Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist Review

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    Black Cat is back into bussines

    If you got the 100% of the main game, you probably expected this DLC due to the end of Black Cat’s side mission. Well the beautiful and mysterious Felicia Hardy is back in her suit and ready to bring some trouble to Peter Parker.

    At the end of Black Cat’s side story in the base game, we saw her tricking Spider-Man into recovering 50 million dollars of stolen goods while she recovery her suit and gear from the police station. Why is that suit worth all that money? Well she has some bigger robbery in mind of course.

    The thief 

    The most important addition of the DLC is of course Black Cat. As any other important character of the game, her personality makes her shine for her own. The way she acts and speaks to Peter, flirting and confusing at the same time, even causing tension between him and MJ after getting back together.

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    There is also the way she fights; her gadgets and moves are just both amazing and captivating. She also has some story related revelations that will let both Spider-Man and the player jaw-dropped.

    The heist

    Hammerhead, a villain who was introduced to us in the main game is back and more deadly than ever. He wants to take the place of “new Kingpin” and rule NYC. Along this 4-hour adventure, we will find out both Black Cat and Hammerhead’s plans; Are they working together or are they some sort of rivals?

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    To find it out, we will need to go through some new stealth sections with Spider-Man and with MJ (yep, again), and divide your time with Black Cat.

    We will also have some new extras to unlock, new suits, special skills and collectables that add some extra fun to the game. Also some Screwball (yeah, that youtuber from the main game) challenges to test your skills (or patience) once more.

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    • A catchy plot
    • Black Cat’s character development
    • New suits, and collectables
    • New stealth sections with Spider-Man


    • More stealth sections with MJ
    • Repetitive side quests
    • Not enough innovations



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