Minecraft – Expansion 8 DLC Trophy Guide (PS4)

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to 100%: 1 (Glitched) – 10 (Glitchless) hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None


    Welcome to Minecraft – Expansion 8 Trophy Guide!

    Minecraft has finally hit 100 trophies with this new DLC set for the PS4. Explore the world below the water in this update.

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    Stage 1: Create a New World or Tutorial World

    Since this update affects the way the random world is generated, you will need to create a new world to find the new structures that spawn. Or, create a new tutorial world, which is recommended since you’ll have everything you need for the trophies prepared for you in the tutorial world.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Silver Do a Barrel Roll
    Bronze Marine Biologist
    Silver Ahoy!
    Bronze Top of the World
    Bronze Where Have You Been?
    Gold Zoologist

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    Glitching in items:

    In the PS4 version of minecraft there is a glitch which allows you to get items from creative mode into survival minecraft and still get trophies.

    The steps to do this is simple.

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    1. Start a new world or copy an existing world
    2. Go on the new or copied world
    3. Craft and place a chest
    4. Press “options” on your controller and press “Disable auto-save” Than press “Save game” It’ll then ask you if you want to re-enable auto-save, click “Yes” and then the game will save.
    5. Exit the world.
    6. Re-open the world but put it in creative
    7. Now you have 30 – 40 seconds to place what ever items you may need for any trophy (Just make sure they are in the chest before the game auto saves)
    8. Now hold the PlayStation home button and press “options” on controller and “close application” in the menu.
    9. Re-open Minecraft and you’ll find your world in survival but, with all your items in the chest.
    10. Use items to earn trophies.


    Do a Barrel Roll upscale-245262160018212
    Use Riptide to give yourself a boost.
    Riptide is an enchantment for one of the newest weapons, the “Trident”. There are two ways to get this trophy:

    Easy method. (Est time 5 minutes)

    1. Create a new tutorial world.
    2. Press Circle to skip the tutorial as much as possible.
    3. Go straight, eventually, you will see a big area of Water and a giant Trident statue. Make your way towards it.
    4. Pick up a trident from the chest at the top, with the “Bottles o’ enchanting” and “Riptide III enchanting book”
    5. backtrack near the start of the tutorial world, to just before you found the area leading to the giant area of water. You will see a blacksmithing area.
    6. Find the anvil in the back of that area.
    7. Use the “Bottles o’ enchanting”
    8. Then place the trident on the left side, and the Riptide III book on the right side. Then collect the enchanted trident.
    9. Go back to the water, jump into it and with the trident in hand hold L2 and *POP* that’s your trophy.

    Hard method (Est time 3 hours)

    1. Create a new world, With your preferred setting (Host privileges setting will disable trophies)
    2. Start off as normal, mine trees, craft your tools. (For this method, it is assumed you are experienced with survival worlds)
    3. Once you are prepared, start mining for diamonds. You will need 5.
    4. Once you have 5 diamonds, use 3 to craft a pickaxe and save the other 2 for later.
    5. Use your diamond pickaxe to mine at least 4 pieces of obsidian.
    6. Use the 2 diamonds and the 4 obsidian to craft an enchanting table. (A book is also needed to craft it but that is easy to get)
    7. Find a place in your base, and place the enchanting table there.
    8. Find a trident. (In survival mode, finding a trident is more difficult than using the tutorial world or creative.) To find a trident in survival you must go into the ocean, and find “Drowned” an underwater type zombie.
    9. The drowned have a 15% chance of spawning with a trident, and when killed have an 8.5% chance of dropping that trident with random durability. The normal drowned (without a trident) can also drop the trident but, with a lower chance at 3.7%
    10. Once you’ve killed enough drowned, and finally found a trident. Use the “EXP Points” you gained from the kills to enchant the trident, and if you are lucky, you will get Riptide as your first enchantment.
    11. If you don’t get Riptide, repeat step 8, 9, and 10.
    Marine Biologist
    Collect any fish in a bucket.

    To collect a fish in a bucket, you need to first craft a bucket using 3 pieces of Iron. Once you have your bucket go into the ocean and find some fish swimming around, and go near to it and press L2.

    This can also be done in the tutorial world. But, it’s a bit more tricky since fish do not spawn in the water in the tutorial world, only dolphins. If you go straight from the spawn of the tutorial world you will see a giant area of water. To the right, there will be a giant statue of a trident. Before you go to it. Mine the iron below you to craft a bucket, then go to it and up the stairs, you will find a small 2×2 water hole with fish in it.

    Discover a Shipwreck.

    Shipwrecks are a new structure that will randomly spawn in oceans and near land connected to oceans. These are very easy to spot and depending on the type of ship, it will have 2 – 3 chests inside and some will have a treasure map. The treasure map will lead you to a red “X” on the map and from there dig down to find a chest filled with loot.

    To find the ships, just go into the water and search for a wooden structure. Some will be obvious shipwrecks; once near one, the trophy will pop.

    The easiest way to do this is to pop this seed number in for a new world and turn around to find a Shipwreck: -3165377875558082103

    Top of the World 
    Build a tower of Scaffolding that reaches the maximum build height..

    Scaffolding is a new block that allows you to climb inside it and go up and down freely and easily. This block is created with 6 pieces of bamboo and 1 piece of string. String can be onbtained from killing spiders or crafted from spider webs and bamboo is found in Jungle biomes and 0 – 2 can be dropped from killing a panda. However, you need pandas for the Gold “Zoologist” trophy, so killing them is not recommended. Bamboo can also be found in chests from shipwrecks with 15.6% chance and in jungle temples with 51% chance of getting 1 – 3. They may also be found by fishing in a jungle biome.

    To gain a large amount of bamboo for the large amounts of scaffolding needed, you can plant the bamboo on sand or grass anywhere and grow it in large quantities quickly. The max world height is 255 blocks, and sea level is 63 blocks.So from sea level, you will need 192 scaffolding blocks; so to save the amount of time farming bamboo it is best to start from a mountain.

    Note: You don’t actually need to build using all scaffolding for the trophy. You can simply build a tower of dirt all the way to the height limit and place one scaffolding on top of the last block and still get the trophy. In addition, take a look at Gold“Zoologist” for a video showing the Creative Mode Exploit which shows an easy way to get the materials needed to make Scaffolding.

    Where Have You Been?
    Receive a gift in the morning from a tamed Cat.

    To tame a cat, you need raw fish. Obtained with a fishing rod. untamed cat(s) are found in villages. Cat(s) are scared of players and will run away when approached. To tame them you must press R3 to crouch and slowly approach the cat(s) making slow and small movements with the fish in your hand, once the cat(s), notice you and start approaching you, stop moving just move your right stick, and press L2 to feed the cat(s) the fish.

    When you sleep, your tamed cat will go towards you and sleep near you. When you wake up, the tamed cat will also awake. There is a chance that the tamed cat will give you a gift after they wake up.

    The gift is a random item from this list:

    • Rabbit’s foot
    • Rabbit hide
    • String
    • Rotten Flesh
    • Feather
    • Raw chicken
    • Phantom membrane
    Zoologist Gold
    Breed two Pandas with Bamboo.

    Pandas can be found in jungles and are attracted by bamboo (when held in hand).

    Breeding pandas are simple but, with a bit of preparation. First, build an area for them to stay in; either use fence or build 2 high with blocks so they can’t jump out. The recommended size is 10 x 10, but you can do smaller if you want. The floor must be dirt or sand. Once 2 pandas are in, plant bamboo around the inside of the cage, about 4 or 5 pieces, and wait… or, use bonemeal to grow the bamboo quicker. Then once you have grown some bamboo around, feed a piece of bamboo to each of the panda’s and they will breed and you will gain your shiny trophy. If you don’t know how to get bamboo, please refer to Bronze “Top of the World”

    The video below displays how to get this trophy the easy way by using the Creative Mode Exploit.


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