Meg’s Monsters review

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    In Meg’s Monsters, you play as Meg and Roy, Meg gets trapped in a mysterious location filled with monsters, and with the help of Roy, she tries to get back to the human world. Here is our full Meg’s Monsters Review.

    Meg’s Monsters is developed and published by Odencat. It was released on March 2, 2023, for PC, Xbox One/Series S|X, and Nintendo switch.

    The story is mainly about Meg, she gets trapped in this place that has strange monsters, but all she wants is her mom. She quickly finds Roy, a monster that doesn’t really care about her at first, but when Meg hugged him, he slowly starts to change into a more caring monster and defends her from a few other monsters that want to eat her, because humans seem to be an expensive delicacy in this world.

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    During your adventure, you meet a few characters that help you, but you do also end up battling them in some way. Every character drives the story forward in some way and some of them even have little side stories, marked by a green arrow on the map. For one of the characters you need to make a hamburger and for another, you learn more about the world and how they see humans.

    There are a lot of unexpected twists and turns, this even gives the game 2 endings, kinda, but it did feel like I finished the game they pulled a “just kidding” type moment during its 1st ending to give you the good ending instead of the bad one you do first. I just loved every minute of it and the story felt extremely unique in every way. They pull on both sides of the heart giving it an emotional 1st ending and a 2nd ending that makes you feel glad about how it worked out for everyone. It felt like a real masterpiece.

    In the beginning, I expected that she got transported to some alien planet, but this was mainly due to how they introduced the toy system and her love for space. I really liked how they kinda shroud everything in mystery and slowly give you a bit more information about the world, but I do wish it was a little bit longer because the game sadly is only about 6/7 hours long.

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    I actually requested a key for this game because I was expecting a pokemon-like experience where you collect some of the monsters, I was surprised it wasn’t, but I got an even better story. But I do wish there was a bit more to the gameplay with extra battles and side content to do that involved the battle system. The battle system they use is really fun but other than the story battles, there is no real way to fight more creatures in the monster world and beyond, something I would love to see if this game ever gets a sequel that dives more into this world and builds it up more.

    Pixel art games are a real hit or miss for me, but at times I love this visual art style, for this game I do wish there was a little bit more detail in the characters in their overworld version. The battle versions of all the characters feel so detailed, but when you scale it back a little and go to the overworld/walking areas, it does feel a bit strange looking at some of the characters, but there is so much you can do with this art style and I think they pushed it to the limit with how much is available in this style.

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    An emotional masterpiece with gameplay that makes you want more

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    An emotional masterpiece with gameplay that makes you want moreMeg's Monsters review