Merchant of the Skies Review

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    Merchant of the Skies is a tycoon simulator where you are a merchant set to travel the skies and do tasks to earn money. Here is our Merchant of the Skies Review.

    The game is developed by Coldwild Games, it was released on Apr 17, 2020, for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.

    In Merchant of the Skies, there is not much of a story, other than gathering some items like seeds to unlock new things to do on some islands. This is not that bad honestly, right from the get-go, you are set out to figure out your own way to make some money, unlock new ships, and set up a money-making machine. This is easier said than done, because I ended up having a pretty difficult time after about 2 hours which made the game a bit less enjoyable, so I would recommend playing the game in 1-hour bursts to not burn yourself out.

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    On the majority of islands you can accept a task like delivering a letter, resources you need to buy first, or get a passenger on board to show him some cool locations. These cool locations can be a carrot that sings and you need to give the notes back to him on a flute or check out some cool statues that are only on some islands. There are also some islands that are for sale and have supplies on them, with these islands you can make some sort of base and grind out some more rare materials like glass and bricks to help you improve and build more things.

    The whole game basically revolves around making money, but the gameplay loop does get a bit boring over time and they don’t really throw in much to keep you off track or to give you a bump either, other than a big squid that works kinda like the carrot and you will get some money for it. Either way, the game is a lot of fun for a few hours, but its gameplay loop does get repetitive if you are not used to these types of games.

    The visuals are amazing and just really cool, it gives me both an old Age of Empire vibe with the menu and mixes it with high-rez pixel art that you just drown away in. You just melt away during the game forgetting time because without notice, I just lost 2 hours while I only wanted to make a start on it and the visuals and music do an amazing job of keeping you pulled in.

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    A fun experience that does get a bit stale over time

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    A fun experience that does get a bit stale over timeMerchant of the Skies Review