Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 15 – 18 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 2


    Welcome to the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trophy Guide!
    Swing back into New York as a new web-head. Game by Insomniac Games.


    Step 1: Be Yourself
    For this stage just focus on completing the story and doing some of the random things when you get the opportunity. The story is not really that long and shouldn’t take you too long to finish. You can play through the game in any difficulty that you would like, there are 4 to pick from, which are;

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    • Friendly Neighbourhood
    • Friendly
    • Amazing
    • Spectacular

    If you are after just the story experience then it is highly advised to play on Friendly Neighbourhood mode as it is the easiest and you won’t have much of a challenge.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Rhino Rodeo
    Hanging By A Thread
    The Core Of The Problem
    True Deception
    The Harlem Express
    Shared History
    Exploding Bulldozer
    Family Drama
    Ultimate Sacrifice
    Like A Rhino In A China Shop
    Competitive Spirit
    Mod That Suit
    A Gift From Pete

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    Step 2: Clean Up
    For this stage you will want to head around the city collecting all the collectables, completing crimes 100% and finishing the side missions.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

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    Launch, Swing And Dive
    Punch Pixels
    Dodging Light
    Spider-Training: Complete
    Pete’s First Villain
    From The Rafters
    Climbing The Walls
    Invisible Spider
    Up And Over
    From Downtown
    Best Fries In Town
    JJJ Would Be Proud
    Five Star Review
    Look With Better Eyes
    Never Give Up
    Crime Master
    Nowhere To Hide
    I’m On A Boat
    Socially Acceptable
    Urban Explorers
    Under Their Noses
    Underground Undone
    Come At The King
    Never Saw It Coming
    Deep Cuts
    Just The Begining
    A New Home

    Step 3: A New Day, A New Spider-Man
    Your final task for your road to platinum is to complete New Game+. This should only take you around 3 hours as you will have all your upgrades and skills from your first playthrough so you should be more than strong enough to take on anything the game can throw at you. The one difference is you will need to finish off your Collectables here and obtain your final skills.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Plus Plus
    Memory Lane
    Ready For Anything
    Just The Begining
    Be Yourself

    Tips and Strategies:

    This guide Has Spoilers!
    Information used within the guide will not rely on you “Auto-Poping” the trophies from the PS4 release of the game and you can obtain all using the PS5 release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.
    If you have Arachnophobia this possibly isn’t the best game you could pick, you know the character’s name is Spider-Man.


    Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trophy Guide - Controls


    Upon loading the game you are prompted with an interesting menu, which asks you if you want to recap what has happened previously in the Marvel’s Spider-Verse. This is an interesting feature to show you the events that happen in the 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man, and how Miles got his Spider Powers.

    General Tips:

    • The mission Like Real Scientists is the PONR. Heading to the Science Centre once you have defeated the Prowler will prompt you, by saying you need to be ready to finish the game.
    • You only have a limited amount of Crimes at first, more will become available as you progress through the story of the game.
    • Miles Can Swim like Peter in Marvel’s Spider-Man
    • Miles is not only NYC’s Only Spider-Man, he is the only Superhero in New York
    • Repeated Button Presses can be changed to have either Hold mode or Press.
    • You can use the Accessibility options for skipping the Puzzles if you are having trouble.
    • Miles’s Venom Power is useful against almost all enemies, one might say it is really an OP skill.
    • Some Roxxon Troops have the ability to disrupt your Venom Power

    Trophy Guide:

    Be Yourself
    Collect all Trophies

    Be Yourself, congratulations true believer you have completed all that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has to offer and become Harlem’s Spider-Man.

    Just the Begining
    Unlock all Skills

    There are a total of 24 skills with 9 challenge-based skills that you will need to purchase. In order to do this you will need to make it to level 23, which can only be achieved in New Game+, you can get to level 20 in your first playthrough. Below is a breakdown of the skills:

    Below you can see a full breakdown of what the skills in each tree are, the price is always 1 Skill Point. As for unlock conditions, they will unlock with one per level almost.

    Combat Skills

    • Energy Syphon
    • Web Yank Opportunist
    • In For A Shock
    • Spread The Love
    • Trained Technique
    • Gunslinger
    • Final Countdown
    • Let’s Go

    Venom Skills

    • Venom Smash
    • Venom Jump
    • Synaptic Breakdown
    • Floodgate
    • Miles Smash!
    • Venom Rocket
    • Venom Dash Launcher
    • Bio-Electric Instincts

    Stealth Skills

    • Concealed Presence
    • Measured Response
    • Unseen Strike
    • Never See It Coming
    • Patient Spider
    • Web Cocoon Bomb
    • Blinding Light
    • Unseen Force

    Challenge Skills


    • Spin Cycle
    • Payback
    • Air Marshal


    • Point Launch Boost
    • Quick Recovery
    • Quick Zip


    • Silent Step
    • Scare Tactics
    • Surprise Attack

    A New Home
    100% Complete all Districts

    The city really does never sleep and like in the first game, you will need to 100% complete each of the districts. There are 9 districts the same as Marvel’s Spider-Man, unlike in that there are different items in each area. Below is a list of what you can find with their icon.

    WhatHow ManyIcon
    FNSM App Activities10
    Time Capsules16
    Underground Caches35
    Roxxon Labs3
    Underground Hideouts3
    Side Missions9
    Sound Samples10

    Almost everything relating to an area is located on the map so there is no real need to spend time hunting around, like you probably did in Marvel’s Spider-Man for the crimes in progress. It should be noted that You can not achieve this until you have completed the story of Miles Morales because the Postcards are Post Game Collectables, along with 2 Side Missions.

    Urban Explorers
    Collect all Time Capsules

    These become available after the mission Reconnecting. Please refer to A New Home for more information.

    Memory Lane
    Collect all Postcards


    Upon completing the game return home to get a new mission. This mission will be a scavenger hunt, you will need to follow a trail of postcards in a specific order luckily it is located below to help.

    • Natural History Museum (Upper West Side)
    • Empire State Building (Midtown)
    • Art Museum (Greenwich)
    • CODB Nightclub – On the Street (Financial District)
    • Lobster Bill’s (Chinatown)
    • El Barrio (Upper East Side)
    • CJ Walker Park (Harlem)
    LocationImage Reference
    Upper West Side
    Financial District
    Upper East Side

    Once you have picked up the last one you will get the trophy. There is a chart above showing you the location, in the game world, of each of the postcards. Remember that you can always use your Spider Sense to ping the postcard you are looking for on your map and then mark it so you know the rough area.

    Collect all Underground Caches

    Underground caches are introduced once you have gained access to the app after the mission La Nochebuena. Just like any other collectable in the game, these are scattered around, however, they are marked on your map like in the first game. Please Refer to A New Home for more information.

    Under Their Noses
    Shut Down all Roxxon Labs

    There are a total of 3 Roxxon labs, which are mainly in the south of the city. Locations are listed below;

    • Hell’s Kitchen
    • Chinatown
    • Financial District

    All you need to do is complete them, you don’t even need to complete the optional constraints, although the tokens are useful.

    Underground Undone
    Shut Down all Underground Hideouts

    During the mission Underground Undercover, once you have found the secret entrance to Fisk’s vault you will learn about the hideouts. There are 3 in total, located;

    • Upper West Side
    • Upper East Side
    • Greenwich

    As with the Roxxon bases, you will only need to complete them and not complete the side activities.

    Ready for Anything
    Purchase all Suits

    Like the first game, within Miles Morales, you will need to obtain all suits. There are a total of 20, which range from straight up purchasing them to being given them as a reward. Below are all the suites and unlock conditions.

    Sportswear SuitDefault
    Great Responsibility SuitStory Related
    Homemade SuitLevel 5 Unlock
    8 Activity Tokens
    1 Tech Part
    T.R.A.C.K. SuitUnlocked by Default (PS5)
    Animated SuitLevel 7 Unlock
    20 Activity Tokens
    4 Tech Parts
    Brooklyn Visions Academy SuitLevel 8 Unlock
    12 Activity Tokens
    1 Tech Part
    Crimson Cowl SuitLevel 9 Unlock
    14 Activity Tokens
    2 Tech Parts
    S.T.R.I.K.E. SuitLevel 10 Unlock
    16 Activity Tokens
    2 Tech Parts
    The End SuitLevel 11 Unlock
    16 Activity Tokens
    2 Tech Parts
    Mile Morales 2099 SuitLevel 12 Unlock
    14 Activity Tokens
    3 Tech Parts
    Into The Spider-Verse SuitUnlocked by Default (PS5)
    Classic SuitUnlocked after Time To Rally
    Uptown Pride SuitComplete all FNSM App Missions
    Winter SuitComplete We’ve Got A Lead! Side Mission
    Miles Morales 2020 SuitComplete Peter’s Final Test Training Mission
    Programmable Matter SuitComplete all Underground Hideouts
    Complete all Roxxon Labs
    Purple Reign SuitCollet all Sound Samples
    Bodega Cat SuitFinish the Story
    Complete Cat’s Pyjamas Side Mission
    Spider-Training SuitStart New Game+
    20 Activity Tokens
    1 Tech Part
    Advanced Tech SuitUnlocked by Default (PS5)
    Come at the King
    Unravel a Criminal Conspiracy in Harlem

    This mission string starts with Teo and can be taken on shortly after completing Aaron Davis’s request. The missions you need to do are:

    • Looters!!!
    • Robbers Target Local Biz
    • Harlem F.E.A.S.T. Shut Down
    • We’ve Got A Lead!

    After completing the above-mentioned missions you will have completed the quest line, and knocked the Kingpin down again in the process.

    Never Saw It Coming
    Complete an Enemy Base without being Detected

    This trophy requires you to complete any of the 6 bases across the city using only stealth. Where this might be a tall order it’s really simple, depending on which base you choose to attack. All you really need to do is take your time and pick off enemies one by one, if you enter combat just restart the checkpoint and try again.

    100x Combo!!!
    Perform a 100x Combo

    This is just like the DLC trophy in the first game, and just like in the first game, this is done the same way. It’s best achieved on the first group of enemies, which is the prison convoy. Simply when you gain control of Miles and can move around freely in combat all you need to do is take some time to dodge whatever attack is thrown your way using the Circle Button.


    You don’t need to use this method as getting a 100 combo can easily come naturally through your time in the game

    Launch, Swing and Dive
    Get Spectacular or better in a Spider-Training Traversal Challenge

    Please refer to Spider-Training: Complete for more information.

    Punching Pixels
    Get Spectacular or better in a Spider-Training Combat Challenge

    Please refer to Spider-Training: Complete for more information.

    Dodging Light
    Get Spectacular or better in a Spider-Training Stealth Challenge

    Please refer to Spider-Training: Complete for more information.

    Spider-Training: Complete
    Complete every Spider-Training Challenge Once

    For these trophies, you will first be able to start working on these once you have started the third campaign mission, which is called New Thwip. All you need to do is claim a Spectacular rank in each of the categories, which isn’t the highest rank, and complete all overall. Below are the scores for each rank of the challenges.

    ChallengeRank and Score
    Combat Challenge 1.0Amazing: 5 Hits
    Spectacular: 10 Hits
    Ultimate: 25 Hits
    Combat Challenge 2.0Amazing: 3 Hits
    Spectacular: 2 Hits
    Ultimate: 1 Hits
    Combat Challenge 3.0Amazing: 3 Air KOs
    Spectacular: 5 Air KOs
    Ultimate: 8 Air KOs
    Traversal Challenge 1.0Amazing: > 60 Seconds
    Spectacular: < 60 Seconds
    Ultimate: < 45 Seconds
    Traversal Challenge 2.0Amazing: > 60 Seconds
    Spectacular: < 60 Seconds
    Ultimate: < 45 Seconds
    Traversal Challenge 3.0Amazing: > 75 Seconds
    Spectacular: < 75 Seconds
    Ultimate: < 60 Seconds
    Stealth Challenge 1.0Amazing: > 480 Seconds
    Spectacular: < 480 Seconds
    Ultimate: < 240 Seconds
    Stealth Challenge 2.0Amazing: > 480 Seconds
    Spectacular: < 480 Seconds
    Ultimate: < 240 Seconds
    Stealth Challenge 3.0Amazing: > 480 Seconds
    Spectacular: < 480 Seconds
    Ultimate: < 240 Seconds
    Pete’s First Villain
    Complete the Final Test

    This trophy is obtainable once you have completed all the training that Peter sets up for you. It doesn’t matter what score you get. Just finishing each of them once is enough to unlock this side mission in Greenwich. Once there, you will have the same setup as you had with the training, interact with the terminal, and take on Peters’ first villain, the Vulture. The fight is exactly the same as the boss fights in the first game except without Electro interfering, so it should go way faster. The idea is to webshoot Vulture a few times, then web-zip to him when prompted. All you have to do now is beat on him till he runs away, rinse and repeat as needed. Once you beat him he comes back with a second version, the fight is the same the only difference is you need to occasionally dodge an incoming attack. Upon beating both of them you will be awarded the trophy.

    Craft 10 Upgrades

    For these trophies, you are required to build some upgrades in order to enhance Spider-Man’s abilities. In addition to building upgrades for Spider-Man, enhancing Miles Gadgets will also net you the trophy. Each Gadget upgrade has 4 levels which means you will have 16 upgrades to do for them. Overall this shouldn’t be too much trouble as crafting upgrades or enhancing gadgets will help you in different situations throughout the story, and is highly advised that you endeavour to do this. Below is a breakdown of all the Mods in the game:

    Suit Mods

    Unbreakable3 Activity Tokens
    Untouchable8 Activity Tokens
    Induction Mesh10 Activity Tokens
    1 Tech Part
    Venom Momentum12 Activity Tokens
    2 Tech Parts
    Hidden Fury10 Activity Tokens
    2 Tech Parts
    Deep Pockets14 Activity Tokens
    2 Tech Parts
    Zap SlapClassic Suit
    Power PitcherHomemade Suit
    Venom Suppression ResistanceMiles Morales 2099 Suit
    Steady FocusThe End Suit
    Strong WebsInto The Spider-Verse Suit
    Power TransferSpider-Training Suit
    Vibe The VerseDefault
    Venom ShieldNew Game+
    18 Activity Tokens
    3 Tech Parts

    Visor Mods

    Optic Triangulation8 Activity Tokens
    Perfect Sight14 Activity Tokens
    2 Tech Parts
    An Eye For Supplies10 Activity Tokens
    1 Tech Parts
    Eyes On Target10 Activity Tokens
    Residual Venom11 Activity Tokens
    Eyes In The Back Of My Head14 Activity Tokens
    3 Tech Parts
    Trick MasterBrooklyn Visions Academy Suit
    UntrackableDefault (T.R.A.C.K. Suit)
    Ghost StrikeCrimson Cowl Suit
    ReclaimerPurple Reign Suit
    Venom OverclockS.T.R.I.K.E. Suit
    Bam! Pow! Wham!Default (Spider-Verse Suit)
    Threat SensorsNew Game+
    18 Activity Tokens
    2 Tech Parts



    Increased Capacity I8 Activity Tokens
    Improved Recharge Time10 Activity Tokens
    Web Bomb12 Activity Tokens
    1 Tech Parts
    Increased Capacity II(New Game+)


    Tough Drone8 Activity Tokens
    Increased Capacity10 Activity Tokens
    Battery Life12 Activity Tokens
    1 Tech Parts
    Fatal Exception(New Game+)

    Remote Mine

    Live Wire8 Activity Tokens
    Increased Capacity10 Activity Tokens
    Raw Energy12 Activity Tokens
    1 Tech Part
    Venom Recharge(New Game+)

    Gravity Well

    Increased Capacity8 Activity Tokens
    Gravity Disarm10 Activity Tokens
    Gravity Boost12 Activity Tokens
    1 Tech Parts
    Gravity Reach(New Game+)
    Rhino Rodeo
    Ride Rhino through the Mall


    This is achieved in the introduction to the game, Rhino will be on a rampage and you will need to stop him. One of the locations that he will barrel through is the Shopping Mall.


    While you are taking Rhino through the Shopping Mall make sure to hit at least 15 objects for A Rhino in a China Shop.

    Deep Cuts
    Collect all Sound Samples and Recreats the Davis Brothers Mix

    This is started with the mission Breaking Through The Noise and will take you all over the city. For more information please refer to A New Home

    Hanging By A Thread
    Keep the Bridge Together


    At the end of the mission, Time To Rally Miles will have to stop a heist on the Bridge, during that sequence the bridge will be destroyed and Miles will have to try to keep the bridge from falling.

    The Core of the Problem
    Investigate Roxxon’s Underground Lab


    Achieve after completing the mission, Corporate Espionage, where Miles will be breaking into the Roxxon facility and learning the truth about Nuform.

    True Deception
    Complete the Vault Sequence in Underground Undercover


    Upon discovering that Wilson Fisk has a hidden vault that might hide the Nuform you will need to win a short battle that unlocks a new Venom power.

    The Harlem Express
    Get the Trains Running Again


    The first activity that is given to you through the app is to help Aaron Davis, who asks you to get the trains running again.

    Chase Tinkerer through the City


    This is for completing the mission Curtain Call. During this mission, you will first need to infiltrate the Underground base at the Theater before needing to chase the Tinkerer across the city.

    Shared History
    Walk through Miles and Phin’s Past


    This will take place during the mission Like Real Scientists. Once you return to playing as Spider-Man your trophy will unlock.

    Exploding Bulldozer
    Defeat Roxxon Rhino


    This is achieved in the mission Tinker, Tailer, Spider, Spy. There isn’t much to this fight as the game walks you through the battle. Dodge Rhino’s attacks so you land on his back and run him into an APC, then beat on him. After a while, he will throw an APC at you and all you need to do is charge the engine using a Venom punch and throw it back at him. This will let you land some hits on him. When this sequence is over all you need to do is use a Mega Venom Blast which will finish the battle.

    Family Drama
    Defeat Prowler


    On your way to the Science Center, you will be ambushed by the Prowler, who will lock you up. The mission you will have when you regain control of Spider-Man is called Thicker Than Blood and is basically just a battle against the Prowler. His attack pattern can be irritating but is totally manageable. The only troublesome part of the fight is his invisibility. Thankfully, you can short it for a few seconds by hitting him with a Venom Attack.

    The basic flow of the fight is dodging and Venom Attacking him at first, just so you can move on the fight. The second phase of the fight isn’t much different, the only change is the Prowler will shift up to using ranged attacks as well. The final phase is just a rinse and repeat of the other two. He will call out holograms but hitting them with Venom will put them down fast, if you don’t want to use Venom attacks then a few punches will destroy them.

    Ultimate Sacrifice
    Save Harlem


    This is awarded for completing the game. The final mission is tied to the Like Real Scientists mission, once you head into that mission you are tied into the endgame. The end of the game is a few fights followed by a boss fight. The fight is against the Tinkerer, and Like most other Underground battles you will have in the game this is a case of dodging, using a Venom attack and then attacking with standard hits.

    From the Rafters
    Perform 25 Ceiling Takedowns

    Much like Climbing the Walls, however, this one requires you to Web enemies to the ceiling. In order to do this you will need to be on the ceiling and above an enemy you can silently takedown. There is an image below for reference.

    Climbing the Walls
    Perform 25 Wall Takedowns

    Wall takedowns are performed when you are on a wall and can stealthily take out enemies, meaning webbing them to the wall. You only need 25 of these total over the course of the game and there are plenty of opportunities. Below is a reference image.

    Invisible Spider
    Defeat 50 Enemies while Camouflaged

    At the end of the mission Time To Rally, you will obtain the ability to become invisible by pressing Up on the D-Pad. In order to obtain this trophy you will need to activate camouflage and take out enemies, it is that simple.

    Defeat 100 Enemies with Venom Attacks

    Venom attacks are part of the Venom Power umbrella which Miles has in his arsenal. All you need to do is attack and dodge incoming attacks to build the power up and be able to use the abilities. When you have the Venom Power ready just defeat 100 enemies and the trophy is yours, you should need to farm this but any combat challenge or base is a good place to get a few.


    You can also build your Venom up by performing tricks while swinging around New York.

    Up and Over
    Perform a Venom Jump, then a Venom Dash on a Single Enemy

    The Venom Jump ability is an upgrade you can get at any time, please refer to Just The Begining for more information. As for the Venom Dash, you will unlock this during the mission Underground Undercover. All you need to do is use L1 + X, then once in the air with an enemy use L1 + Triangle on the enemy and the trophy is yours.

    From Downtown
    Use Venom Dash to Throw an Enemy into a Group of Three or More

    As stated in Up and Over, the Venom Dash is unlocked in the mission Underground Undercover, for this trophy you will require 4 total enemies, and three of them need to be close enough together to feel the effects of the dashed enemy. When you have the set up dash at an enemy using L1 + Triangle and make sure three enemies are behind them. Street Crimes might be the better way of getting this however a base should work perfectly well enough.

    Like a Rhino In A China Shop
    Smash into 15 Breakable Objects while steering Rhino through the Shopping Mall

    For this trophy, all you need to do is barrel through 15 objects during the introduction to the game. There are lots of things from signs to benches so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting this done.

    Competitive Spirit
    Beat Phin at the Rocket Launch Mini-Game


    This will take place during the mission Like Real Scientists. This is located on the lower floor of the Science centre in the memory sequence, what you are looking for is the rocket launch station. There is an image Reference below to help you.

    All you have to do is mash the button, which is doable by spamming the X Button on the gamepad. All that is left is to get a higher pressure than Phin on the little screen between you and the trophy is yours.

    Best Fries in Town
    Pay your Respects to a Legend in the Upper West Side

    Dedicated with love to the man who nourished the hearts, minds, and souls of True Believers everywhere.


    -Stan Lee monument – Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales 2020

    Unlike the other trophies in the game, this hits a little harder, as it’s referring back to the legendary Stan Lee. Sadly before the game could be released Stan Lee passed away and so the team at Insomniac immortalised him. To find him you will need to head to the upper west side and look for the two buildings that are chamfered L shapes, nearer the bottom of the area. Ideally heading west from the Traversal Challenge 3.0 (Central Park), into the fourth line of buildings of the area should get you close to the location, below is a map reference and an image of Micks Diner.

    JJJ Would Be Proud
    Apply a Sticker and Customize Lighting While in Photo Mode

    Simply enter photo mode and add a lighting condition and a sticker to the photo, that’s it. To do it use the Square button to cycle through the options, there is plenty to pick from. Below is an example:

    Defeat 50 Enemies with Remote Mine Gadget

    The remote mines are a gadget that you will obtain during the mission, Corporate Espionage. Within this mission, you will be given them by the criminal known as the Prowler. To use them you will need a Fuse Box. Simply aim at a fuse box and fire the gadget, and a ring will appear which will show you the range of the attack. When you are happy to detonate and disable your enemies click the L3 button and take out any enemies in the range.


    You can attach mines to enemies to naturalise that enemy, it will also stagger any enemies who are nearby. in addition to this you can also plant them on most surfaces but getting a defeat with it, if it is not on a fuse box or an enemy is difficult, overall fuse boxes are your best bet for getting the trophy done.

    Five Star Review
    Complete all FNSM App Requests

    For this trophy, all you need to do is complete the 9 side missions accessed through the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man app. The 9 missions are listed below.

    • My Truck’s Stuck
    • F.E.A.S.T. Toys Stolen
    • Lost Cat
    • Can I Get A Photo?
    • Can’t Find My Pigeons
    • Ice Breaking My Crane
    • Stuck on Skyscraper!
    • My Car’s Gone!
    • Emergency Comms Down

    You can do them in any order you feel but some will need to have a degree of story progression completed in order to be available.

    Mod that Suit
    Craft a Suit Mod

    Please refer to Just The Begining for more information.

    Look with Better Eyes
    Craft a Visor Mod

    Please refer to Just The Begining for more information.

    Never Give Up
    Pay Respects at Jefferson Davis’ Grave in Harlem

    Like the first Spider-Man Game, you will need to pay your respects to a hero, the protagonist holds dear. The hero for Miles is his father, who was killed by the Demons in the first game. In order to do this trophy head up to the graveyard in Harlem and use your Spider vision. You will see a golden grave highlight, head over to it, and interact for the trophy, there is a reference image below.

    A Gift From Pete
    Receive the Gift Suit


    Upon beating Rhino, you will be given your Great Responsibility Suit, which will get you the trophy, and make you New York’s One and Only Spider-Man.

    Crime Master
    Complete all Bonus Objectives for every Crime type

    There are a total of 11 crimes that need to be dealt with in the city, all with 2 bonus constraints. They will vary depending on the crime you are stopping but you can activate them in the friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man app. Below are the crimes and the conditions for each.

    CyberattackAir Yank 5 Enemies
    Stealth Takedown 3 Enemies
    Raft EscapeesDon’t Allow Any Vehicles to be Stolen
    Venom Attack 5 Enemies
    AssaultWeb Throw 3 Objects at Enemeis
    Achieve a 10x Combo
    Stolen VehicleStop the Car Without Taking Damage
    Force the Car to Stop Safely
    MuggingAchieve a 10x Combo
    Air Launch 3 Enemies
    Supply TheftPerfect Dodge 5 Times
    Achieve a 30x Combo
    Street ShootoutUse the Gravity Well Gadget to Pull in 8 Enemies
    Use Venom Attacks on 4 Enemies
    Break-InAir Launch 4 Enemies
    Web Throw 3 Enemies
    Roxxon HarassmentAir Launch 4 Enemies
    Swing Kick 5 Enemies
    Armed RobberyWeb Throw 3 Objects at Enemies
    Web 3 Enemies to a Wall
    Chopper MalfunctionSwing Kick 6 Enemies
    Defeat 4 Enemies while Camouflaged
    Nowhere to Hide
    Perform 100 Stealth Takedowns

    You will get this naturally as there are times that entering into combat is more trouble than it is worth, and stealth will be the best option. In order to get this trophy all you need to do is perform any kind of stealth takedown on enemies. Below are some examples;

    • Perch Takedown
    • Wall Takedown
    • Ceiling Takedown
    • Web-Strike Takedown

    I’m On A Boat
    Ride the Derelict Boat in Southern Chinatown

    Just off the coast of Chinatown, you will sometimes see a little barge. If you are collecting everything and going for 100% you can’t miss this as there is a time capsule on the boat, below is an image for reference.

    Socially Acceptable
    Scroll through the Entire Social Feed at the End of the Story


    On the map screen accessed by pressing the touchpad, you will be able to move tabs. Head over to the sixth one (between Missions and Collection), which is called Social Feed. All you need to do is scroll through the entire game’s history by holding the Right Joystick down. When you reach the bottom the trophy will unlock.

    Plus Plus
    Complete the Game on New Game+


    Simply play through the game a second time, difficulty doesn’t matter like your first playthrough. All you need to do this time is focus on the story and get enough EXP to make it to level 23, which is easy. Additionally, remember to claim the last suit and purchase the last 3 skills.


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