Mob Control Review

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    In Mob Control you control a canon shooting your soldiers in the right direction to stop the enemies from crossing your line. Here is our Mob Control Review.

    The game was developed by VOODOO and published by QubicGames, it was released on May 20, 2024, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. Mob Control is also part of the 20 for 20 – Anniversary Bundle.

    You have probably seen a game like this on TikTok story times, clips from Family Guy, or just as an advertisement, and you might think a game like that is just an animation, but it’s real! Mob control is exactly that, while I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same game as the videos, but the gameplay is 100% the same. Every time you see it, it scratches an itch you never knew you had, at least that was the case for me. So being able to actually play that game was a blast!

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    During the matches, you play as a canon that shoots out mobs, but the enemies have mobs spawning from a set castle and you need to stop them from getting to your canon, well, crossing the border where the canon is at least. It’s so simple but it’s enjoyable to play. I’ve lost a few hours just playing the game and not noticing how fast time went by.

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    The game is so simple, but a lot more complicated the more you get into it, there are multiple types of enemies and mobs that change the matches up a lot. There are also different maps that make matches harder or easier and have different mechanics, sometimes you need to push a block, sometimes there are moving parts blocking things off for a few seconds, and other times there are a lot of blocks in a diamond shape that scatter your mobs but also the enemies a bit around. This makes looking at the map pretty important and thinking about your tactic in a few seconds is your key to winning.

    Besides tactics, there are also upgrade mechanics that cost coins, this makes the character spawn faster and does some other stuff, but I found that those buffs didn’t help that much compared to just having a good tactic. There is both a classic visual mode and a modern look, I personally only used the modern look, this gave the matches a background and a theme to play in making the game a bit more visually pleasant to look at.

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    An amazing casual game to just lose hours in.

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    An amazing casual game to just lose hours in.Mob Control Review