Marvel’s Spiderman: Turf Wars Review

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    Gang Wars

    After the explosive finale of The Heist, we found out Hammerhead is a bigger threat than it looks like. He’ve decided to clean the city of other mafia families in order to take full control of the streets and reign over New York City.

    How does he plans to accomplish this? Well, by successfully stealing a bunch of Saber International Security’s gear and equipment after the events of the main story.

    He now has an army of thugs armed with high tech weapons, is safe to say he’s more deathly than ever and it’s time for Spider-Man to stop him once and for all.

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    Tension between partners

    During the events of this DLC there will be a lot of tension between Spider-Man and Cpt. Yuri Watanabe. She is even starting to support vigilante activities to stop Hammerhead while Spider-Man preffers a more oficial approach.

    These conflict of ideals will make them part ways and stop working together and also risk their friendship.

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    There will be some scenes wich will provide more details of the past life of Cpt. Yuri. This is certally appreciated due to the lack of development of the character during the main storyline.

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    Tools and challenges for war

    This DLC is shorter than the last one and does not offer much side content to enjoy.

    Just like before we will have more Screwball challenge (whose at this point begins to be annoyed) to test our skills and patience once more.

    Three new suits are added with the DLC. The Mk1 Armor, the colorfull Spider-Clan and the cool Iron Spider, you will recognize this one if you ever watch Disney’s Ultimate Spider-Man tv animated series.

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    • Fairly interesting story
    • New suits
    • Captain Yuri Watanabe character development


    • Repetitive side content
    • Boring antagonist/villain
    • Zero innovation



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