Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Swings To PC This November

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    Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will finally become available for PC on both Steam and the Epic Game Store on November 18th. Pre-Purchase the game and unlock 2 suits, the Gravity well gadget, and 3 extra skill points right from the get-go.

    Different from the console version, the PC version will include enhanced graphics, more options for ray-tracing and is fully optimized for ultra-wide gaming and supports ultra-wide aspect ratios of 21:9, 32:9 and 48:9 for multi-screen setups.

    The pre-order content will not be exclusive, but it will give you early access to the following perks in the game:

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    ●       The T.R.A.C.K. Suit, and Into the Spider-Verse Suit

    ●       Early access to the Gravity Well gadget

    ●       Three Skill Points to unlock new abilities.

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