you earn in the game. You will not obtain 500 items by the time you beat the game, you will likely be at around 200 or so. Once you redo some of the earlier levels to obtain the kill based trophies, you might be at around 300, if you’re lucky. You have two methods to grind out this trophy.

    1. You can return to the Azure Cove level to one of the infinite enemy spawning portals and just keep killing enemies. Some of them will drop items, though they will eventually stop giving XP. This is the more boring of the two methods but appears to be slightly faster.
    2. Repeat the final level as many times as you need to. The level can be completed in 5 – 10 minutes, depending on how high your stats are. Each time you complete the level, you will get anywhere from 20 to 50 items. This method is arguably slower but more fun and is the method I used to get this trophy. If you continue to change your items into scrolls each time you complete the level, you will eventually become so powerful that even the final boss will fall in a single shot.
    Kill 100 Kingdom Soldiers.

    Kingdom Soldiers appear in the tutorial level, and there are well over 100 of them during the tutorial. You will occasionally encounter them in other levels, but they spawn randomly, so you may have difficulty finding more to kill. However, you should easily have this by the end of the game, if not by the end of the tutorial.

    Monokeros Vastator
    Kill 100 Unicorns.

    Unicorns are the primary enemy throughout the Mines level (they don’t look like what you’d probably expect), and you will encounter well over 100 of them while playing through this level. Because of this, you should have no problem earning the trophy the first time you play this level.

    Heretical Barbarian
    Kill 100 Dragonmen.

    Dragonmen are the main enemies of the Azure Cove level, and you will easily kill 100 of these enemies by the time you complete the level.

    Skeleton King
    Kill 100 Skeletons.

    Skeletons are the main enemy of the Burial Grounds level, and you will easily kill 100 of them by the time you complete the level.

    I Have Become Death… AGAIN!
    Kill 100 Dragonmen.

    The Undead only appears during about the second half of the Burial Grounds level, and they look different than skeletons (they are larger and black). You will likely not be able to kill 100 of them the first time you play through this level (though you may get lucky with the spawns), so you will probably have to return to grind out the remaining kills sometime later.

    Attack On Titans
    Kill 100 Titans.

    Titans will appear during the second half of the Desert level, and there are far less than 100 of them in the level, so it will require a second playthrough to kill 100 of them in total.

    No Respecter of Persons
    Kill 100 Shai Soldiers.

    Shai soldiers appear in the final level of the game, and there are well over 100 of them, so you should easily get this trophy on your first playthrough.

    Obsidian Plagueupscale-245262160018212
    Kill 100 Obsidian Guard.

    Obsidian guards also appear in the final level of the game but are not as common as Shai soldiers. Depending on how they spawn throughout the level, you may or may not get this trophy during your first playthrough, though you will likely have to return there anyway to grind items.

    Kill 1000 Enemies.

    You should get this trophy by the time you complete the story. If not, you will get it very early on while grinding for items.

    Vengeance is MINE, Sayeth… Me?!
    Kill Purifier Brooks.

    Purifier Brooks is the first boss you will fight during the tutorial level; simply kill him and the trophy will unlock. As an added note, ALL bosses in the game are very easy to kill, so don’t worry about fighting them.

    Zero Sum Escape
    Kill Captian Rivers and complete the Dungeon map.

    You will fight Captain Rivers during the tutorial level, so you will earn this trophy early in the game.

    This Land is is MY Land…!
    Kill General Tiel and complete the Island map.

    General Tiel is the final boss of the tutorial level, even though it is broken up into multiple sections in the trophy descriptions. The tutorial encompasses the Dungeon and Island.

    Complete Mines map.

    Simply complete the Mines level to earn this trophy.

    NOTE: “Completing the map” simply means to beat the level, you don’t have to uncover the entire map to complete it.

    Defender of the Kingdom
    Complete Azure Cove map.

    Simply complete the Azure Cove level to earn this trophy. It is suggested that you tackle this one last, as there are portals that spawn infinite numbers of enemies scattered throughout the level. The portals can be destroyed but can take quite a bit of damage, so its best to save this level until you have upgraded your stats.

    NOTE: “Completing the map” simply means to beat the level, you don’t have to uncover the entire map to complete it.

    Protector of  the Kingdom
    Complete Desert map.

    Simply complete the Desert level to earn this trophy.

    No Rest for the Wicked… Or the Undead
    Complete Burial Grounds map.

    Simply complete the Burial Grounds level to earn this trophy.

    I Am the King of the GoldWorld
    Defeat the King.

    You will fight the king upon completing the four main levels of the game, and he is just as easy to beat like any other enemy. Once you defeat him, you will earn the trophy.

    The Queen Is DeadGold
    Defeat the Daemon Queen.

    The Daemon Queen is the final boss of the game and is the only boss that might cause you any trouble at all. You can’t damage the Queen until you destroy all of her minions, which are just normal enemies you will have encountered throughout the level. Once they go down, simply attack her like you have attacked any other enemy in the game. She has a lot more health than other enemies, but should still not cause many problems. She has a couple of larger attacks that can cause some damage from longer distances, but you shouldn’t even drop below half health, especially on the easy difficulty.


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